Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hurry up weekend.

I know it's only thursday...but i really could use a day to sleep in.
  • So i googled "why does my finger get really cold?" because i was sitting here and all of a sudden my right hand's middle finger was cold to the touch but the rest were warm. Yahoo answers said it's normal and then i found Raynaud's Phenomenon. Now I'm not saying that's what i have, but any disease with the word Phenomenon freaks me out. I'm amazed there aren't more hypochondriacs in the world with the internet and all. 
  • i'm gonna ninja star the person who took my black gel pen......Found it. And No i will not be ninja starring myself that would be wrong.
  • why???? Someone please tell American Apparel that the 80's aren't really back....

Ofcourse it's on Ideeli and i was sorta puking in my mouth when i saw it. it's just wrong.

  • I will be making a beautiful pork shoulder tonight. Thought you all should know. I will be cooking it in a big ole pot. Throwing in some carrots, onions, garlic, beef stock and tomato paste. I hope this actually happens, because I need to do something with the poor pork shoulder that has been defrosting for several days now. "Life" has taken over in our household. Issues beyond our control have made it a little harder to plan something as simple as dinner. Family comes first. Food later. (i know i'm kinda vague, but some things are a bit personal and I in no way will be asking for sympathy.)
  • Thank you Bella for pooping in the house. not sure why you did. But i'm glad i get to clean the carpet when i go home for lunch. Thank you Gerry for picking it up....if you cannot detect the sarcasm in this than we can no longer be friends. 
  • California increasingly fear earthquakes.  Duh.
  • Yesterday Bella, Stephanie and I went for a walk by the bay. This nice guy introduced himself to me and his dog Kendra wanted to play with Bella, but since she had surgery about 7 weeks ago, i'm just not all that happy with Bella running around an area i don't know. He let his dog go and the dog comes back minutes later with one ear down, looking like something happened to her. Well ladies and gents it's official foxtail season is here in California which apparently has the highest occurrence of foxtails. So here's the Foxtails-are-Dangerous
  • Everyone ready....drum roll please:
told you, he was in Australia catchin some waves.

 I leave you with more music today, i may be back later for some bonus stuff..


Danielle said...

Thanks for stopping by Life With Two Boys.. I'm following back :)

Anna Gray said...

OMG I HATE AMERICAN APPAREL. Can the angst, ugly semi-nude models quit showing up in my internet adds? ugh.

Jacky aka Queenijax said... it.