Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cool it now.....

Thank you mother nature for cooling it down out there last night. I think i had a good nights sleep, the melatonin I used as my safety net is still hanging on for dear life though, so I am thinking coffee at lunch to help with my energy level will be a good idea.
  • so I have some sun spots. And I tried this product Cosmesis skin lightening or something or other and ofcourse it's not listed, probably because it doesn't work and i bought it and grrr..Anywhoo, in my endless battle with some sun spots, freckles and a bit of discoloration that I notice on myself, i am trying whatever i can find that is NOT too expensive. I just bought something new today, so I'll let you know if it works once i get it. 
  • I didn't forget Mascara today. yahoo. 
  • oh yeah, i'm on a spending diet so the above i probably shouldn't have bought, but with ideeli and hautelook you never know when these items will pop up and the cosmesis stuff is almost gone. You shoulda seen my cart while evil ideeli was having yet another kitchen sale....i filled my cart with tumblers, a gorgeous pitcher, a red wood salad bowl, a panini grill and then i saw it was about 120 bucks and i know i should have gone for it, but it was like a strong am i???? I didn't buy anything. I am waiting.
  • so i started thinking about dinner at about 10:40pm last night. i probably should get into a program or something, i'm sick. So i saw this great idea for slaw in Sunset magazine with ofcourse the best ingredient BACON. yum yum yum bacon. They call it a warm dressing and instead of slaw i'm puttin it on a salad tonight with that leftover chicken that i haven't done anything with. Also adding some avocado! 
visit for recipe

  •  oh the voice was good last night. i guess part two is tonight.....i'm so noyvous....sound it out people, sound it out. oh and thank you Dia Frampton for once again being miss creative with your songs. awesome job.
  •  where's dinocorn???? he's taking a break. lol. i think he went surfing in Australia or something. 
  • ok these horoscopes frome the Onion. I'm a pisces and mine says:
Unfortunately, popular entertainment has led you to believe that when you try to deliver a baby while trapped in a malfunctioning elevator, the mother and baby both survive.
i think they're right....
  • So I'm thinking about doing Community Supported Agriculture, something about farm fresh produce delivered or picked up just for me???? In our area we can also get meat, cheese, eggs and other deliciousnesses (made up a word, but it works). I have to do some more research, but it looks like something I may want to do. Check it out if you haven't yet, put in your zip code and see what's available in your area. 
  •  the fight or flight response read up on it. Most of us have it. some days can be more trying than others and it's good to recognize what your body does in situations and label your emotions so you know what it's doing. 
Well that's it for today my friends. I hope that you all have a great day and i will see you on the flipside.
the Queenijax

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