Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's my Thursday, don't be jealous...

It's really tuesday (y'all know that), but it's my THURSDAY!!!! I would do the snoopy dance if I was alone.
  • Wow, i know it's not much compared to other blogs, but I'm ecstatic with my 18 readers! one of them is me-I have no idea how i did it, but well i do read my own blog right? hehe. Thank you for taking the time to read the randomness that is my brain. Do you think they would categorize me as OCD??? ok do not read this unless you think you have ocd, and now that I read it i'm beginning to think i have ocd...poop.
  • I would like to thank the co worker who made me a copy of an invoice and interofficed it to me. It's nice that she did that, but the copy was so light I couldn't see shit. do people not look at what they send before they send it???? hmmph. 
  • I got the following information from
the message i received is in bold

Please take 10 seconds to call and press "2"! (Its all automated!)

Please take 10 seconds to call! The Union Tribune is instigating another pit bull debate in SD. Please call 1(800)244-6397 ext. 2506 and let them know that we do NOT want pit bulls banned in San Diego County! (It's all automated.) Press "2" to vote that it's the owner's responsibility and not the breed. 
As a staffordshire terrier owner I plead with everyone to please please please call this number. It is completely automated! As a responsible owner who walks, plays, trains, hugs and loves my dog I know what I need to do to make sure my dog is a better dog. Please help the rest of us with this plight. We are to be responsible over the animals that we care for. We cannot blame the breed. I'll get off my box now. 
  • i am pissy now. San Diego can't do that...ok what the frick..i need to think of something else...
 well now that's pretty.

hahaha...i love google images. Thank you so much for snapping me out of that.

  • So living social has a kayak deal on the bay during a Giants game. at first I was excited by it, but then i remembered that a kayak is something that you sort of get your legs into and it traps you inside like a pea pod. I'm not a strong swimmer so I think i'm going to pass. It would be sweet if it was like a little charter boat. But for all the other kayakers in the Bay Area go check out the deal. 
  • Bella, bella bella...It's official. She is a contortionist. I placed her cone on her head right before i got into bed, moved her super comfy bed at the foot of mine and turned off the lights. She let out some pathetic whines and then gave in. As I'm dozing into the world of slumber, i hear "slurp slurp slurp" i turn on the light and i see her licking at her bandaged tail.(I need to get a picture of it, my vet friend made the tip bright pink) Ofcourse i stopped her, but i was scared she would find a way to make it all come off. Let's just say I didn't sleep so well. 
Bella and Misfit-last summer-it was HOT.
  • I think i found Bella's feline twin. Click here to read about Alex the Cat on Feeling Beachie 
  • hehehe,...this is a funny blog. Go check out attractedtoshinythings I wish i was as good of an artist.... :)
  • So tomorrow my work is ordering us sammiches (sandwiches for all of you literary types)...I want one now, but ofcourse now i have to wait until tomorrow. what kind will i get? are they premade? will i have a choice in this matter??? Will there be chips? All of these questions have yet to be answered. 
  • So I've been invited to a wedding. Did i already talk about this?? I don't think so. We got the invite, i got the bridal shower invite just now...and now i'm dreading all of these SHOWERS. what the hell. How many frickin presents am I supposed to buy for a person. Personally I like simple weddings. you get an invite to the actual wedding and you can bring whatever present then. How do i make plans two months in advance for something like that? I hate doing that. but i guess i'll say yes and then hope for the best. Oh have i also added that I've been to two other weddings in my adulthood and caught the bouquet twice? I am not standing up for that part AT ALL. I've given up on marriage and wedding crap. I think i'm going to be a bride for a halloween just because I want to wear the pretty dress. 
i can be a distressed Alice not wanting to get married but already in the pretty dress. Plus I really want to do one of those crazy shoots where you mess the dress up. lol. 
By the way, I've already been married and divorced, hence why i'm not really too into the whole marriage thing.
  •  so what's for dinner this evening????? i am thinking chicken in a garlic balsamic sauce with my macaroni and cheese. I already had an idea about how to braise the chicken but then i read the recipe and was yummified. I used up all of my mushrooms yesterday so i will have to tweak it a bit. that's what i call cooking by the way!
  • ACK!!!!
lol it's dinocorn hiding under a sheet. Now i'm just silly. 
 ooh i almost forgot i'll be kitty sitting my two little fosters. yay 
ok i'm outie folks. Talk to ya tomorrow! 


Simplegirl said...

I enjoyed reading this post. It's real and that's what makes it great! Thank you for stopping by today. I really enjoy the company. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday:-)

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

thank you so much simple girl. that's a great compliment! :)

Melanie said...

Love your artwork. Still loving the randomness - and yes, a sandwich does sound good - a club, with jalepenos! or a turkey bacon avocado! ooohhhhh...