Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Friiiiday, friiiiday....

thank God we made it. phew that was a close one, i really didn't think this day would come. :)

and just in case you haven't seen the original....

Good morning everyone. 
  • bleh stupid spending diet. Ideeli has Kalorik food gadgets and a lot of them look like a lot of fun. By the way my friend told me about the Ninja food processor and i'm so getting one of those when I am done with this diet. I probably shouldn't be thinking like that.....but it's tooooooooooo cool. 
    • OH sorry for another ideeli thingy. BUT Kosta Boda new friends glasses they're selling them for 99 BUCK'S EACH!!! This is not a I'm so excited post but for ONE GLASS???? Well take a look at the picture in this amazon link. Actually pretty cute, but that's too much for a glass. 
  • So Friday is Father's day. Personally the day is a bit strange for me since I haven't really celebrated it at all. The past couple of years I reconnected with my dad and sent him a couple of father's day cards. I forgot this year. It's kind of hard to remember something when you never paid attention to it before. The guilt will kill me though, so I'll get a card and send it after work. It'll be late, but it's the the thought that counts right?
  • hmmph. don't even go on hautelook. they have a bunch of cute bathing suits. sigh. i torture myself for the little people. LOL. just kidding ofcourse. ok i closed both windows so you're all safe.
  • Kitties go to their new home. I spent my evening in the backroom where they pounced and played all night. I heard Indie purr. he was walking around my head looking for something and kept mewing. I'm going to miss those little guys, but i'm just so happy they'll be happy with a coworker and played with by some kids. ugh. my cuties are going away. 
  • My evening consisted of a great BBQ rib dinner, some new fancy potatoes I invented and must perfect before I share with my readers, and a heating pad. My lower back did something mean to me and I'm also thinking I'll need a new hip when I'm 40. I think it's all related. I feel old at 34. 
  • I would like a about you????
  • Have I mentioned it's Friday?
hahahaha...sorry, but this is funny...

that was definitely a fear of mine. Lucky for the big kitties I didn't let them see the little ones.

My brain all mushy. I'll probably be back with more entertainment. I'll probably just edit this post. Hurrah for now.
but i leave you with dinocorn.


Mrs. H @ My Happily Ever After said...

hahahaha you're hilarious.

thanks for stopping by my blog. i'm totally up for a hair date. pinterest is addicting...hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

lol, i will try to wrap my little brain around this pinterest thing.

Classy Career Girl said...

My husband can't stand that Friday song so I love singing it to him! :) Haha! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!