Monday, April 2, 2012

And We're right back where we started...

Hi Monday. Not really glad to see you, but how else will it be Friday again?  yawwwn. I wish i was a cat. My 13 year old gray kitty, Fievel, lounges around in the sun, in the kitty cubby, on top of us etc....He lives that "life" we all want. Active, spry, yet knows how to have a relaxing good time. meow.
  • This weekend was the Rhythm Nation Bay Area Flash Mob, which I, ladies and gentleman, volunteered my feet to dance 30 seconds of a song. Hahaha. The group as a whole was amazing and even though only a few of us joined in for the end part, it was still a great feeling to be involved in something like that. I can't wait to do it again-next time I plan on doing the whole song! :) Check out and find out about events and get off your hiney's and join!!!! 
  •  I did take one hour off and turn off ALL the lights and the TV for Earth hour on Saturday night...did you? Here's a link to show you what happened around the world.
  • Ideal stuff on Ideeli-check their treasure hunt-lots of items that are completely adorballs.
  • Hot stuff on Hautelook-TOO faced...and sooo affordable. Great eye shadows....must save must save...Birthstone of the month-i had to close the page...they're diamonds....
  • Our trip is NEXT MONTH!!! I'm super excited. I still need some comfortable walking shoes that go good with dresses, a small purse, a small camera. I do not want to walk around the city with a backpack. 
  • I wanted to help a co worker out. He makes handcrafted Artisan Bowls and etc...check out
  • I have so much crappy email. tons of it...i made the mistake of signing up for some survey sites and really I just don't trust anyone that asks for credit card information when you're filling out a survey. The only company I trust is Pinecone Resesarch. I made the mistake of dropping off their radar years ago, they finally started accepting people. not sure if they still are, but if you hear they are, jump to the oppurtunity. They do pay you some money and they do send you some cool stuff. 
  • awww Easter Parade In San Fran this weekend...I wonder what we're doing for Easter anyways...Ok to be honest, i'm not a fan of Easter. I was pretty sensitive as a child watching the whole Jesus Christ death scenes on TV and I was always left so confused. I didn't understand why people were such jerks and why they took advantage of him. So pretty much from then on, i didn't care for it. Great, he rised three days later as an AHA moment, but you know what, it shoulda never happened in the first place, disrespectful bored assholes. ok..done with that.
  • OH yeah, tonights the Voice and the Live shows BEGIN!!! let's get it on!
  • hmmm What's for Dinner???? i do not know. lol. Chicken. yes chicken...and veggies and rice a roni probably. yay i figured it out. I'm so smart. 
  • Ack...since when is pinterest a meeting ground? Someone actually wrote something in their about me section about hoping to meet people and hang out. I thought the whole point was to ooh and ahh over things and get inspiration...errr rather pinspiration....
  • hmmm living social deal for NYC....i wonder if Gerry would think this is fun. He doesn't really believe in Ghosts...but why not? 90 minute Ghost Tour 10 bucks people....
  • So i'm looking through my emails, because they are interesting and I see "The Anatomy of the G spot", click and in my email it's like a newsletter with the above article and 10 healthy pie recipes. I thought I'd share with you the link to this article, knowing full well that my own mother reads my blog and I am still mentally 16. I feel this is a step in the direction of growing there... now where's my teddy bear.
  • tip-table cream is very useful...I am not sure why i couldn't find it in my fridge last night, but I was very upset that i couldn't add it to the pasta i was making...hmmph. 
  • I need some exercise today. I think i'm gonna go for a walk after work...hope Bella's leg looks a bit better, although I am scared of taking her out. 
ok all i'm out but i leave you with this...

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