Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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I don't even know where to start today. New York trip is next month. I'm feeling mommy guilt with Bella, but I know she's going to be just fine because we're lucky to have people who love her around us.  I'm super excited to see my mom and grandma.I'm also excited about spring in NY. I've already mentioned needing sandals and the such, but i have so many pretty springtime dresses I just can't wait to wear them all!!! Not at the same time. We already have a game plan and I'm just so happy. Probably the only thing that can get me out of my funk right now. I am feeling so tired of this place. And when i say this place, i mean home, work, day to day routines...I need a break. A real break. A break that involves looking at sights, breathing the air, and soaking in the environment around me. I yearn to do that here, but there's really no one to do that with. Gotta find my explorer friends, who want to go out and about and see beautiful things and really take advantage of San Francisco.
  • I have GOT to show you all this...FLY THE BEARD!!!
 Awesome!!! I hope i fly to NY on one of these!!! :)
  • As I was leaving my house today I get a phone call from some strange number and I have to pick it up...Congratulate me, I have no officially been entered into the Publishers Sweepstakes. yay me?  I denied any subscriptions of any kind and hung up after they transferred me to the amazing rewards I get because i'm special. It would be nice to get a giant check....I probably won't win, but hey have your fingers crossed for me. 
  • Hot stuff on Hautelook-Hurley bathings suits! only problem i have with this is the pricing. 16 bucks for tops and 24 bucks for bottoms...shrug..
  • Ideal stuff on Ideeli-Flip for flats lots of different styles.NYC picks-bathing suits, jumpsuits, purses, jeans, shorts etc...goood prices. Shop till you pop 
  • When i find cool articles about Women's Health, I have to post them. 10 Symptoms Women shouldn't ignore.
  • I'm gonna buy Yankee tickets. Still no straight answer from Gerry when he wants to go and bla bla bla...but since this is my team, I'm making the decision! ok purchased. :) whaa...we're going on Pet adoption day, but the night before there are FIREWORKS!!! i want to go to both...:( the seats i like are by third base....sigh...A-Rod and Jeter are just really close...what can i say?? lol. Well maybe i'll have time to save up for it. May 26th baby! May is my New York Month
  • Because I'm not as funny as some other bloggers on the internet, i  have to make sure you get your daily dose of jollies elsewhere-check out for the love of writing Beware, if you're uncomfortable with words like vagina, anal bleaching and the such, don't bother clicking...if you are because you're my kind of people go read it. 
  • So i'm listening to my ipod today. There's only so much radio station pop music and country music i can listen to. I've listened to the Civil Wars, Mumford and Sons and now Buffy the Vampire Slayers, Once more with feeling. Yes. I know...i'm a nerd. But you asked for it...

  •  wow. One of the blogs I read...well two-bipolar Diva and Bipolar princess-turns out the diva's daughter (Princess) was robbed at gunpoint last night.  Such a sad and terrible thing to go through. Which reminds me to remind all of you-DO NOT DO YOUR BANKING AT NIGHT.  stay in well lit areas, get direct sad and it's really important to remind every reader out there to be aware of your environments. 
  • I gotta tell you secret...i'm in love with the following Bloggess....i mean seriously. she puts up some amazing things. it's like going through a magazine of the  prettiest things in life...check her out Zsa Zsa.....
  • Ok I promise that after New York I will no longer spend money. haha. right...i'm doing really well considering i bought tix to NY and bought yankee tix...Going to NY will definitely be a little expensive, but you only live have fun while you're doing it. 
  • ACK I almost forgot about the Voice. Can i say how impressed I was with Blake's team???? Eh Christina doesn't impress me too much-some of her singers do, but unfortunately I think there's more interesting talent on Blake's Team. Tonight we find out who is going home. boohoo..Did anyone think Christina looked different? I know she's not wearing that stupid black CD looking thing on her head, but there's something else...her hair is shorter...did she have lipo or a facelift or something??? anywhoo....
  • Ok I be outtie. Everyone have a great day. I'm super busy so i gotta ya.

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