Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Traveling Bug.

In a week we'll be flying to our NYC destination! I'm excited and trying not to stress about it. The only thing stressful about traveling is attempting to pack appropriately for the weather.  This week it's raining in NYC, it's about 60 or so degrees and it looks like the day we land will be a wet one. Normally I don't care about weather forecasts. You learn to ignore them in California. The weatherman will announce rain in the late afternoon and then it won't happen. The good thing is we get to miss or not fly into thunderstorms, but what does suck is there's a chance of rain on the Friday-stupid 10 day forecast...I guess i'll just have to keep looking. I may not be packing light, but i will not bring my rain boots!
  • Our friends are also traveling about going to a wedding, we wish them happy travels!
  • Yesterday I wrote about my mini panic attack....felt good to let it out and I did take a walk after work which helped me out a lot. After dinner, I took a hot shower. My muscles were pretty stiff. If anyone has any advice on all of this, of course I welcome your emails or comments below. I'm still learning all about this, knowledge is important and I thank you in advance for any advice. 
  • There's this enormous pile of clothing in our back room of things i don't want. I heard about Wow, this is an awesome site! I may have to go through my stuff!!! So you can shop for clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry etc...Just remember to check the sizes...Unfortunately that's the problem I think people will find, but seriously go take a look and if you have really nice items in your closet and you want to make some money, try it on, also tell me what you think!!!
  • hot on Hautelook-Pretty in pink and lace. I really like the items featured here. They're pretty. All sorts of different designers and prices, so please go browse!
  • Ideal on Ideeli-oh the cuteness of knitted dove. :) love some of the retro styles they add to their designs. too cute.
  • Here's a story from about Macy the Lonely Pitbull. A touching story with a happy ending and a children's box to create awareness about the breed. touches my heart. 
  • I'd like to tell the app creators and the such that your facebook updates bite on the Samsung Galaxy. Where the hell is my share button???? Also, when it updated the last time, it looked super cool and then in like 10 minutes it went away...bastards. 
  • Speaking of Apps. I shouldn't be allowed to play any games that i get addicted to....such as the Sims. I am a Sims addict. Well, now it's on  my tablet. eeeevil......Funny part is that their jobs start at 10am and if you know me, my tablet isn't with me at 10 am but sitting on a charger at home. lol. there will be a lot of "planting" going on to make some money....
  • 2.99 Hot Topic Sale!
  • Tonight is Bocce Ball. Hope we make our coach proud and win some more games! 
  • Funny shit HERE.-this chick makes me laugh
  • I need i just entered random picture and saw like 6 of my own from this blog. AWESOMESAUCE!
in my search for a random picture i found this on a Christian blog that mentioned something about Romney, i tried to run but this picture is so cute.....pretty sure if you click it you'll go to the blog. Go check it out if you're Christian, do not go and mock someone else's beliefs, do that on your own page.

  • I found a random facts website-go here and learn some edumacation, such as: The numbers '172' can be found on the back of the U.S. $5 dollar bill in the bushes at the base of the Lincoln Memorial. or The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C.
 Ok apple dumplings, i must go...have a wonderful dia.

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