Monday, June 20, 2011

i don't like getting out of bed....

I could have slept another two hours. This weekend was beautiful and warm and I had a lot of fun. Hung out with a friend and laid out in the sun, all we needed was a couple of cabana boys and some frozen grapes and we would have been set. Sunday was a great afternoon with a dear friend and a dog walk, then the beach, then the BBQ and then hanging out with my partners mom. let's jump to the other shtuff...
  • I think a trend that should NOT be worn in the summer are skinny jeans. I tried this a couple of weeks ago and even though our NorCal weather hasn't been too hot, my jeans felt like i was ripping an extra layer off my body. It's official in my book-skinny jeans are winter items. 
  • hello makers of sunscreen products: can we please make a spray that goes on our scalp that doesn't make our hair either oily or very very strange feeling. i have this  red spot on top of my head that hurts today. If they have made something, can someone please tell me because I need it. I am definitely NOT a hat wearer. I sweat in the heat and hats will make it worse. 
  • ugh. One way to get me tempted enough to spend money is when I see kitchen stuff. Ideeli has a bonjour sale-bake pans, french rolling pin, frothers....etc. sigh...close it close it!!
  • I'm gonna share some pics....

These are my personal pics. The first is Gerry and I dancing. The second is Bella as a pup and Fievel, our cat, looking rather annoyed, third is Gerry and I about two years ago and the 4th is Misfit, our kitty when we first got him. I've got some old pics on this comp.
  • hmmmm...Anyone catch Miss USA last night? a couple of things struck me as odd about Miss California....well she died her hair red for a character she was playing so she stuck with it because it suited her personality better AND she's not from California. According to the news after the pageant they said she had moved from New Jersey 2 months prior to entering the pageant...How does that work???? the media is going a bit looney about her geekiness. I have to say though. I sorta understand that part. I didn't get totally enthralled with the Tudors until I saw the show and then I wanted to learn more and now have about 7 books all about the queens of Henry the 8th AND the history of their lineage. You can't really knock her on that, shows that she learned something and she wants to learn more. I actually wanted Miss Tennessee to win. 
  • For people who never watched Salad Fingers, I will share a video a day until i've played you each episode...

  • Today, I will be listening to old songs, like Fleetwood Mac and Journey. I don't know why, but it feels comforting. 
I would like to thank my new readers. I really feel honored to have you read my blog. I know it may not make so much sense, but that's really the point. I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you have a wonderful last day of spring. I'll see you tomorrow.
chow chow.
oh i leave you with.

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