Monday, April 9, 2012

And how was your weekend???

I see a lot of people come by and check my blog out, but few ever leave responses. You can if you want you know? At least then i know i'm not alone here bla bla blaing to the masses of excited smurfs in my head. So the question is how was your weekend. I'm scared to ask. I may not get anyone to comment. lol. Well I'll tell you my weekend was FUN! I got to do 3 things off of my weekend "bucket list"-Food trucks, Lower Haight Art Walk AND the bring your own big wheels event, which I did not participate. I would probably not be typing this right now, because I'd be in some type of muscle spasmed coma. Everything was fun. Every part of my weekend was amazing. Saturday was warm and my neighbor/friends and I soaked it all up in the patio. Yesterday's Easter meal was delicious and in tradition of our community meals, hit it right out of the park! Now to relax for the week and see what happens next weekend...
  • Reminder tonight is the Voice-watch Adam's team and Ceelo's duke it out. :)
  • Hot on Hautelook-Urban Decay! great prices-they have an eyeshadow kit for 24 bucks check it out. antiquities couture-the prices are amazing and the styles are too! 
  • Ideal on Ideeli- skullcandy headphones!, Trend Report Swim! pretty suits!, Jessica Howard-really cute Easter type dresses, maybe mother's day dresses? Henry Ferrera shoes-great prices!
  • ooh check out the Epicurious Shop!! Hand mixers and hand blenders 30-40 bucks OFF!! And cute neat spring colors...They have it in chrome...will you hold on just one minute...ok there...ahhh.
  • Here's a recipe i want to try...
  • I want to go camping...there's a park close by and i really really really want to go...hmm let's check out Samuel P. Taylor  Gerr and I are ready for the upcoming summertime camping rituals and random roadtrips. me too
  • Brain Fog. love it. love love love it. try reading something over and over and over again and still asking Que?
 Sorry if i'm not very entertaining right now. the fog horn is blowing up my  head.  maybe i'll come back with some entertainment. Tootles.

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