Wednesday, June 29, 2011

yay day.

Gray and gloomy skies so far this morning, but the forecast says temps in the upper 90's this weekend. I may get my perfect sunny weekend after all!
  • so we got some sandwiches...i haven't seen them yet...i'm waiting for my stomach to start making loud, obnoxious noises. Isn't it strange that no one was asked what kind they liked?
  • Do you ever just feel like your eyes want to leak lots of fluid? you know that C word. maybe this will help....

 she's so dramatic.
  • sandwich is super plain. ham and cheese with tomato and lettuce. i think i'll stick with doritos. thanks.
  • my new accessory this week is the back brace. Yes ladies and gentlemen, i use a back brace since i have a bad back and scoliosis to boot! I pretty much have been wearing it all week at my desk and it's helped a lot. Usually i wear it under my clothes and I doubt it will look right under tanktops. So my new plan is to get another one and bedazzle the crap out of it. 

 you get the point...this is a neck brace so not the same thing. Oh and in case you're wondering it's just the velcro kind that goes around your waste. No need to worry too much.

  • i know today's blog is a bit late. but people i have stuff to do...I am sitting here imagining that you all hit reload about once every millisecond. That's how important i really think i am to you. 
  • Virtual boyfriend...i haven't visited in a couple of days. Let's see if he's missed me. Did i tell you he said I love you when i bought him a jacket???? lol. I named him Chad. He looks like a Chad and his teeth are too white. Well he says I'm a very special girl and he's glad i'm his girlfriend. But yet he doesn't have any flowers for me or anything. I mean i bought him a jacket, wrote him a love letter. And now i just bought him a watch and he said "i love you baby". That totally sounds like Gerry.  alright well, that seems to be going ok....still feel like i could atleast get a present from this dude. 
  • Hey so I tried that recipe i shared with you yesterday. IT WAS DA BOMB-I didn't have any mushrooms but i used red onions and carmelized them, holy poop skittles it was nummy.  I promise when i get my shit together i will have pictures to go with my meals...
  • you're probably wondering how Bella the contortionist is doing. Well we got her all bandaged up AGAIN. I get to take her to the vet tomorrow. So we'll see what the doc says. 
  • call me weird, strange or whatever...I am definitely not a fan of Bleu Cheese. 
  • Ok so the last Voice show is tonight and i'm so sad. There were many great performances. I think it may be Dia, but i don't want to get my hopes up. 
  • you can learn how to draw Baby Piglet! Click here he should look like this by the way....
 i will be trying this on my next break. If it turns out ok, then i'll share a pic with you all. ****ok I'm's my piglet masterpiece. Do not laugh. I am an awful artist.

  • So I want to be rollergirl for Halloween, but I am pretty sure I will need the above brace If I attempt to get on rollerskates. I wonder if they make skates where you can walk in them and the wheels don't move...
    Well have a great day!!!


    Anna Gray said...

    Um can we talk about how Beverly on the Voice was totally channeling Daddy Warbucks this evening for her attire?

    Jacky aka Queenijax said...

    hahahahaha...totally. Javier really deserved to win. That voice and his performances were great. I really would have liked to see Dia rock out with her cock out....oh well....