Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am so tired. Our first hot night this year. I actually moved into the livingroom to try and get cool. Woke up at 2am and moved back to bed. i got comfortable and eventually fell asleep only to wake up multiple times to go pee. All in all it was a pitiful sleepless night.  :(
  • So we have a couple of beautiful days over here with some heat which means beach time. I can't believe i am sitting here in a sweater as I type this. My office is known for being an icebox, because people cannot agree on the a/c setting. So far this year, the a/c has been abused and kept me in a sweater, jeans and sneakers. remember that let me out post...well yeah. that's what i feel right now. There should be a rule established, if it's less than 75 degrees outside open the fucking window and keep your hands off the a/c. 
  • I'm about to talk about a very sensitive topic, but I need to because it's very important to me. if you're a sensitive person you may not want to click this link. It's about a woman and her kids beating up kittens. It's disgusting and i'm horrified. The truth of the matter is we need better laws to protect animals.And people need to realize that anyone who is mistreating an animal will most likely mistreat a human. I can't be happy all the time, but I do have to be real and reach out to the people who read this blog. We need to find away to help animals and protect them from humans. This lady was out on bail. Personally I think the lady should have lost custody of her children. What a disgusting thing to teach your kids. What kind of parent was she? Apparently one with no self respect and no morals. ok, i'll end this now......
  • Let's switch gears! ok the VOICE! was wonderful last night. And i'm so proud of Blake Sheldon picking Xenia-that girl has a lot of potential and she already looks a little more comfortable on stage. DIA AMERICA PICKED YOU!!!! If you haven't seen her performance singing "heartless" by Kanye West here it is...

  • Yesterday i was watching Bella and the kittens. If i could get a good picture of them interacting, I totally would, but right now it's sitting with them and treating my pooch while she's laying there watching them play. I noticed she was panting and wondered why. I have to say that SOMETIMES googling a question is a good idea, but reading yahoo answers can be a friggin joke. Some girl a similar question, but because she said she had a doberman or a rottweiler some idiot said "she wants to eat the kittens, she's getting ready for dinner". Another person said "because you have a potentially dangerous dog i would keep the kittens separate" 
thank you Opera for the most appropriate eye roll....People, dogs panting has nothing to do with eating small animals. The dog is excited, trying to stay calm at the same time...almost like when you get anxious. Treat the darn thing and give it praise for doing a good job. etc...
  • I....MADE.....A.....CHOCOLATE.....CHIP.....COOKIE....PIE. and it came out yummy but nothing like the picture  

 I didn't use nuts though and i didn't have any icecream. It came out perfect. OH and these ladies are amazing. This is their pic, not mine since i already said my pie didn't turn out like this. yum....i want a slice of my pie. lol.
  • Will someone please explain to me WHY it smells like feet when the a/c turns on????? From my experience it happens in a lot of offices and even at one of my BFF's in Orange County. it's a phenomena.

Dinocorn wants to go to a fancy party. I actually woke up thinking about what he would wear today. And i also realized that I want dinocorn to be a he/she or just like wearing different clothing. Men's clothing can only go so far to entertain an audience.

  • So last night's dinner I went 5th grade stylee and had some sloppy joes and mozzarella french fries. Simple, but soooo tasty.  Tonight I have to make these ribs that i've been defrosting. Hopefully just grill them since it's pretty dang hot today. i know it's 10am and people are wondering why in the heck i'm talking about dinner. It's my FAVORITE MEAL!!! yum. 
Alright peeps, if i feel the need to return i shall. but here you go hons and buns. Have a fantabulous day.
the Queenijax

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