Monday, April 23, 2012

Manic Monday?

WTF? What is up with this weather??? Friday-GORGEOUS, Saturday-SPECTACULARRRR, Sunday-GROOVY BABY, Today brrr...I live in the perfect part of California. never a dull moment and completely bipolar. Don't pack up your coats, boots, scarves, wool hats and long underwear just yet or you may freeze and then a couple of days later we can cool our butts on your ice cubed body.
  • Yesterday, Gerr and I had to get some small things for our NY trip. I've been stressing out about sandals and purses for days now. Well 3 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of airwalks, a purse, a small wallet that also holds your phone (great idea), a dress (which is a tube top and pointed it those little bulgy areas between my arms and torso and asked if the dress is comfortable. Yes Gerry it's comfortable, I just haven't been able to exercise for medical reasons and my arm fat is coming back-boohoo-men are like little kids-better lift some weights tonight....ok i need to stop the parentheses now), a bucket for bella's food with a lid...yay!, my super cool new cup for my morning smoothies...i think that's it. :) did pretty well with my shopping. 
  • Week 2 for smoothies. This week I'm adding Blackberries. Turns the whole thing purple, but whatever, still tastes good, a little seedy and leaves you chewing little pieces of berry, but i'm ok.  Also salad for lunch today-I have to admit it's pretty simple-chicken salad on top of red leaf lettuce, carrots and green onions. I think there's some balsamic at work if i need a little more wetness to the leaves. lol. Hoping to create different salads using leftovers and the such that way I'm not wasting food.
  • Feel a bit bored at your desk? Make sure no ones looking and check out Lifescripts article on best hairstyle ideas have a ruler and a piece of paper ready.
  • Ideal on Ideeli-I love Kalorik and Core Bamboo...couldn't make up my mind. 
  • Hot on Hautelook-Hello kitty bikini and coverups!!!Look at the cuteness:
  •  Everyone, my CSA box comes tomorrow. If I love it, i may just do it every three week...we'll see...But i'm excited. I hope it's all i expect and more. Uh oh, better make something rich in veggies for dinner, because I need to make more room in my fridge!
  • Last night I made PESTO! No nuts added, i wanted to see what it tasted without it and was very pleased. I can't believe i haven't made this before. I will no longer be buying pesto...redonkolous. 
  • hmmm, i'm sorta bummed out about a salad dressing i bought. Brianna's homestyle French Vinaigrette dressing...there are little seeds in there and they're reminding me of sand...Then I feel like my salad has been tainted with sand and i don't want to eat it...but it's not the salads fault....the dressing is tasty, but i'm not a fan of the seedy stuff. 
  • Bella gets her tumor removed tomorrow. 
  • and that's how i'm gonna end today with. Lots o love...
  • My brain is fried...i think i'm going to fall asleep under my desk now. 
  • goodnight.
  • bullet points nummy. 
  • lol

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