Friday, April 13, 2012

Speedy Friday...

Alright Friday let's hurry it up and get going, I want 5 o'clock to be here in the next hour or so...Let's get on with our show:
  • Thanks to Pure Wow, I know now of services to help you with sending your luggage ahead of your trip! how awesome is that! No more waiting at carousels for you bags when you  get off the plane. Sure there's a fee but you can read all about that Here. My question would be, who takes care of the luggage and what if they LOSE IT??? Check out Lugless!It's a bit pricey, but let 's say you wan to go to Fiji and you want to bring a surfboard....this service may help.... :)
  • Last night we heard some thunder and lightening. Actually only once-i was kinda sad, i wanted more darn it! I made Gerry lay on the couch and i turned off all the lights. I lit some candles and i skipped ahead in my book and read him the Telltale Heart by Edgar Allen was cool. I was hoping for some booming thunder, but no, i didn't get any effects from nature. :(

 I would like this mug.
  • hot on Hautelook-O'Neill women's wear-I may jump on this because the prices are LOW. I mean 10-22 bucks for dresses, T's, shorts, jumpers etc....they have some great stuff! And don't forget to look in the bikini section either! Unionbay-sandals. Stila-lipgloss, makeup palettes, powders, foundation and more!
  • ideal on ideeli-Byron Lars, oh my. some really pretty expensivo dresses...but some are really cute....Chinese Laundry-i clicked on it and saw some really cute shoes and quickly got depressed-so check it out. the prices aren't bad, i just can't buy them. Carlos by Carlos Santana- shoes...
  • oh hey, it's friday the 13th. Here are some interesting superstitions  behind Friday the 13th, besides the silly movie. So today beware of this guy

 If he's already seen you and you've seen UP the stairs, instead of down the stairs and out of the house-that's just a movie type thing to do....
  • holy stiffness today. really body, get it together. booo.
  • No smoothie for me today. I know how sad is that??? I'm pretty sure i ran out of strawberries. and i wanted bananers, but it was raining last night and yadda yadda excuses excuses. I will buy some this evening, because strawberry smoothies are the bomb diggidy. 
  • Thank you New York trip for making me hold out on shopping-that's partly sarcasm, because i want to shop in NY-duh...CUTE CUTE CUTE and i can't link the picture...oh are we going to deal with this.
  • Yummy Blogs: and not just in the recipe department but in the yummy good reads department.
 Honey Badger Press-great topic today about Women who deal with cheaters. She's super blunt and to the point and she makes sense
Suzie the Foodie- i like this chicky. If she lived closer and  not in Canadeea, i think we'd bond. Her kitchenaid mixer has little skulls on it and LOOK a the bamboo cutting board she got which was custom made!!! I am so jealous. 
For the love of writing-sarcasm goddess- yes i love this woman. She's witty, she's funny, her animations rock, she even has a an animation, silly pumpkin butts. 
six sisters stuff-25 recipes using ground beef. go pinterest crazy people save these recipes. I love Ground beef=there's so much you can do with it and yummy..i will be pinning away and getting some great ideas! Thanks Ladies!

 Alrighty all, I hope you have a great weekend. No plans yet, which is fine, i need to clean my house! Have a safe weekend and I'll meet you back here same time, same place on Monday! hugs to you all.

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