Friday, April 27, 2012

Warm and Fuzzy Friday

I misssss my boyfriend. He's on his way home though and so all is well with the world. I like happy Friday's. So let's make this blog today a bit uplifting, warm and fuzzy and super positive! Can i get a hell yeah?! I better get a hell yeah and a little cheerleader kick in the air and some imaginary pom poms shaking all over the place. Show me some teeth in that smile too...alright let's go on with the show.
  • Hot on Hautelook-Just go over there today. Too many items and I'm not going to list all of them. My favorite brush company, great clothes under California Chic...etc...just GO and if you haven't signed up why not????? It's free, look at the prices. why would you be stupid to pay full price on name brands when you can go here
  • Ideal on Ideeli-go check out Ideeli also. If you're just relying on my choices than you're missing out on a lot. Great BBQ gear, sandals, watches, bedding, sunglasses need to check this out to see what I'm talking about. And this site is ALSO free!
  • Ever wanted to adopt a dolphin or a seal or something? Or would you like to donate and help animals in the wild against hunting, oil spills is a great site to donate to and/or adopt an animal and you'll receive a plush version of the animal, a certificate, a fact sheet and a kids activity book for 25 bucks! This is a warm and fuzzy treat for sure. 
  • What's warm and fuzzy about chicken? Well this recipe sure does...Sweet and Spicy Chicken Drumsticks on Epicurious!!! Strawberry jelly and Sriracha are ingredients to this...I think I'll be making some wings soon!!! :)
  • Need something warm and fuzzy to look at:
 I guess i have to say where all these images came from. shrug. Google. thank you Silent for making a warm and fuzzy picture. I'd like to thank the kitty above for being so smushy....
  • I want to thank Notes from a dogwalker for the following link that now is on my favorites and bookmarked. yay for "rediscovering the pitbull". This is my new favorite site. Pictures of dogs like Bella being goofy! Inspiring stories of some of the MIchael Vick dogs who were given a chance at a real life. Actors adopting pitties. I am just ecstatic and feel (everybody say it) WARM AND FUZZY!!!
  • Ready for more...check out the ASPCA site and read about Dragon and his story. :)
  •  Oh man almost forgot!!! This weekend Doyle Drive is closed. That's right there will be no driving to the city....shite. how will we go to Treasure will be mayhem!!!! 
  •  hmmm, now i'm feeling so warm and fuzzy that i do not think it should be a pizza night but a delicious barbecue night! that sounds even better than getting take out!!! We have this new fry cutter too! i can make french fries! ooh the wheels they are a turning! yum!!!! Thank the lawd for propane! 
  • hehe...i'm gonna make an apple cheesecake tonight...:) I'll include pictures on the next blog. I'm a master cheesecake lady.
Alrighty everyone I have to mosey. Very busy today! if i have time i'll come back and let you know what blogs you should be reading besides mine! :)

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