Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take a little off the back please....

No I am not getting a haircut. Bella is getting a tail cut. The inevitable has become err evitable...The tail will be amputated tomorrow. I am a firm believer to not mess with what animals are born with. Let's face it, dogs are super cute with floppy ears, why cut them? I guess certain breeds have certain "rules". My personal view on it is my own.
Meet Dory, that's Bella's bestie. 
  • After a long day of hanging out and a visit to the vet, i finally turned on the TV. There's this commercial for invisalign with two teen sisters. One has braces and the other doesn't, because she uses invisalign. The commercial doesn't make sense to me. Why would you let one of your daughters get braces and NOT the invisalign? Granted no one ever called me metal mouth, but the commercial is just redonkulous. 
  • Last night I made Bon Appetits' Blueberry Crumble Pie. I used frozen blueberries instead of fresh. The trick is waiting a bit longer than the fresh berries to release their juices. I took Bella for a walk while i was baking so the streusel topping got a little brown-I should have put some foil on top. BUT it came out so delicious. I didn't even need whip cream.  Totally worth the wait! 
  • After last nights creative obsession, i made spaghetti with meat sauce. and no the sauce was not homemade. I'm trying to relax here. 
  • It's official America, I will be helping Neilsen TV Ratings. Sort of actually, I get a diary in the next couple of weeks and have to write down what i watch. Should be interesting, Food network, bravo, american pickers, pawn stars, the big C....pretty much thats it. lol. 
  • I have a ballsy cat named Keys. She tries to steal our food while we're eating. she's hiding behind my laptop screen. 
  • Since i'm a barrel of laughs let's share some pictures.
Angel Bella
chili with melted cheese and Swiss garlic Bread

Asparagus wrapped in bacon, with porkchops and sliced potatoes.

 daddy and bella
 dig dig dig
 big smiles.
wave surfer
Alrighty all. Have a great night and we'll see what we come up with tomorrow. toots mgeeeeee!

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Melanie said...

Today I loved your invisalign point. Yeah! why did one have to have the metal?