Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Working for the weekend....

Bleh on Tuesdays. Atleast I'm busy and the day won't drag on...right?
  • Happy me. NOT. Ok, I decided to be a good daughter and granddaughter and buy my mom and grandma tickets for NYC Cirque du soleil. The tix were 50% off. Due to Bellas surgery, I couldn't afford to send presents and well i felt really bad. so I saw this and we got it! Well i must has accidently hit the buy button TWICE. FUCK! I sent them a help request and I pray that they can fix it. I feel like an idiot. Note to self and to others, when you are gifting items just wait until you receive the actual voucher. That's where you will find the gifting button. I think that's when it happened. I really really hope that they help me. How the heck am I supposed to find someone to buy this voucher in New York???? Ok i need to calm down. My eyes are stinging, i want to cry like a little baby. Lesson learned though, right?
  • i think my dog is angry with me. I do...She looked at me yesterday like she hated me. :(
  • Find your inner Gwen Stefani-back when she was a bad ass and belt the broken hearted anthem from your core

  • EMU OIL???? pardon me while i barf in my mouth right about now. I get it there are a lot of "oils" out there. But really EMU? wikipedia it's used for anti-inflammatory purposes. I just glimpsed at a thread, which then i couldn't find about someone wanting to use that rather than Evening Primrose Oil. (fertility stuff) That just kind of made me gag. Some people really try ANYTHING. Which is fine. you want to shove Emu oil in your hoohaa, go right ahead. I just keep thinking HOW do they get this oil from the bird, and well praying they just milk it and not kill it or anything. Poor Emu.

  • One thing you may not know about me. I will not cuddle with a snake.

 yes, i drew that. :)hidden talents, people. Hidden talents.
  • I just checked the current news and wish I hadn't. :( the news is very depressing. I don't like it.
  • holy crap go here now...remember open another window! this is soooo cooool. i definitely need this sharkbreak. clicking now and bookmarking for daily use.i love it, wish i could make it my screensaver. Kids will love it and i can't stop playing with the shark or the dolphin...
  • So what is for dinnah???? hmmm, good question. Where are my creative culinary juices???? Chicken? ground beef-Gdawg bought one of those huge tubes of beef and will used some for a burger and stuck the entire thing in the freezer. I did leave it in the fridge yesterday so maybe it's defrosted???? I guess i'll check at lunch...maybe we'll have burgers?
  • i am going on a spending diet for the next month. After this morning ouch, i had to dip into my savings and pay it. Since i'm overspending and not using the money to pay Bella's surgery, I need to whip myself back into shape. I can do this. I live in California where beautiful adventures are free. I guess I'll make it a daily random check in to let you know what I didn't buy. lol. 
Ok, gotta get serious about my day. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. Have a wonderful day!
the Queenijax


Just the three of us! said...

i'm sure that they will fix the error on buying an extra ticket, or they should. if not, maybe a trip to nyc is in order ;)

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

i hope so too...i'm getting major anxiety waiting for it. LOL did you not see i'm going on a spending tix to NY are out of the question....although?????...just kidding.
hugs lady!