Monday, April 30, 2012

Another one bites the dust.

It's never ending, isn't it? Weekend, work, weekend, work. If you think about it too much it's really fucked up. Feels like you're in a washing machine spinning and spinning around. No wonder I find myself dizzy at times; ok it could be the lack of iron, fybromyalgia or whatever else, but I like today's analogy.  Really I wouldn't have it any other way, being at home too much would drive me batty, but I'm in one of those depressive funks where my anxiety and now fybromyalgia is keeping me at a standstill-who the hell pressed off on this cycle?  I need to exercise, but do not feel inclined to do so. Well, it is Monday. It's a good day to take a good walk after work and bring the pup. I have to for my thighs sake. :)
  • My weekend was pretty chill. Besides Bella's top stitches popping off and giving me a heart attack AND spending a couple of hours at the vet on a Saturday, the weekend was still a good one. We did see the movie, The Raven and I really liked it. I'm a big fan of Edgar Allen Poe and was calling out the story (not really calling out, but more like mumbling) titles for each murder. hehehe.
  • In a little over a week, Gerr and I will be in the NYC! I'm so excited! It's finally here (pretty much). AHHHH! I cannot wait. 
  • I have to share with you this site I saw on Milk and Honey shoes, basically you make your own shoes. it's a fun site to play around on, but I made leather flats and the shoes were 195 bucks. Kinda pricey, but if you're interested in one of a kind shoes created by you, I would definitely check out the site. Also remember to check out too. they're pretty awesome. 
  • I do a lot for my..... errrrr readers, like you know try out new products and sign on to new websites such as You've seen the commercials. I know you have. So I had to check it out. Join me my friends!!! Let's be shoe whores together!!! I would like to add that this site is pretty cool. They also sell jewelry and give you outfit advice, etc...Kinda happy i joined!
  •  Go check out Stubbydog again. There's a cutest dog contest. :)
  • Hot on Hautelook-save up to 60% on Betsey Johnson sunglasses. They're a friggin steal. 
  • Ideal on Ideeli-Madison Page. Think bright colors, patterns, classic but fun and frilly look and items are 25 and under. Wish I could shop...but i cannot!!!
  • Alright...week two of salads. Really I feel like i don't need to eat so much, which is good. Had my morning smoothie, added some apple juice which just made it a little sweeter. I have a fajita-esque salad today-black beans; red, yellow and green peppers, carrots, green onions, some steak and ofcourse lettuce. I made a bit of spicy ranch to go on top but not too much. If i need to I'll use my balsamic vinaigrette for the rest. So far the salad thing is keeping me going. Now, i need more fruits for my smoothies. That project will wait until i get back from NY.
  • Read this if you want to find ways to save calories by choosing which restaurants have the better/healthier version of what you want to eat...Eat this not that also has a list of 15 foods that cure-from berries that stabilize sugar to grapefruit which protects against lung cancer. Go read it.
 Cute cub taken from his mother and taken care of by a Zoo in Bavaria. I guess it was a rescue operation. Picture from this blog.
  • What's for dinner tonight? Well I made burgers two days ago and Gerry didn't have any. So we're having those AND I will make french fries. :) how about you?
  • I love texts from a dog. Brilliant blog. too funny. 
That's all from the pistachio factory (i really like pistachios). talk to ya later.

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