Friday, June 10, 2011

Enjoy life.

Let's face it. As much as I try to enjoy life everyday-it's just not possible. Spending time with family is obstructed by work, chores, distance etc....Going out for a leisurely walk and enjoying the scenery is overtaken by the need to fix some household problem or steam clean the floors. We only live once. Our time can be short or long, we have no idea. I don't mean to sound morbid or frighten anyone. I would just like to remind people to live as much as you can and remember the beauty in this world. So the following things are ways to capture beauty in the world, stuff to do to make memories, pictures etc....per my normal randomness here goes:
  • I will not push living social down your throat, but ok I really will. If you haven't joined do it. WHY???? Because you find more opportunities there at half the price to do things that maybe you couldn't afford before. I am on a strict spending diet. Which is killing me. Today I see $75 dollar photography session, where you get prints and even an online gallery of your very own. Pictures are one of the best ways to capture memories. Growing up we never took professional family pictures, but it's something I'd really like to do with Gerry(fuck calling him and Bella ofcourse. Also in NYC there's a deal for 50% off an introductory flying course where you actually get to fly in a biplane. Ok, not my cup of tea, but some of these deals matter to some people. They give an experience that maybe was unattainable. so if you haven't done so go here
  • Carry your camera and go take a walk. I don't care where. But Capture the beauty in your neighborhood. Change the color to black and white and point and click. find your true artist and laugh at the things you saw and captured. or take in the awe of the beauty around you. 
  the most amazing sunset I have ever seen.
  • HUG! if you don't know how, visit Ehow to learn how. :) 
need to post these...because they're just too cute....

ok too many cute hugs. Cannot overload the reader.....

  • Be of service to others. Want a way to feel good about yourself and at the same time make someone else feel good. Volunteer, help a friend, talk to someone who needs help. Anything that may make you feel like you did something good for someone else will remind you that the world has good people in it and you're one of them. 
  • EAT!!!! Have a dinner party, BBQ, go out to a new restaurant, get fancy. EMBRACE THE EXPERIENCE WITH ALL OF YOUR SENSES! Life isn't just about doing things, it's about smelling things, tasting things...etc... 
  • Get dirty. After it rains take your pup, your neighbors pup or your partner and go run in the mud. Or play in your garden. Knees in the soil and touching the earth with your bare hands. nothing like getting clean after being dirty. :)
poor dirty Not Bella, this is a dog at totally going there when my doggy is dirty and I'm in San
  • Travel! I know this takes money, time off work, more Find something all inclusive, but do it at one time or another. Roadtrip on a four day weekend, go camping, go to a lake. 
well, i hope maybe i sparked something in someone. I hope you all have a great weekend and do something fun and worthwhile. be safe and I'll be here monday unless i get a wild hair up my bored butt and want to play around on my blog. tootles,
The Queenijax.

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