Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Half way there.

Yes we are! half way there!!! Whoa! living on a prayer! yikes, where did i go with that.
  • I went to the dentist yesterday. I was really looking forward to just laying there with my eyes closed and relaxing while the hygienist did her thing, but i got the talkative lady. sigh. I didn't want to talk. I just wanted to relax. (Yes I relax while at the dentist, even when they poke me and it hurts). She would ask me questions and i'd just say "UH huh" or she'd actually pull out her instruments and wait for me to respond. I think she finally got it that I just wanted to close my eyes and be at peace. The rest of the appointment went smoothly and this girl has NO cavities as usual. yay me!!!
  • Ideal on Ideeli-the first thing i noticed was Cuisinart stuff, so I'm goin with that. I love the deals on this site, but kitchen gadgets are a steal. Think waffle irons, bread makers, food processors, blenders, cookie presses, coffee makers, hand mixers, silverware...ahem..they even have this cool icecream maker...I cannot wait to move. I need and want a bigger kitchen with fun gadgets! I officially have a list of things I want from Kitchenaid and Cuisinart.
  • I have adopted a new friend. I will try not to kill it, I promise. It's pink and i got her from the grocery store for about 6 bucks.  I'm terrible at keeping plants alive; watered for that matter. So I put transplanted these pretty flowers and made Gerry pick up some soil (which smelled like animal caca) and voila i had flowers in a pot that looked gorgeous. Yesterday when i came home the leaves started turning brown, not the flowers, so I just doused that motherfucker in water. Now it definitely can't die on me...right??? I consider this a jacky-xperiment. I want these flowers to survive, so it would be nice to get it right.
  • Hot on Hautelook- This one was difficult because they had some Nicole Ritchie stuff-but the price is sorta high, so I settled on Report Shoes-they've got sandals, wedges, boots, heels, flats...and all at a decent price.i think the highest price i saw was 39 bucks. So pretty good deal for shoes. 
  • ARGH! I am in such agony. My poor mutt of a dog. I would like to sue the idiots who thought they could breed animals. It seems as though Bella is the poster girl for the medical reasons to NOT buy from backyard breeders. EVER. The Ecoli has returned-rather they like to call it bacteria. and they fear it's structural or something. Also the skin masts, aka skin cancer needs to be removed-we'll do that next month after our trip. She's having a $385 ultrasound today. yay us. 
 I was google searching doggy ultrasounds. I swear this came up. 
  • For all you animal lovers, check out it's that time of year to make sure you protect your pets from ticks and the such.
  • CSA! yay! Google offers is bringing a deal to the bay area! Farm Fresh to you! I'm going to try it next week and i'll let y'all know what i think! Instead of paying their 31.50 price, it's 15 bucks! So I'll try it and see if it's worth it or not. You do have to sign up, but if you change your mind you can stop it after delivery!
  • This morning an issue came up with a she said, he said thing. Unfortunately i know someone who is priding themselves in this information as total truth because if they didn't they would come up with some other bonanza of an excuse to make themselves feel better.  Anyway, it reminded me of the web and the hateful things people say. I went on the Voice's FB page and saw all these awful things written about several people in the show, one being the 17 year old girl who if you like or not had a stage presence, could sing and knew how to rock a crowd. Unfortunately people are hateful and mean and have to feel better about themselves somehow because they don't have the balls to do what they're pissing and moaning about.  I normally don't trust he said she said crap, especially if the information comes out of someone who makes mountains out of molehills. I hate that i saw someone I care about get hurt by that. I won't let that happen again, by the people be careful what you say.
  •  Good News! Bella is clear internally!!! That means no internal mast tumors AND no bladder stones. phew. Ok...well, i guess we'll just have to see what to do next. I get to pick her up in a few, so i leave you with this...


Just Us & A Miracle Baby too! said...

YAY for healthy Bella! Well at least shes internally cleared!!

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

i we just have to get the tumor taken off...and she's going to get a VAG examination. OY...we really should be able to write off these bills on our taxes somehow...we're responsible and loving pet owners.