Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tiredness is a skill.

I think I have it down. I think i can receive a medal or an award. I don't think I can give a speech without nodding off, though. I'll be one of those winners that isn't at the ceremony and someone will accept it for me, but those bitches better deliver that award to me, so i can snuggle with it and catch some zzz's,
  • What is it with MEN and their projects???? Once they start something they believe that they can leave HUGE parts and pieces of their "projects" all over the place. It's really annoying, stressful and embarrassing. I am praying that these pieces get put BACK together soon, because if it's here this weekend, I'm not hangin about the house.  I really hope someone speaks up because I'm ignored when i say something. Our house shares areas with other people's houses. would be nice if he just put his stuff in the yard, sure the animals wouldn't be able to go potty, but we could always take them on a walk. AYE.
  • There was nothing on TV last night. And as much as I love Betty White, I really wasn't all that excited to see her show. I kept my eyes on the movie channels and watched Friends with Benefits. I really like this movie. It's friggin cute and funny. When Gerr wasn't outside playing with his project and came in to eat his cold dinner, he also laughed. So definitely a movie worth watching  for both sexes! 
  • I took the Bella Beast on a walk yesterday!!! YAY. no limping yesterday, so that was good. She looked fine this morning, so it looks like maybe for a week or so I'll just walk her and let her sniff around when we go to the "special" spot. hopefully we'll get back to fetching after that and I'll have a tired and fulfilled pup. :)
  • Hot on Hautelook-Calvin Klein my shizzles! pretty cute dresses. Urban Expressions purses!! some awesome purses and everyone knows i'm looking for a small handbag for my trip...I think i found two!Rebel shoes-shoeees. 
  • Anti Aging products. I hate that they make so many. I am going to go with OLAY on this one though. I see wrinkles and laugh lines more dominant now and I am pretty sure it's only in my head but remember people it's never too early to take care of your skin!!! Start NOW. 
  • Ideal stuff on Ideeli-Darling-they have the brand that i've wanted to buy from..finally...but they have like 8 boohoo. and not stuff i want. :( but the stuff is still cute, so check it out. Betsey Johnson's Betseyville.
  • I need a new phone. I wanted the Samsung Galaxy but AT&T is out of stock. My phone is old, scratched etc...Now my issue is that I don't want to buy a data plan. So how the heck do i pick a cool phone. I pretty much use my phone as a camera and err a phone...calling and texting...yay me. I have to find some time to do some research because i want a pretty phone dammit...
  • oh Sf FUNCHEAP, how you make me wish I could live in the city yet not....oh right i sorta do. Marin is super close yet we don't take advantage of the city enough...that's about to change...let's see what cool stuff i find: Lower Polk Art Walk w/ Food trucks-just a bonus there-First Thursdays of the month in San Fran sounds like fun open from 6pm-10pm. Off the grid tomorrow night!! I want my delicious Malaysian chicken sandwich. :) Lower Haight Art walk starting at 6pm, lots of deals offered check out the site when  you're done reading here...hehehe. Alice in Recreation Land-egghunt, carnival rides, rib cook off between SF police and SF fire dept. SF Carnaval in Golden Gate Park! sounds fun!! Sunday- I want to go to the Easter Parade...but which one??? Union St Easter Parade starts at 10 am goes till 5.Dolores Park Easter Parade featuring Hunky think that's not gonna happen, probably won't be Gerr's thing. I'd totally go. So there's a lot of free stuff to do!!! And i'm happy. I plan to do at least TWO of the items above. Gotta get out and about, listen to some  music, feel the  buzz of life again!!! And really If i must go alone, i will have to start practicing my anxiety homework...bleh. lol
  • Ok i feel like a pig...a cute this one...
 I picked the cute sleepy pig with a flower because I feel it really speaks to me as a person...*bang, falls asleep on desk...
where was i...yes i feel like a pig. it's only 10 am or so and I've had two cups of coffee (the one at home sucked, i was asleep whilst making the brew), one packet of strawberries and cream oatmeal and a muffin that was deeeeevIIIIne. Have I told you tomorrow is Friday??? We're also being taken to a special lunch tomorrow at an expensive and delicious restaurant. AND for dinner I'm dragging Gerry to the Food trucks at Fort yes I am a sleepy piggy. 
  • Speaking of's a delicious epicurius recipe that made me salivate. Beef Brisket
  • What we have a flying gym like a couple blocks from here???? you know this:
i didn't even think it was a sport...

ok everyone, i'll be back tomorrow. lots to read so I hope you enjoy it and are as excited as I am for the weekend! Have a wonderful evening!!!!

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