Wednesday, April 4, 2012

everyone do a little dance

it's WEDNESDAY!!!! For years i had issues spelling this damn day. But once i got it in my head it was WED NES DAY, i never forgot it. Hopefully it will save some people. I know many people who cannot spell it.  Have i told you how much I love brain fog. I wish I was a cat. I need to hire a gardener; I want pretty flowers in my yard-but wait that would attract bees which my neighbors dog is deathly allergic to. I have evil Mary Jane shoes. they cut up the back of my foot. they look cute and innocent but they're not. ok enough of my randomness let's continue
  • hot on hautelook:Levi's peeps....Who doesn't like a good frock? Tracy Reece-cute designs, Bodyography-lots of makeup and nail stuff good price, good price
  • Ideal stuff on Ideeli-Anne Klein! Rustic Refinement Sale-love it. wow..some awesome stuff. such as:
 Map of NY...i love collecting NY art...just so damn expensive...this is 69.99.
  • I'm on a very expensive site right now...Alexander McQueen...drooling over things that cost more than my monthly paychecks put drool with me...

 ack..just go visit the site for yourself and drool at all the pretty things...
  •  So two things...the Voice-wow that was emotional...Glad little miss Raelynn is still in! and Fashion the judges who are talking about Ross' dated dresses, I have to say those dresses were cute and I was hoping to buy one. I think the Fashion world can only think ONE decade at a time. They bought this HORRID dress with polka dots and 70's vibe and seriously was shocked. But I guess that's fashion. I would rather spend 200 bucks on Ross' dress than that jumpsuit, and that's just me but you know what, I'm also the 35 year old consumer. They don't see what's coming really, I think they think to inside the box themselves.  Shop his own collection here's his link
  • Google OFFERS! Starbucks $5 for $10 and Google will donate 3 bucks for Jobs Across America. click here to buy
  • i want this ring by the way.

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