Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sometimes my inbox knows me well.

When I checked my inbox this morning I read "Weight loss tips for Fibromyalgia sufferers" I don't remember specifying my disorder on their site, but wow that was a nice thing to see. I've been stressing about it a lot. I haven't gained a large amount of weight, but I was pretty active before all of this. So what is all of this anyway, you may ask? Remember when i had that radiating pain down my arm? Well the pains started traveling all over the place and I was getting annoyed, because this isn't the first time. Remember how I was annoyed by my chiropractor, well I decided that every time i was in pain or my back was bothering me, i was going to tell my doctor. So I did. We did some pressure point tests and she finally diagnosed me with Fibro. It's great, now i know what the hell is up with this brain fog, fatigue, random pains, headaches, migraines, anxiety, etc...every piece formed a circle and now i'm in the middle not wanting to move. Problem is I have to. I have to get outside and move around. I cannot be sedentary.  I didn't walk yesterday. I will today. Most sites say walking 6 times a week is key, I pretty much destroyed Sunday, so I have to get out there this week. I've been eating pretty well, but it's so hard to lose the muscle i created by working hard all those months. Time to push restart, gently of course. Now on with the crap....
i think i'm going to talk to this hand about nothing at all because i have no idea what to write about today.

i still like hot dogs. I just eat them in moderation-think three times a year.
  •  Pistachios. I would really like some right about now. I'm feeling a bit snacky....I have no snacks at my desk. I have water...must drink water. I'm going to mention a snack that is more addicting than pistachios....CHEEEEEZ IT'S.  oh crap. time for something different...
  • My handy dandy tennis ball rocks my knotty muscles. Anyone else with body pain? You may look like a bear scratching it's back against a tree, but seriously helps. 
  • Ideal on Ideeli-just go check it...i can't decide on just one. there are sandals, marilyn monroe celeb style...etc...
  • Hot on Hautelook-BeFine Skin cream looks good and affordable.
  • Salad of the day-well i made some cole slaw last night with Apple Cider Vinegar added some green onions and mixed that into my red leaf lettuce, topped some carrots and black beans and some shredded chicken voila. :) yes i did have my smoothie too. 
  • I am not very interesting today. 
  • So remember this....

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