Monday, April 30, 2012

Another one bites the dust.

It's never ending, isn't it? Weekend, work, weekend, work. If you think about it too much it's really fucked up. Feels like you're in a washing machine spinning and spinning around. No wonder I find myself dizzy at times; ok it could be the lack of iron, fybromyalgia or whatever else, but I like today's analogy.  Really I wouldn't have it any other way, being at home too much would drive me batty, but I'm in one of those depressive funks where my anxiety and now fybromyalgia is keeping me at a standstill-who the hell pressed off on this cycle?  I need to exercise, but do not feel inclined to do so. Well, it is Monday. It's a good day to take a good walk after work and bring the pup. I have to for my thighs sake. :)
  • My weekend was pretty chill. Besides Bella's top stitches popping off and giving me a heart attack AND spending a couple of hours at the vet on a Saturday, the weekend was still a good one. We did see the movie, The Raven and I really liked it. I'm a big fan of Edgar Allen Poe and was calling out the story (not really calling out, but more like mumbling) titles for each murder. hehehe.
  • In a little over a week, Gerr and I will be in the NYC! I'm so excited! It's finally here (pretty much). AHHHH! I cannot wait. 
  • I have to share with you this site I saw on Milk and Honey shoes, basically you make your own shoes. it's a fun site to play around on, but I made leather flats and the shoes were 195 bucks. Kinda pricey, but if you're interested in one of a kind shoes created by you, I would definitely check out the site. Also remember to check out too. they're pretty awesome. 
  • I do a lot for my..... errrrr readers, like you know try out new products and sign on to new websites such as You've seen the commercials. I know you have. So I had to check it out. Join me my friends!!! Let's be shoe whores together!!! I would like to add that this site is pretty cool. They also sell jewelry and give you outfit advice, etc...Kinda happy i joined!
  •  Go check out Stubbydog again. There's a cutest dog contest. :)
  • Hot on Hautelook-save up to 60% on Betsey Johnson sunglasses. They're a friggin steal. 
  • Ideal on Ideeli-Madison Page. Think bright colors, patterns, classic but fun and frilly look and items are 25 and under. Wish I could shop...but i cannot!!!
  • Alright...week two of salads. Really I feel like i don't need to eat so much, which is good. Had my morning smoothie, added some apple juice which just made it a little sweeter. I have a fajita-esque salad today-black beans; red, yellow and green peppers, carrots, green onions, some steak and ofcourse lettuce. I made a bit of spicy ranch to go on top but not too much. If i need to I'll use my balsamic vinaigrette for the rest. So far the salad thing is keeping me going. Now, i need more fruits for my smoothies. That project will wait until i get back from NY.
  • Read this if you want to find ways to save calories by choosing which restaurants have the better/healthier version of what you want to eat...Eat this not that also has a list of 15 foods that cure-from berries that stabilize sugar to grapefruit which protects against lung cancer. Go read it.
 Cute cub taken from his mother and taken care of by a Zoo in Bavaria. I guess it was a rescue operation. Picture from this blog.
  • What's for dinner tonight? Well I made burgers two days ago and Gerry didn't have any. So we're having those AND I will make french fries. :) how about you?
  • I love texts from a dog. Brilliant blog. too funny. 
That's all from the pistachio factory (i really like pistachios). talk to ya later.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Warm and Fuzzy Friday

I misssss my boyfriend. He's on his way home though and so all is well with the world. I like happy Friday's. So let's make this blog today a bit uplifting, warm and fuzzy and super positive! Can i get a hell yeah?! I better get a hell yeah and a little cheerleader kick in the air and some imaginary pom poms shaking all over the place. Show me some teeth in that smile too...alright let's go on with the show.
  • Hot on Hautelook-Just go over there today. Too many items and I'm not going to list all of them. My favorite brush company, great clothes under California Chic...etc...just GO and if you haven't signed up why not????? It's free, look at the prices. why would you be stupid to pay full price on name brands when you can go here
  • Ideal on Ideeli-go check out Ideeli also. If you're just relying on my choices than you're missing out on a lot. Great BBQ gear, sandals, watches, bedding, sunglasses need to check this out to see what I'm talking about. And this site is ALSO free!
  • Ever wanted to adopt a dolphin or a seal or something? Or would you like to donate and help animals in the wild against hunting, oil spills is a great site to donate to and/or adopt an animal and you'll receive a plush version of the animal, a certificate, a fact sheet and a kids activity book for 25 bucks! This is a warm and fuzzy treat for sure. 
  • What's warm and fuzzy about chicken? Well this recipe sure does...Sweet and Spicy Chicken Drumsticks on Epicurious!!! Strawberry jelly and Sriracha are ingredients to this...I think I'll be making some wings soon!!! :)
  • Need something warm and fuzzy to look at:
 I guess i have to say where all these images came from. shrug. Google. thank you Silent for making a warm and fuzzy picture. I'd like to thank the kitty above for being so smushy....
  • I want to thank Notes from a dogwalker for the following link that now is on my favorites and bookmarked. yay for "rediscovering the pitbull". This is my new favorite site. Pictures of dogs like Bella being goofy! Inspiring stories of some of the MIchael Vick dogs who were given a chance at a real life. Actors adopting pitties. I am just ecstatic and feel (everybody say it) WARM AND FUZZY!!!
  • Ready for more...check out the ASPCA site and read about Dragon and his story. :)
  •  Oh man almost forgot!!! This weekend Doyle Drive is closed. That's right there will be no driving to the city....shite. how will we go to Treasure will be mayhem!!!! 
  •  hmmm, now i'm feeling so warm and fuzzy that i do not think it should be a pizza night but a delicious barbecue night! that sounds even better than getting take out!!! We have this new fry cutter too! i can make french fries! ooh the wheels they are a turning! yum!!!! Thank the lawd for propane! 
  • hehe...i'm gonna make an apple cheesecake tonight...:) I'll include pictures on the next blog. I'm a master cheesecake lady.
Alrighty everyone I have to mosey. Very busy today! if i have time i'll come back and let you know what blogs you should be reading besides mine! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poopy Morning.

Indeed a poopy morning. My neighbor stepped in poop when she took her pups out and Bella was doing the bootscootin boogie on the carpet-no poop thank the Lawd. I woke up at one point horizontally on the bed. My body must have felt free to roam about without waking me, I wonder what else I did. I forgot to make my salad last night! I did throw some lettuce in a container topped with chicken and scream "FUCK IT that's my damn salad" . Oh and almost forgot to give Bella her antibiotics. Gerr is an essential part of my morning, even when I ask him thirty times to get up.
  • I am turning into a BOCCE MASTER! ok maybe an actual Bocce Player not master but let me practice more and I'll show you people! Really I had two really good games last night and was super proud of myself. I guess maybe I am made for this game. I'd like to give myself a 
 yes that is a medal. lol. it's a bocce medal and now i'm thinking i should get these for the team! lol. 
  • Hey Californians! Ever have a question or some type of issue with the DMV and you get confused on the site because you can't find squat? Check out DMV-the unofficial DMV guide it's pretty damn cool and they take you step by step through different processes. Purdy awesome if you ask me. :)
  • So what the heck's going on in the Bay Area this weekend-
Treasure Island Flea Market-Saturday if you go to SF fun cheaps, you can get on the guestlist and not have to pay the $10 per person admission fee! I signed us up-just in case Gerr's up for going. They're having a Gnome hunt. BMX bike thing...etc...and it sounds like fun. Printed out my guestlist invite! yahoo.
Off The Grid-need I say more? I think i may order some pizza for my tired dude when he gets home. So i'm skippin that this weekend. 
Obscura Day-sounds's on Saturday and I guess it's not such an Obscure holiday since it's celebrated in over 100 countries. Read all about it here Sounds right up my alley too... hmmm. Part of this Obscura day in San Fran includes Strange Artifacts and hidden wonders: Mysterious walking Tour-looks like fun. hmmm, sounds like this weekend may be a bit more interesting than I originally planned. 
National Parks Week-If you weren't aware well now you are. Gain admission Free to any national park this week. Sunday being the last day...maybe it's time to go for a little walk through Muir Woods....hmmmmm?
  • Ideal on Ideeli-My pick today is the Festival style. There's actually some really cute hippy-esque pieces that weren't too bad. The prices are fair. 
  • Hot on Hautelook-Maria Mare & Mustang, for my sandal friends-$15 bucks for sandals!!! and they're not bad looking!!!
  • I wish I could go home and lay around. that would be super nice. 
  • I would like to add that I do love my dog, very very much. I am one of those responsible pet owners that will go broke, because I made the decision to take care of another life, be it canine, it's still a life. All I need are daily shots to NOT flip out when i look at my credit card balance. sigh. I pay off a thousand bucks, I add a thousand bucks. I know it will get paid off, but drat goshdiggity darn forkin A to mutherunkin heck. ONE DAY I WILL SEE A ZERO BALANCE!! dammit. 
  • So what's for dinner tonight? hmmm, i was thinking a cheeseburger and fries and laying around in my jammies, but chances are I'll eat my leftover pasta stuff which is fine with me. 
  • I have been eating salads for lunch for three days now, today will be day 4. I think I'll weigh myself next week and i'll let you know if i've lost any weight. I think i can take miss Bella on a walk today too, so that should make her happy. 
That's all i got left in my brain for today, i'm afraid i'll deflate like a balloon and you'll find me this limp piece of rubber sitting on the floor. Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The aisle with the salad dressing.

You know the aisle at the grocery store with the salad dressing and the seasonings, the oil, the mustard, the mayo etc...basically instead of buying all of the ingredients to MAKE salad dressing we just stand in front of this huge square of options confused as hell, because we want to try something new, but we are AFRAID!!!! i think super markets should have a little taster dispenser for each dressing, because they are expensive. Yes I am still a little angry about the Brianna's vinaigrette and the sand shit in there. Tasty sure, but I would have never bought it if i had tasted the sand or it said on the label "crunchy sand imported from the beaches of Tahiti." Yesterday I went to Safeway again and stared at my options again. I ended up with Kraft Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette. Haven't tasted it, but it's friggin Kraft. shrug. i bet there's no sand in this shit.
  • Chatting with a friend of mine right now and she was mentioning how her daughter loves to draw on the doors and the walls, so I said "Awesome, she'll be a graffiti artist!" I guess that's a bad thing? lol. I want to show you all some links to some gorgeous work by Graffiti artists. I think it's a great modern art using depth, illusion and color. 
  •  Hot on Hautelook-Elf Cosmetics and Ramapage Shoes-grrrreat prices. even Tony the Tiger makes an appearance!
  •  Ideal on Ideeli-Adia Kibur-reminds me of Indian jewelry. I love indian bangles (but I never wear them I have some, but I need to find an outfit to match(hehehe). Lot's of great bangle sets, necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc...affordable.
  • How's Bella? She's fine. She was a bit whiny and I can tell she's one of those dogs who cannot stand to be in a kennel. Natalie showed me a video of her in her kennel whining and whining and then stopped when she came back. When I brought her home she was a bit "off". She was happy to stay outstide on the porch and just zone out. She's got a green bandage on left front leg and she hasn't touched it. I hope we don't have any problems with that. We're partners in crime for the next couple of days, so I need her to be in a happy mood. I'll let y'all know the diagnosis when i get the call.
  • Once again Doggone Safe is super awesome in my book. Their newest blog talks about conditioning your pup to not bite children. I did a lot of these "methods" when Bella was a pup, pulled on her ears, her tails, her legs, poked etc...and i think she believes they're forms of affection, since i did it so consistently and gave her treats and love when i did it. Here's what they have to say about it!
  • I heard Madcow disease made some sort of comeback...poor cow. 
  • So I got my urban decay book of shadows case yesterday and did my makeup today yadda yadda yadda. anyway, i'm not a fan of their mascara!!! My Covergirl Lash Blast mascara rocks!! I did get a little eye shadow primer praying that my makeup stays on all day. :)
  • As for Today's Salad: Greenleaf lettuce, carrots, green onions, chicken salad and roasted potatoes with caesar dressing. still expanding-but the potatoes were leftovers. My leftover jamaican chicken will be for tomorrow's lunch!
  • This is the hand phrase of the day...don't wear it out ok? 
 and no it's not this:
Have a wonderful day...I'll be back later to proof read and edit any mistakes I may find...or maybe I won't...because what is writing without a few errors. yawn...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heal Heal, butt of a frog...

When I had a booboo my mom would rub it and speak the following words in Spanish:(pardon my mispelling)
Sana que Sana
Culito de Rana
Si no sana oy sanara manana. 

Heal, Heal
Butt of a frog
If it doesn't heal today it will heal tomorrow. 

I actually love the English translation more than the eloquently pretty Spanish translation. This phrase goes out to my pup today. She's having her surgery to remove her Mast Cell tumor. Speaking of, I just got a call from Bella's Auntie Natalie, she took her into work with her. We're pretty lucky that we are friends with a vet technician. We have a lot of animals between our two households and she's super smart and reliable. She just called me to talk about Bella, poor pup will be waiting there for HOURS without food....ugh, i couldn't handle it and I know she is a whiner. But Auntie Natalie knows how to get her to behave, so she gets:

In my opinion she's VET TECH OF THE YEAR!!!
  • You wanna hear something strange??? I'm going to take that as a yes, since i can't friggin hear you....I HAVE NO COFFEE IN MY HOUSE!? I am not sure how i feel about that. My smoothie drinking has replaced coffee, but I still love having a cup of coffee when I feel like it. We're also out of half and half. Gerry woke up early this morning, because I had asked him to give Bella a bath (cough cough LAST NIGHT) but he chose to do it in the morning. He woke up 10 minutes before my shower (cough cough, hell's the fuck no) etc...anyway, there was no coffee in the house for him.  Gotta tell ya, it gives me a bit of anxiety that I don't have coffee OR half and half in the house...and i'm almost out of olive oil...ARGH! must go to the supermarket after work. 
  • ok i'm dilly dallying, but check this out. Thrillist just sent me this awesome email about ( get this) a rental car rally! Here's the link...sounds like an amazingly crazy time....It's June 22-June 23. Watch the video.
  • Ideal on Ideeli- LA Picks look good, a lot of choices and good prices.
  • Hot on Hautelook-Momji dolls, i love them they're precious! take a look!
They prices are reasonable and I would get a whole bunch if I wasn't saving for the NY trip. They're just precious collectables. They even have a ten pack of pens for 5 bucks. Next time...
  • What is for Dinner this evening???? hmmm, Saturday we made ribs with an awesome rub AND homemade BBQ sauce, Sunday I made home made pesto, last night I made beef stew. I guess we need to make some chicken tonight....I'm thinking spanish chicken with rice and beans-need some yummy protein for my lunches. 
  • Today's salad-I'm still working on it people-red lettuce, green onions, spicy chicken salad. i know bland, but my CSA box is coming today!!!! so hopefully i'll incorporate a lot more veggies at lunch! 
gotta make today a bit shorter. Let's all pray as a group that my pup's tumor is nothing and she has a quick recovery.  I hope you all have a great day. many hugs.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Manic Monday?

WTF? What is up with this weather??? Friday-GORGEOUS, Saturday-SPECTACULARRRR, Sunday-GROOVY BABY, Today brrr...I live in the perfect part of California. never a dull moment and completely bipolar. Don't pack up your coats, boots, scarves, wool hats and long underwear just yet or you may freeze and then a couple of days later we can cool our butts on your ice cubed body.
  • Yesterday, Gerr and I had to get some small things for our NY trip. I've been stressing out about sandals and purses for days now. Well 3 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of airwalks, a purse, a small wallet that also holds your phone (great idea), a dress (which is a tube top and pointed it those little bulgy areas between my arms and torso and asked if the dress is comfortable. Yes Gerry it's comfortable, I just haven't been able to exercise for medical reasons and my arm fat is coming back-boohoo-men are like little kids-better lift some weights tonight....ok i need to stop the parentheses now), a bucket for bella's food with a lid...yay!, my super cool new cup for my morning smoothies...i think that's it. :) did pretty well with my shopping. 
  • Week 2 for smoothies. This week I'm adding Blackberries. Turns the whole thing purple, but whatever, still tastes good, a little seedy and leaves you chewing little pieces of berry, but i'm ok.  Also salad for lunch today-I have to admit it's pretty simple-chicken salad on top of red leaf lettuce, carrots and green onions. I think there's some balsamic at work if i need a little more wetness to the leaves. lol. Hoping to create different salads using leftovers and the such that way I'm not wasting food.
  • Feel a bit bored at your desk? Make sure no ones looking and check out Lifescripts article on best hairstyle ideas have a ruler and a piece of paper ready.
  • Ideal on Ideeli-I love Kalorik and Core Bamboo...couldn't make up my mind. 
  • Hot on Hautelook-Hello kitty bikini and coverups!!!Look at the cuteness:
  •  Everyone, my CSA box comes tomorrow. If I love it, i may just do it every three week...we'll see...But i'm excited. I hope it's all i expect and more. Uh oh, better make something rich in veggies for dinner, because I need to make more room in my fridge!
  • Last night I made PESTO! No nuts added, i wanted to see what it tasted without it and was very pleased. I can't believe i haven't made this before. I will no longer be buying pesto...redonkolous. 
  • hmmm, i'm sorta bummed out about a salad dressing i bought. Brianna's homestyle French Vinaigrette dressing...there are little seeds in there and they're reminding me of sand...Then I feel like my salad has been tainted with sand and i don't want to eat it...but it's not the salads fault....the dressing is tasty, but i'm not a fan of the seedy stuff. 
  • Bella gets her tumor removed tomorrow. 
  • and that's how i'm gonna end today with. Lots o love...
  • My brain is fried...i think i'm going to fall asleep under my desk now. 
  • goodnight.
  • bullet points nummy. 
  • lol

Friday, April 20, 2012

I like Fridays....

I feel more alive on Friday's compared to Monday's or Tuesdays. There's hope for freedom; to sleep in, to play, to lounge around in your pj's just because. Well, here we are it's friday and it's also 420, so happy 420 day to all my stoner friends. Have fun my friends and enjoy yourselves, if you're too high to drive, just give me a call unless you're in butt fuck egypt and up a mountain, make sure you bring a sleeping bag and mountain lion repellant.

Now on with the show:
  • I just read Annie's Eats, "Happy Earth Day"  post  and wow, made me feel inferior! I want to do more to help save our planet starting at HOME. I've pinned her bean recipe and will definitely be trying that. You should definitely read her blog-great recipes and i feel inspired to do more. 
  • Eating healthier is beginning to seep into my skin and transform what I want to eat at work. It's easier to change what I eat at work. I ate soups for a while, but now with the weather becoming warmer (I've been wearing dresses all week long!), I definitely need to think of salads and grains. So next week my personal challenge is salads.  Not just caesar salad with chicken or green salad with carrots and Ranch no no, it's got to be more exciting and I have to be satisfied. I will be looking around pinterest and coming up with some super nutritious healthy meals next week. All Salads!!!! wahhoooo. ofcourse I'll share any concoction I have. Also adding this guy:Quinoa, read here regarding the ease of cooking Quinoa
  • My smoothies are finally feeling like my normal morning routine. I don't even go for the coffee anymore! What a blessing! I will have to get some decaf though, because I do love my coffee. My only problem now is i love strawberry and banana smoothies....i may have to be wild and add blueberries next! i craaaazy.
  • For those of you who love recipes I have some right here with tons of links for you-they're easy to make and i've found them from different corners of the interwebz so check them out. Some of them I haven't tried, others I have but not in the same way presented, and some are just flat out new. here you go little friends:
Charcoal Grilled Argentine Steaks with Chimichurri -I've actually used a flank iron steak with a recipe sorta like this and my god, melt in your mouth delicious.
Creamy Asparagus Soup-I know wasn't i just saying something about NOT eating soup because it's too hot? Well I have a hand blender I'm looking to try out...and I love creamy veggie soups so this is a must try.
Man Pleasing Chicken-I know I've mentioned this one before, but holy effing cow. I could eat this every day. It's SO simple to make. Think Three ingredients! Now you have to go check this page because that would be very nice of you....
  • ok that's enough food for right now, i'm hungry and all i have are left over rice, beans, corn and chicken saute...which sounds good but not as good as all of the above...:) 
  • Ideal on Ideeli-How many of us REALLY go about trying to figure out if we're getting a good deal on here??? Well, i just did. The one thing I'm going to recommend to you is BCBGeneration today (they cover shoes, apparel and jewelry today). So I went on the BCBG website and looked up the price of one thing, that item is actually on sale, checked it on Ideeli and it was over 50% off the sale price, so someone who can think better than i can what's the percentage you'd be saving if we were comparing it to full price? I'm coming up with something insane which is adding up right...but seriously You SAVE 100 BUCKS! PFFT. check it out.
  • Hot on Hautelook-Jane cosmetics-the deal is too amazing to pass up and they have so much to choose from at 2.97 each. Guess where i'm shopping today.
  • Tonight is we're going out to eat night. lol. The Gerr doesn't know it yet, but I want to eat yummy somethings. Always helps to use my handy dandy Open table link/app, whatever to find out where I can get a good table and pay a reasonable amount for a good meal.
  • I promised I'd try to link up some really good blogs so I'll give you three and hope I haven't repeated these already:
ooh the bloggess will be in my area-read two exits away at 7pm. Awesomers! hmmm should I bring my cat with me???
Classy career girl-How to get into the fashion industry is today's topic. awesome. 

ok well that's all i have time for today!!! Today was pretty damn long and i hope you found something you enjoyed. I'm thinking of adding a bullet point from Gerry-maybe his corner or something....
I came back to edit sorta-above I said 3 blogs and i gave you two so instead of fixing it, i'm telling you now and adding
zsazsabellagio-if you haven't visited this awesome blog, well then you fail...

Thursday, April 19, 2012


This post will only mention balls once actually....Bocce Ball. Fun game! Our team is giving other teams a run for their money, but damn we need to practice. LOL. well I need to practice. I also need heated gloves and more layers. A big wall to block the crazy wind would be cool too. I did learn one important lesson-Do not pick the flowers-not that I did, but it's an unwritten rule and I am not one for breaking rules.
Bocce Ball is a holy game. If the Pope plays Bocce, so can you!
  • Hot on Hautelook- DARLING-love the dresses and it's automatically my favorite when i see it featured. Prices go from 30-49 bucks.  The pieces are truly cute and pretty. they're dahhhling.
  • Ideal on Ideeli-Lovely People-Hard choice, but they have some nice shoes. I normally don't wear shoes with about ten or so colors involved all at once but some of the styles are really cute. Price is between 20-60, big range and A LOT of styles to choose from.
  • If you haven't signed up for PureWow emails, you're missing out on all the cool internetty things to try-such as the pure home beta page where you can paint and design a room! Kinda like practice for the real thing!!! love the idea. so check it out.
  • Paying my credit card bill is exhausting. I think I thought too hard and broke my brain. 
  • Can I tell you all I feel fat today.
  • OOOH i love surveys, if you ever have the chance, see if you can get invited to to Pinecone Research surveys, they're the best ones and pay money AND send you stuff to try out! The only problem is sometimes their video's or audio that they try to show you don't work. sux. But
  • Alert! Alert! Alert! Forever 21's swimwear sale-always a good price and wow some really cute stuff, check it out here!
  • Earth Day is this weekend. Some people celebrate 4/20 which would be tomorrow. Big Whoop. if you smoke pot everyday, you're already celebrating 420. What the big deal? lol. So as I was saying Earth Day on Saturday and in the Bay Area there's lots to do-check out for what's available cheaply! hmmm here's my list:
 Street Artwalk in the Mission District
Renegade Movie Night-Hamilton Field-Romy and Michelle's high school reunion!!!
Earth Day Festival at the Civic Center
another Naked Bike Ride Day???(this would be #2)
Free Outdoor Swing dance at Golden Gate Park!
130th Season of the Golden Gate band!!!
WHAT! EARTH DAY FLASH MOB MEDITATION????? AT THE CITY HALL? Now that should be interesting...
those are just some of the random things happening this weekend
But if you really want to do something very Earth Day related come to the Earth Day Block Party and Beach Clean Up at Ocean Beach-more info HERE.
  • I have a fear of sandals. I like shoes. i like wedges with open toes...something about sandals. I remember ugly white sandals that  made my feet look funny when i was like 8 or so....and now I must face my phobia. I have to buy a pair of comfortable sandals this weekend. And ICK i have to lighten up....My purse is HEAVY. Made more sense when i was cold and needed more padding, but ladies it's summer time, humongous purses belong on beach day and those are called Totes! Cars are the new hobo. LOL. Gotta get a small purse too. Time to minimize.
  • i need to drink more water. I've been drinking my smoothie all morning. Kinda thirsty. Yeah, you so needed to know that. Well that's that folks, see you tomorrow. 
adding the blog hop!! go check it out!
I'm new to all of these blog hops and can't seem to get my button to work...either that or i just spaced. so click on the link!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Half way there.

Yes we are! half way there!!! Whoa! living on a prayer! yikes, where did i go with that.
  • I went to the dentist yesterday. I was really looking forward to just laying there with my eyes closed and relaxing while the hygienist did her thing, but i got the talkative lady. sigh. I didn't want to talk. I just wanted to relax. (Yes I relax while at the dentist, even when they poke me and it hurts). She would ask me questions and i'd just say "UH huh" or she'd actually pull out her instruments and wait for me to respond. I think she finally got it that I just wanted to close my eyes and be at peace. The rest of the appointment went smoothly and this girl has NO cavities as usual. yay me!!!
  • Ideal on Ideeli-the first thing i noticed was Cuisinart stuff, so I'm goin with that. I love the deals on this site, but kitchen gadgets are a steal. Think waffle irons, bread makers, food processors, blenders, cookie presses, coffee makers, hand mixers, silverware...ahem..they even have this cool icecream maker...I cannot wait to move. I need and want a bigger kitchen with fun gadgets! I officially have a list of things I want from Kitchenaid and Cuisinart.
  • I have adopted a new friend. I will try not to kill it, I promise. It's pink and i got her from the grocery store for about 6 bucks.  I'm terrible at keeping plants alive; watered for that matter. So I put transplanted these pretty flowers and made Gerry pick up some soil (which smelled like animal caca) and voila i had flowers in a pot that looked gorgeous. Yesterday when i came home the leaves started turning brown, not the flowers, so I just doused that motherfucker in water. Now it definitely can't die on me...right??? I consider this a jacky-xperiment. I want these flowers to survive, so it would be nice to get it right.
  • Hot on Hautelook- This one was difficult because they had some Nicole Ritchie stuff-but the price is sorta high, so I settled on Report Shoes-they've got sandals, wedges, boots, heels, flats...and all at a decent price.i think the highest price i saw was 39 bucks. So pretty good deal for shoes. 
  • ARGH! I am in such agony. My poor mutt of a dog. I would like to sue the idiots who thought they could breed animals. It seems as though Bella is the poster girl for the medical reasons to NOT buy from backyard breeders. EVER. The Ecoli has returned-rather they like to call it bacteria. and they fear it's structural or something. Also the skin masts, aka skin cancer needs to be removed-we'll do that next month after our trip. She's having a $385 ultrasound today. yay us. 
 I was google searching doggy ultrasounds. I swear this came up. 
  • For all you animal lovers, check out it's that time of year to make sure you protect your pets from ticks and the such.
  • CSA! yay! Google offers is bringing a deal to the bay area! Farm Fresh to you! I'm going to try it next week and i'll let y'all know what i think! Instead of paying their 31.50 price, it's 15 bucks! So I'll try it and see if it's worth it or not. You do have to sign up, but if you change your mind you can stop it after delivery!
  • This morning an issue came up with a she said, he said thing. Unfortunately i know someone who is priding themselves in this information as total truth because if they didn't they would come up with some other bonanza of an excuse to make themselves feel better.  Anyway, it reminded me of the web and the hateful things people say. I went on the Voice's FB page and saw all these awful things written about several people in the show, one being the 17 year old girl who if you like or not had a stage presence, could sing and knew how to rock a crowd. Unfortunately people are hateful and mean and have to feel better about themselves somehow because they don't have the balls to do what they're pissing and moaning about.  I normally don't trust he said she said crap, especially if the information comes out of someone who makes mountains out of molehills. I hate that i saw someone I care about get hurt by that. I won't let that happen again, by the people be careful what you say.
  •  Good News! Bella is clear internally!!! That means no internal mast tumors AND no bladder stones. phew. Ok...well, i guess we'll just have to see what to do next. I get to pick her up in a few, so i leave you with this...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Tax Day!

Ok, for most it's not a happy tax day, but if you haven't done your taxes yet-file an extension. What the hell took you so long to do so anyway??? AYE! Lots of specials around because of tax day-I heard PF Changs is taking 10 or 20% off meals, Cinnabon is giving away free something or others, Arby's has Free value fries..and so on...
  • Speaking of deals-check out Virgin America-they's got's some deals here! 
  • This was the first morning I didn't drink coffee. i'm not cutting coffee out of my life, but i'm also not going to drink it first thing. I made my yummy smoothie and am enjoying it. It lasts for a couple of hours and then i eat lunch. If i feel like I need coffee later I'll grab some of the wannabe stuff they serve here. 
  • Hot on Hautelook-I think the best deal on there today is Groove-Sandals, wedges, slip ons, etc. 17-24 bucks...not bad. 
  • Ideal on Ideeli-Hair Essentials-i love hair stuff and when it's a good price it's even better!
  • Oh yay I get to go to the dentist today. woop woop. I love cleanings but hate when they poke around with their mini stabbing utensil and check the depthness of the gums or whatever they do. I am sure they find joy in causing people pain...Ok Ok, I am not so bad at the dentist. I love cleanings, I just hate when they interrupt with work. You see, I found out YESTERDAY that they no longer have 5pm appts, which my wonderful little reminder postcard said.  They called yesterday and made the appointment an hour earlier without giving me much of an option. Grr. Oh well, I can't miss my cleanings. 
  • Oh look Jetblue is officially competing with Virgin...Cheap flights! Lucky for me I already got my flights!
  • YES Smashing Pumpkins Lego!!!
  •  I feel really calm so far today. No coffee in my system. A little more relaxed even though i have pain in my neck and shoulder today. Still drinking my smoothie. yum...
  • I need to get blood drawn. I went yesterday at lunch but there were too many people waiting. I went this morning and once again, too many people waiting. UGH. so frustrating. 
  • Whats for dinner tonight??? hmmm, good question. I'm thinking some Indiany Curry thing...maybe...I need to get inspired...better go through my pinterest board.
  • There was something i wanted to say, but I totally forgot what it was. Oh well i tried to make a paper airplane at work to hit my coworker with and it bombed. :( Here's an Ehow link, which I don't think will really help Can't someone just make one for me???
  • Alrighty, i'm a gonna let you go. otay. otay. I've been pretty boring lately. sorry.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Here we go again...

Another week. Hi and thanks for coming by. I have no idea what to talk about. My weekend was good, relaxing and stuffs. Hung out with some friends and had good play time with the pup. I really needed another day off. I did not want to go to bed last night.
  • to add to the drama of Bella the pup and her endless amounts of woes, she now has a skin mast (scientific jargon that I read that the picture looks pretty similar to what i saw through the microscope)  that the vet would like to remove to make sure it's not a bad "grade". Pretty much it's a form of skin cancer, which i just read here and my heart just sank. Let's pray that it's a good grade and they catch it early. yikes. need to stop googling stuff.
  • Now that i'm thoroughly freaked out about the chance Bella may have skin cancer...let's talk about the delicious and nutritious smoothie i'm sippin on. I bought bananas and fresh strawberries yesterday. I've also perfected my smoothie making. Ice goes on top, not at the bottom of the blender! :) yahoo. 
  • Because I need to cut down on the shopping and stuff, i'm only going to give you ONE item on the ideeli or hautelook list that I think you definitely need to see. So that's just gonna change for a while. After NY it's penny pinching time. We'll be taking advantage of Open table deals and living social oh and ofcourse SF funcheaps to keep us happy and entertained. 
  • Ok so what's hot on Hautelook-Reef swimwear-great price (19-25 buckaroos) for bikini tops, bottoms, rashguards, shorts..etc...not so bad...
  • Ideal on Ideeli-the treasure hunt section-day dresses and sandals...lots of good deals and pretty things.
  • I was going through my email when i saw that Grunge is coming back...I think i've pretty much lived through the reincarnation of the 80's-praying that stays away for a while...I officially feel elderly when a picture of Nirvana's smiley face with the X'd out eyes is on some chick with her hair in her face, posing like she's too good for the camera. or something like that. I think that time and place only existed for some and the clothing could only be found at goodwill and other thrift shops. I love Forever 21, but their version of the 90's is eh at best. Stick to the pretty stuff and leave that neon crap alone. 
  • Have you checked out I've linked you to their recipe pages. YUM. Also they have a beauty section and all sorts of stuff. I'm really enjoying their site!
  • PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS LINK AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS OFFICER AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DO THIS. Please read, share on FB, tweet, etc. This shit is NOT ok. Officers should not have to pull out a gun at every instance. THIS was a mistake too...and yet a dog is dead because of THEIR mistake. Please, people...we need to do something about this crap. 
  • ok everyone...uneventful much, yes...just feel a bit...bland today. So i'm gonna skidaddle. lots o lub....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Speedy Friday...

Alright Friday let's hurry it up and get going, I want 5 o'clock to be here in the next hour or so...Let's get on with our show:
  • Thanks to Pure Wow, I know now of services to help you with sending your luggage ahead of your trip! how awesome is that! No more waiting at carousels for you bags when you  get off the plane. Sure there's a fee but you can read all about that Here. My question would be, who takes care of the luggage and what if they LOSE IT??? Check out Lugless!It's a bit pricey, but let 's say you wan to go to Fiji and you want to bring a surfboard....this service may help.... :)
  • Last night we heard some thunder and lightening. Actually only once-i was kinda sad, i wanted more darn it! I made Gerry lay on the couch and i turned off all the lights. I lit some candles and i skipped ahead in my book and read him the Telltale Heart by Edgar Allen was cool. I was hoping for some booming thunder, but no, i didn't get any effects from nature. :(

 I would like this mug.
  • hot on Hautelook-O'Neill women's wear-I may jump on this because the prices are LOW. I mean 10-22 bucks for dresses, T's, shorts, jumpers etc....they have some great stuff! And don't forget to look in the bikini section either! Unionbay-sandals. Stila-lipgloss, makeup palettes, powders, foundation and more!
  • ideal on ideeli-Byron Lars, oh my. some really pretty expensivo dresses...but some are really cute....Chinese Laundry-i clicked on it and saw some really cute shoes and quickly got depressed-so check it out. the prices aren't bad, i just can't buy them. Carlos by Carlos Santana- shoes...
  • oh hey, it's friday the 13th. Here are some interesting superstitions  behind Friday the 13th, besides the silly movie. So today beware of this guy

 If he's already seen you and you've seen UP the stairs, instead of down the stairs and out of the house-that's just a movie type thing to do....
  • holy stiffness today. really body, get it together. booo.
  • No smoothie for me today. I know how sad is that??? I'm pretty sure i ran out of strawberries. and i wanted bananers, but it was raining last night and yadda yadda excuses excuses. I will buy some this evening, because strawberry smoothies are the bomb diggidy. 
  • Thank you New York trip for making me hold out on shopping-that's partly sarcasm, because i want to shop in NY-duh...CUTE CUTE CUTE and i can't link the picture...oh are we going to deal with this.
  • Yummy Blogs: and not just in the recipe department but in the yummy good reads department.
 Honey Badger Press-great topic today about Women who deal with cheaters. She's super blunt and to the point and she makes sense
Suzie the Foodie- i like this chicky. If she lived closer and  not in Canadeea, i think we'd bond. Her kitchenaid mixer has little skulls on it and LOOK a the bamboo cutting board she got which was custom made!!! I am so jealous. 
For the love of writing-sarcasm goddess- yes i love this woman. She's witty, she's funny, her animations rock, she even has a an animation, silly pumpkin butts. 
six sisters stuff-25 recipes using ground beef. go pinterest crazy people save these recipes. I love Ground beef=there's so much you can do with it and yummy..i will be pinning away and getting some great ideas! Thanks Ladies!

 Alrighty all, I hope you have a great weekend. No plans yet, which is fine, i need to clean my house! Have a safe weekend and I'll meet you back here same time, same place on Monday! hugs to you all.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Antivenom.

I’ve often thought about writing something more personal on my blog, but hesitated due to tapping into something I may not want to experience again. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and finally becoming a bit more comfortable with the fact I have an anxiety disorder. I don’t feel alone. I wish no one had this condition, but there’s nothing a person can do but cope with the miserable feeling of fear.
 I respect many of the writers who are going through depression and bipolar disorders and putting their emotions on “paper”. I’ve been down that road too. It was and is the scariest thing I have ever felt in my life.  I see women and men struggling with these conditions and I wish I could just hug them. I wish I had a real answer for them; a solution;  the antivenom.   I only know what happened to me and I have tried to help my closest friends battle depression and bipolar disorder the only way I know how; to remind them there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Back when I was at my lowest-bleh I hate talking about this shit-I attempted taking my own life….4 times…Each time I survived. Each time a question mark. Why? I had valid reasons for dying…I think…some I can’t remember. But at the time they were valid, this I promise you…or so it seemed. Death was always an option, my head always convinced me of that escape route. Everything was so negative and the voices in my head were so loud. The pain was so real, but thinking back to it now I feel like someone had held a magnifying glass to my emotions and made them bigger than they really were. The reasons now seem pathetic-behind on bills, the lack of a father figure, hating myself…etc…(I know one of the reasons is a big reason that affects a lot of people, but keep reading). Back then I couldn’t rationalize or look at other ways out-I didn’t have the coping skills in my life to survive.
I did get help. I got lots of it. Think therapist one hour, psychiatrist the next on a weekly basis for a year. I had a cocktail of drugs that changed over and over again until it was perfected. My brain was mush a lot of the time, but after the perfect additions, something was restored. I found my perfect balance. I found logic. I can’t explain it, but in time through the dark, dusty tunnel filled with spiders and alligators, I found a white light.  My life wasn’t fixed, but my brain was; rather my brain opened up a new corridor where I could process information differently. Anger and rage didn’t send me into a suicidal escapade. I didn’t have to cut my arms to release the poison. I began to deal with my emotions differently and into categories: Things I can change, things I can fix, things that hurt but I can’t change, things that I’ll put in the back burner and deal with later…etc…sure the last one isn’t the best but I can’t deal with everything all at once, I’m still human.
Medication isn’t always a cure all. I’ve been off and on mine for a couple of years for one reason or another and I always come back because I fear the old me.  Therapy is a God send and in addition to the meds I don’t think I’d be where I am now.  I still battle depression. I still get my highs and lows, but not as drastic and nothing is the end of the world anymore. For me that was the prize in the crackerjack box; to want to live, to have the desire to be awake and active in the world around me.
I feel like I’m always tested though. I won that battle (sorta) but now I’m on a new battlefield dealing with new diagnoses and I am trying to get out of a mini depression. I call it a mini depression because I will NOT let it get to me. I will not. Anxiety and this panic disorder is kicking my ass. Driving is more than I can handle, but I’m still doing it and I’m attempting to conquer my fears one step at a time. Body pain, well I am not quite sure what the final diagnosis is yet, but either way the answers don’t seem to be in my favor. Funny how I can just keep going with the negative crap-I fear hiking, running, walking, walking my dog, bending down, overstretching my arms, sleeping wrong…etc…all because I may hurt myself. Fun huh? For me, though, I have to do the opposite. I have to go outside. I have to breathe the clean, crisp air. I have to take  my dog on a walk because she reminds me how great it is to be outdoors. I always feel more awake too once I step outside and venture through our town. That is the light at the end of my tunnel. Knowing what makes me feel better, even if it’s temporary or for just 15 minutes-you’d be surprised though sometimes taking a walk changes your entire mood for the rest of the day.
I’ll leave you all with that. Just a tiny speck of me.
Thanks for reading.

Debwee, Debwee...

We got Debwee. Whenever I hear the word "debris" I think of Twister-that movie about the tornadoes, where Helen Hunt and what's his face are not good actors at all, but the rest of the cast is funny and stuff, yeah that one...When i got in my car i heard the traffic report for the South bay and they were talking about debris on the highway. Once again it's supposed to be stormy, but I see this ginormous star in the sky that's making me blind; probably should stop staring at it. Anyway, I'm driving to work and i see all of these people swerve, YIKES, it's debris debris! Well, it was a garbage bag that probably fell off a truck. So that's the word of the day, if you hear anyone say debris, kick 'em or punch 'em in the arm.
  • Day 3 of my morning smoothie. I must say it's a guilty pleasure to hear that whirring of the blender and wake up Gerry...hehehehe. I know i'm so mean. If it was like 7 or so , i wouldn't do it, but come on it's 8-get your ass up. lol. I think my new blender hates ice. I'm not very nice to blenders, so I have to be careful. I will figure out my new blender and she will love me. OOH tonight is the farmer's market and I need some fruits!!! :) 
  • What's the haps chaps? What is going on this weekend and what would I like to do. Truly I'd love to sleep in one day, but looks like Saturday I have to take Bella to the vet to get her second pee test-let's all cross our fingers that the Ecoli is finally gone...oh God, please...But what else sparks my interest:

Not much going on this weekend, which is fine with me. I should probably clean my house...hehehe.
  • I'm eating Tomato Basil Wheat Thins like they're the only sustenance i need to survive. I need to stop...after i'm done with the plateful i grabbed. And then I'll probably have ugly withdrawals so watch out.  
  • Hot on Hautelook- Matisse shoes. Blu Pepper-Great GREAT prices...19-22 bucks for some really nice blouses and dresses.
  • Ideal on ideeli-Cute stuff on the Philadelphia picks sale and Girl's night out sale
  • I feel awful, i wasn't impressed with either one of the above-ideeli and hautelook today. But I have different tastes than most. 
  • WHATEVER!!! Hey New Yorkers, get your butts on Living Social and buy the VIP meet and Greet with this guy:
 Yup...I'd kill for this...Give me Just ONE Picture with him and I'd be super excited!! Oh costs 2500 bucks...nevermind that's fucking insane. Yes it includes a ticket and seating in the 100 level ticket, meet and greets bla bla bla...or you can choose to pay 2000 to meet Mariano Rivera. still way out of my price range.
  • Today on Livingsocial-Marin/Sonoma- paddleboard session for 2! 50 bucks 4 hours. that's a good deal!
  • Last night we started our Bocce team for Gerr's company. Stagecoach is official-there is a BOCCE Ball team!!! lol Had a great time, we lost but for most of us it was our first time playing in an actual court (ahem, me). I liked watching people and studying their technique. Can't wait for next week's game. Hopefully it will be a little warmer and less windy! 
  • Oh and What's for dinner? My game plan for this evening is a baked scalloped potatoes with ham and Bacon! yummy. 
Off to la la land. I think i'll stare at the wall and slowly drift off into a functioning coma. By the way, wheat thins were made by Satan. That is all. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The calm before the storm...

It is beautiful outside. Gorgeous. Yet our weather forecast says showers. ALLLLL DAY SHOWERS.
Hopefully you can see all the little rain clouds. Well, fine if you're gonna rain give it to me. Also, stop promising thunderstorms. This is California, I can count the number of thunderstorms I've experienced here on one hand. pfft. 
This morning I tried to wake Gerry up by saying "GET UP, There's a CAT on the bed" or a dog, or the sun is out...bla bla bla.. the fool didn't buy my urgency. ok that would make me the fool, but who cares. I think my new smoothie wake up call got him right up though. Nothing like banging frozen strawberries and the whirring of the new blender. Good times. 
  • I am trying my best to get out of my funk. The last couple of months have left me pretty deflated. Body pain always leads to depression which doesn't help when you have issues you go to therapy for with your mate. Things are being worked through, but still I feel like ass. NOT AN ASS,  more like a lump of caca. I've been eating too much, not enough exercise, and yeah people,  I've been smoking like a chimney in England in an old Christmas movie. I did a tiny bit of yoga yesterday. I'm going to try and have a smoothie for breakfast every day. I cannot tell you how much caffeine I've ingested either. I did see my doctor this week, but before I post any type of diagnosis, i'm waiting for other answers. The waiting is the hardest part. So I'm just doing the best I can and I DO NOT want to get yelled at or preached to about the smoking crap. 
  •  Ideal on Ideeli- CZ By Kenneth Jane Lane-pretty jewelry. Sophie B-lingerie and pretty under things for a GREAT price. love love love Sophie B. RAY-swimsuits, good prices. you don't have to pay 20 bucks for a bottom and then buy the top seperately. Also they feature full suits and two pieces.
  • Hot on Hautelook- Hobo-super cute purses. If i could spend the money, i'd totally buy a couple. Suzi Chin dresses-I love this brand. I have a red suzi chin dress and it is super flattering. Angeni-GREAT prices-and i mean 19-25 bucks for items. I like that there's a lot of versatility, not just one style.
  • If I could tell you how many times I misread things...such as "Free Monthly Cat." I automatically pictured a leasing service or something offering a cat for free just for a month and if you wanted to keep it then you'd have to pay.. It actually read "Free Monthly Chat." Which gives me the wiggins. 
  • hehe, i like reading about people who love to get drunk and drink beer, all the while trying to eat clean....ahem...yeah no.
  • Ladies Check out Lifescript and read about protecting yourself from misdiagnosis
alright lovely to you tomorrow!