Friday, April 20, 2012

I like Fridays....

I feel more alive on Friday's compared to Monday's or Tuesdays. There's hope for freedom; to sleep in, to play, to lounge around in your pj's just because. Well, here we are it's friday and it's also 420, so happy 420 day to all my stoner friends. Have fun my friends and enjoy yourselves, if you're too high to drive, just give me a call unless you're in butt fuck egypt and up a mountain, make sure you bring a sleeping bag and mountain lion repellant.

Now on with the show:
  • I just read Annie's Eats, "Happy Earth Day"  post  and wow, made me feel inferior! I want to do more to help save our planet starting at HOME. I've pinned her bean recipe and will definitely be trying that. You should definitely read her blog-great recipes and i feel inspired to do more. 
  • Eating healthier is beginning to seep into my skin and transform what I want to eat at work. It's easier to change what I eat at work. I ate soups for a while, but now with the weather becoming warmer (I've been wearing dresses all week long!), I definitely need to think of salads and grains. So next week my personal challenge is salads.  Not just caesar salad with chicken or green salad with carrots and Ranch no no, it's got to be more exciting and I have to be satisfied. I will be looking around pinterest and coming up with some super nutritious healthy meals next week. All Salads!!!! wahhoooo. ofcourse I'll share any concoction I have. Also adding this guy:Quinoa, read here regarding the ease of cooking Quinoa
  • My smoothies are finally feeling like my normal morning routine. I don't even go for the coffee anymore! What a blessing! I will have to get some decaf though, because I do love my coffee. My only problem now is i love strawberry and banana smoothies....i may have to be wild and add blueberries next! i craaaazy.
  • For those of you who love recipes I have some right here with tons of links for you-they're easy to make and i've found them from different corners of the interwebz so check them out. Some of them I haven't tried, others I have but not in the same way presented, and some are just flat out new. here you go little friends:
Charcoal Grilled Argentine Steaks with Chimichurri -I've actually used a flank iron steak with a recipe sorta like this and my god, melt in your mouth delicious.
Creamy Asparagus Soup-I know wasn't i just saying something about NOT eating soup because it's too hot? Well I have a hand blender I'm looking to try out...and I love creamy veggie soups so this is a must try.
Man Pleasing Chicken-I know I've mentioned this one before, but holy effing cow. I could eat this every day. It's SO simple to make. Think Three ingredients! Now you have to go check this page because that would be very nice of you....
  • ok that's enough food for right now, i'm hungry and all i have are left over rice, beans, corn and chicken saute...which sounds good but not as good as all of the above...:) 
  • Ideal on Ideeli-How many of us REALLY go about trying to figure out if we're getting a good deal on here??? Well, i just did. The one thing I'm going to recommend to you is BCBGeneration today (they cover shoes, apparel and jewelry today). So I went on the BCBG website and looked up the price of one thing, that item is actually on sale, checked it on Ideeli and it was over 50% off the sale price, so someone who can think better than i can what's the percentage you'd be saving if we were comparing it to full price? I'm coming up with something insane which is adding up right...but seriously You SAVE 100 BUCKS! PFFT. check it out.
  • Hot on Hautelook-Jane cosmetics-the deal is too amazing to pass up and they have so much to choose from at 2.97 each. Guess where i'm shopping today.
  • Tonight is we're going out to eat night. lol. The Gerr doesn't know it yet, but I want to eat yummy somethings. Always helps to use my handy dandy Open table link/app, whatever to find out where I can get a good table and pay a reasonable amount for a good meal.
  • I promised I'd try to link up some really good blogs so I'll give you three and hope I haven't repeated these already:
ooh the bloggess will be in my area-read two exits away at 7pm. Awesomers! hmmm should I bring my cat with me???
Classy career girl-How to get into the fashion industry is today's topic. awesome. 

ok well that's all i have time for today!!! Today was pretty damn long and i hope you found something you enjoyed. I'm thinking of adding a bullet point from Gerry-maybe his corner or something....
I came back to edit sorta-above I said 3 blogs and i gave you two so instead of fixing it, i'm telling you now and adding
zsazsabellagio-if you haven't visited this awesome blog, well then you fail...

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