Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shitty moods=shitty foods.

See why i put that warning before entering??? LoL. I am the biggest potty mouth. Last night's dinner didn't turn out as delicious as I wanted it to. It tasted good, but reminded me of kitty throw up-notice i say reminded me, not tasted or smelled like. I was also in an off mood and now with these kitties I'm busier than i was before. I know there are alot of mommies who read this, but i feel like i'm a mommy to Bella and these little kitties. So here is what my schedule looks like:
  • wake up, check on kitties, make coffee, pat bella on the head and give her a kiss, take shower, get dressed, do hair, put on makeup get coffee. feed bella, feed cats, feed kitties, clean kitty poop. kiss boyfriend goodbye, drive to work.
  • work. work work work until lunch.
  • lunch-heat up something, play with Bella or cuddle, check on kitties, go back to work
  • work, work work work work yay 5
  • depending on the day it's either go straight to my hike or go home and take bella out. Come back home do dishes, feed Bella, feed kittens, relax with friends for maybe 40 minutes, make dinner, eat, play with kittens, wash as many dishes as possible, tell boyfriend to do some chore. at this time it's 9 lay down with an icepack and relax. 
ok mommies you do a lot more, but i'm tired. hahaha.
oooh tonight is the VOICE!!!! yay!!!
  • What do i make for dinner tonight??? I made this crockpot chicken the other night. I blame my BBC sisters. By the way ladies, i added a tiny bit of broth and my liquid quadrupled. lol. anywhooo, tonight i think it's just rice, chicken and beans. I gotta use it up. sounds good enough,  maybe put some salsa in the chicken for Gerry.
  • OH as for my spending diet, you will be happy to know that besides getting my pup and these kittens toys and food i haven't spent jack on me. i want to. i really do. Ideeli has a 4th of july sale with all sorts of fun cooking and dinnerware stuff but NO. Oh and hautelook has Betsey johnson stuff and one of the dresses is screaming my name but i'm wearing earmuffs so it's ok. 
  • I actually won at a computerized tictactoe. Yes i did. i needed a game break and well i think if you play just for a little while, it won't piss you off when the computer starts kicking your ass.
  • Can't leave your home because of kids, sickness, or laziness???? Well get your culture on and visit the online photography museum. I think it's pretty neat. It's entirely a virtual online experience and there are many exhibits. One of my faves includes dogs that act like humans, the pictures are circa 1850's.
  • How many of us loved connecting the dots when we were kids? Well google the image and you'll find endless free fun for kids or for you. I really want to do one...this isn't fair, because i can't copy it on my comp. :(
  • I bet you're dying to know about the kitties! Well after a long day at the vet, they were sleepy and worn out. Good news, no bad news! a little upper respiratory thing and that's it. Still trying to figure out what to do next. There's the cost of getting these buggers fixed, but now that i know they're healthy I'm trying to figure out what's best for them. Our humane society is wonderful, but our little group is also fabulous, but the Humane society will care for these little babies without a cost to us. I think i'll give them a call later so I can make a more informed decision. These babies are just too adorable for words and i'm falling in love with them. 
  • I want a unicorn and i'm not sure why they're mythological. Why would someone have made that up? Now go and find me one please. To learn more about the unicorn click this wiki link and look at the pretty picture.

  • I am sore. I exercise and i carry a lot of stress in my back, so i guess it could be that combination. I really want a message. Gerry has yet to use his Livingsocial deal and i may just steal it from him, but what can i do for myself? We don't have a bath tub, which really sucks....I GOT IT. I'm dragging my boyfriend to the hot tub place. Thank God for those places! What would the rest of us shower stall only people do????? I'll wait until friday. i know you're jealous. bow chicka wow. 
  • i need to use more often. My brain has deflated. :)
  • i am pretty sure i wrote about this before, but when was the last time you visited go answer some trivia and help people. 
ok. hope you all enjoyed my blog today! I pray it will be a great day for all of you.
the Queenijax


Jill said...

i like the links! dinner? oh haven't thought that far. pork tenderloin??

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

mmmm pork tenderloin sounds delicious. I seem to wake up and think about dinner. It's my favorite meal of the day! lol.