Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heal Heal, butt of a frog...

When I had a booboo my mom would rub it and speak the following words in Spanish:(pardon my mispelling)
Sana que Sana
Culito de Rana
Si no sana oy sanara manana. 

Heal, Heal
Butt of a frog
If it doesn't heal today it will heal tomorrow. 

I actually love the English translation more than the eloquently pretty Spanish translation. This phrase goes out to my pup today. She's having her surgery to remove her Mast Cell tumor. Speaking of, I just got a call from Bella's Auntie Natalie, she took her into work with her. We're pretty lucky that we are friends with a vet technician. We have a lot of animals between our two households and she's super smart and reliable. She just called me to talk about Bella, poor pup will be waiting there for HOURS without food....ugh, i couldn't handle it and I know she is a whiner. But Auntie Natalie knows how to get her to behave, so she gets:

In my opinion she's VET TECH OF THE YEAR!!!
  • You wanna hear something strange??? I'm going to take that as a yes, since i can't friggin hear you....I HAVE NO COFFEE IN MY HOUSE!? I am not sure how i feel about that. My smoothie drinking has replaced coffee, but I still love having a cup of coffee when I feel like it. We're also out of half and half. Gerry woke up early this morning, because I had asked him to give Bella a bath (cough cough LAST NIGHT) but he chose to do it in the morning. He woke up 10 minutes before my shower (cough cough, hell's the fuck no) etc...anyway, there was no coffee in the house for him.  Gotta tell ya, it gives me a bit of anxiety that I don't have coffee OR half and half in the house...and i'm almost out of olive oil...ARGH! must go to the supermarket after work. 
  • ok i'm dilly dallying, but check this out. Thrillist just sent me this awesome email about ( get this) a rental car rally! Here's the link...sounds like an amazingly crazy time....It's June 22-June 23. Watch the video.
  • Ideal on Ideeli- LA Picks look good, a lot of choices and good prices.
  • Hot on Hautelook-Momji dolls, i love them they're precious! take a look!
They prices are reasonable and I would get a whole bunch if I wasn't saving for the NY trip. They're just precious collectables. They even have a ten pack of pens for 5 bucks. Next time...
  • What is for Dinner this evening???? hmmm, Saturday we made ribs with an awesome rub AND homemade BBQ sauce, Sunday I made home made pesto, last night I made beef stew. I guess we need to make some chicken tonight....I'm thinking spanish chicken with rice and beans-need some yummy protein for my lunches. 
  • Today's salad-I'm still working on it people-red lettuce, green onions, spicy chicken salad. i know bland, but my CSA box is coming today!!!! so hopefully i'll incorporate a lot more veggies at lunch! 
gotta make today a bit shorter. Let's all pray as a group that my pup's tumor is nothing and she has a quick recovery.  I hope you all have a great day. many hugs.

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