Monday, June 27, 2011

It's an N.W.A morning.

Thank you Eazy E for serenading me this morning with "Cruisin in my 64 Impala". My ipod is on shuffle...Can you tell?
  • I stubbed my pinky toe yesterday morning. It hurts. According to yahoo answers I should really be home and not walking on it. hmmm, do you think the boss will buy it?????

  • i think for my next pet i want the above: a salamander...look at those little hands?? thank you Marshall University for the picture and click on the link to learn a little more about these cute creatures.
  • Ok the other day i posted a warm coleslaw salad recipe, well i mixed it up a little and it came out SUPER TASTY Instead of Cabbage, i substituted Penne Pasta. I added red and yellow peppers, shredded carrots, spinach and  some finely shredded Gouda cheese from Whole Foods and ofcourse an applewood bacon. I tossed in the warm salad dressing and shredded a thicker Gouda on top. IT WAS SO TASTY. Try the dressing with anything. Let me know what you think! The recipe link is on Cool it Now.... entry. (edited to add that i used a whole box of penne pasta and made double the dressing recipe oh and i also had this warmed up for lunch today....delicious.)
  • I do not like fruit on my pizza or burgers or rice...etc. ok? good.
  • I hurt my back AGAIN this weekend. I really need to de-stress. I don't think my back has felt this amount of soreness often in years. grrr. 
  • ok so i was looking at some of my blog subscriptions and there are alot of cool things out there I'd like to share, since I'm being a negative nancy and i want to whine about everything. So why not just give you guys and dolls something more interesting than me? lol. 
  • i love myself some blueberry Scones and I saw this today and I immediately opened it. Larks Country Heart has wonderful recipes and I think i shared something about this blog last week, but I now want a scone and I'm getting irritated that no one here knows how to read my mind and get me damn scone. 
there are more blogs, but since i keep getting distracted I figured I'd just put a couple up once in a while going forward.

  • I also promised you salad fingers once a day...Let's just say once a week and you won't hate me and I won't feel too bad. 
  • are you single and feel like you need a boyfriend? Well check out It's a game you play that sounds so much like real life that I don't think i even want to play. First off you have to make them happy so that they won't dump you. sigh. What are we teaching little girls? As an adult i can laught at it, but I seriously hope some lonely teenage girl isn't reading that website and taking it seriously. I may sign up just to see what it says. I wonder if he'll dump me right away???? i'll get back to you on this...(ooh research...i'll go undercover and see what i find out)
  • My dog has to wear the CONE OF SHAME! how sad is that? My pup has what they call "happy tail" she wags and wags and doesn't care what she smacks her tail on. Unfortunately she cut it and now it's infected. She took off her bandage and cover twice yesterday. Last night we put on the cone and she started growling. This morning she caught a glimpse in the mirror and barked. Lucky for her it's not an all the time thing. I will take the cone off when i'm home. She's also pretty darn lucky i'm off thursday and Friday. 
 Ha, so i wrote a lot more than the norm. I hope you enjoyed it.

I also leave you with some music:


Melanie said...

I love the randomness! Definitely some "Crowning Moments!" there. Thank you so much for adding them to my hop!

I just have to say, SCONES! Yummy!

Now, instead of hitting his tail on everything, your dog will hit his head/cone thing on everything.

Really looking forward to the undercover report!

Thanks again!

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

oh poo i forgot to write about my undercover report. lol. i'll touch on that subject tomorrow. lol.

Rowena Kurita said...

Keep on working, great job.