Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm feeling a bit off today, so that may make for a super good blog. LOL.
  • simplythick public health notification I am really not sure what this is, but I guess it's fed to babies and I know some readers have children, so please pass it on. The recall said "risk of life threatening bowel condition".
  • Ladies who are getting hitched-check out Ideeli they have wedding stuffs!!! Now remember though, with this site it takes about a month or so to get your items. They have gowns, shoes, lingerie, accessories-hair, earrings etc. ok i just looked at the gowns and teared up. 
  • Do you ever have a fight with your partner that you don't want to apologize, because it was either a misunderstanding or you truly believe you're in the right?this link for Ye hail life explains it a bit. Basically, women over apologize while men do apologize but not as much as women, because they don't think they did anything wrong. I think I have to learn when to NOT apologize per heartless check it out. it's pretty good.
  • Did you catch The Voice last night? I have never been into American Idol, but i love the concept of the show and how they choose their teams. It's not based on look or performance, but voice alone. Last night was interesting. I felt Christina's team were a bunch of pop Xtina wanna bes-except for Miss Beverly Mclellan, who was refreshing. If i wanted one hit wonders, i'd listen to the radio. Mr Blake Shelton did a great job with his team. DIA was amazing and i need to find her version of Kanye Wests Heartless when i get home tonight, because she impressed me! Xenia, you're a cutie, but in time you will be able to perform. I think in a couple of years from now we will hear that raspy, unique voice on the radio and go AHHH, as a sigh of relief. Jared and Patrick-one country guy and one rock and roller and they both performed like they were veterans of the stage. I'm pro Blake at the moment, so we'll see what happens!!!
  • i overloaded my muffins with too many that a bad thing? I think not.
  • i think i know what phone i want. I don't have a smart phone and I'm anti-Apple. I know, I know....but really I am. just never been a fan. I guess this one is called the Nexus or something and it's offered by Sprint-I'm AT&T, but probably in a year I'll be able to get it through them...ok here's the commercial:

i have to admit, i think the cats have something to do with it. :)

  • oh "Marilyn" here's that commercial that cracks me up with the 

Makes me laugh everytime...
Well, this blog certainly made me feel a lot better. Didn't wake up in the best mood. i leave you with this:

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