Friday, June 3, 2011

Yawn! It's FRIDAY!

I love love love short weeks. And my brain isn't working too well this morning. I've already forgotten what I wanted to's see.......
  • Making your own home art. With technology nowadays, everyone is an expert photographer. You don't need to own a fancy camera even. Iphones and Androids seem to work well. All you need is a fancy program like Picasa (check out their Piknic option, you don't need to spend the money on the extras). Ok so you've played around with your pic and you've saved it...well now what? You want that picture on your wall!!! you want it framed or something even cooler-transferred to canvas or something. If you look around the web you'll find sites like where you'll be able to put your pictures on anything! 
  • I am eating thornton's chocolates and they're delicious. It's 9:46 am or something like that....White chocolate, so it's got to be ok.....
  • I'm a true believer in being a kid at heart no matter what age you are. That said, I want to make sock puppets. 

ewok handpuppet how to

hmm lots of fun choices!!

  • still nibbling on the chocolatey goodness.
  • i hate being interrupted. I also hate when GDawg works really really late and doesn't eat his dinner. I made stuffed peppers yesterday. they were so good...If anyone needs help with this it's truly very easy. Look at your pepper like it's a blank canvas.. What would taste good in it? What have you eaten that had green peppers in it? the options are endless. I chose to make a rice, tomato, bean and steak filling with mozzarella cheese on top because that was all i had. Tasted delicious. 
  • So any fun plans out there this weekend? I guess we in NorCAL have rain scheduled...I hope they're wrong. They means those meanies predicting the weather. If you live here you are well aware of the LIES!!! Accuweather is not accurate. While sitting on the steps outside my house, we were wondering if it was going to get warmer. We're checking my friends Iphone and she's like nope, just cloudy. Then the drops started falling and bam we had rain. So yeah, i only trust my eyes. thank you.
  • I really like Archie Comics. The old ones are pretty neat. Jughead makes me want to eat hamburgers. 

  • Gay Archie character way to go Archie Comics. I had no idea they were still around. But it's good to know they're modern and up to date. I do have to catch up on my reading though, I mean, does he ever pick Bettie or Veronica?????
Ok i think that's all i have so far. I think i have to write my random thoughts i have during the day in a notebook, because I feel like i'm running out of things. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Stay safe.
The Queenijax


Stacie said...

Very fun blog... stopped by from The Lady Blogger Social Tea party. Thanks for sharing.

Classy Career Girl said...

Love the hand puppets! Stopping by from the tea party! Following you now!

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

aw thank you so much ladies!! I'll be checking y'all out!!!