Friday, April 6, 2012

We're Here!!!

First of all I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY.  Love you and I'll see you next month!!!!
It's friday everyone! I know you're happy and doing the jitterbug in your seats counting every hour until 5 o'clock! Well let's get there together. Yesterday went by incredibly fast. I think I looked at the clock twice and was like WHOA it's noon??? Where'd the time go?! I don't really care where it went, just happy that it went!  Had a good evening:pizza and Bridesmaids. I forgot how sad that movie really is. It's funny, but it reminds me of myself. And by the way, when will i learn NOT to read Edgar Allen Poe before bedtime? I'm ok, but you know reading the Murders in the Rue Morgue and having to stop midway, sux and then i finished it last night and went on to the next one, The Mystery of Marie Roget. Pretty much had to do the same thing, put it down half way through the story and right when it gets gory because he's so descriptive...eek...anyway, hopefully tonight it will be another ape...if you haven't read the Rue Morgue, just ignore the last comment.
  • Yesterday I mentioned all the things I want to do and it seems i get to go to Fort Mason for dinner and the Art walk on Haight St after!!! Stoked!!! ALSO we have added the Bring your own Big Wheels race, which sounds like a hoot and I have to see it. Just have to! 4pm on Sunday! maybe we'll even see a bit of the parade!?
  • Ideal on Ideeli-Hi...someone take my credit card...Nightway Sale-cute dresses...i mean really.
  • Eating White Chocolate for Breakfast. yup. be jealous.
  • Another thing I want to do is go to the De Young to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit.
  • hot on hautelook- Twist and Pout, epilady?-scared of any machines that PULL the hair out of your skin. I tear up when i tweeze. 
  • ASPCA Shelter challenge! Vote for your favorite! you know i voted for mine!
  • Readers I know you know i am not a fan of alcohol, but this Cerveceeria de MateVeza across the street from Dolores Park has me going mmmmm...They have empanadas. Not sure what kind. But i need to try them. I've only liked Colombian empanadas, since i'm you know, colombian. 
  • haha, guess who just got a big wheel? i guess Gerry's joining the race! yahoooo!
  • well i would write more, but i have lots to do. Have a wonderful weekend and happy Easter!

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