Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I don't have time for

the following:
  • hideous behavior. For Example-yelling, talking down to people, etc...just a reason why I don't care for people like that. Those people always make more problems. Done with it. I only want peace in my life and conversations that do not escalate to yelling. No one ever has to agree, but there's no school yard bullshit. 
  • you know when you go to Starbucks and they've run out of coffee and they say it will be done in 8 minutes? yeah, i don't have time for that. Lucky world we have where a coffee shop is always about 5 minutes away from another one. 
  • being manipulated or tricked into a situation. I've learned my lesson too many times and now I definitely will never put myself through that again.
  • Macho man displays. They're dumb. Everyone looks stupid. 
  • people that disrespect my family. Once you cross that line, you're out. 
  • pantyhose. I hate pantyhose. You know the nude kind? I am just not a fan and you will never catch me wearing those. 
  • pieces of string dangling from your clothes that you pull and then it just keeps unraveling and unraveling and you're like dammit and finally cut it with the scissors that have been within reach the entire time. 
  • white t shirts/tanktops etc... Nowadays, you have to wear a white tank top under your white tshirt because it's see through. I don't remember this ever being a problem. Or white tank tops are completely see through and you can't do anything about it except for wear a white bra and forget that everyone can see right through your shirt. Maybe walk around with a donation box since you're officially a peep show now.
  • reading about BBQ ribs and then not having any to eat. very unfair. 
  • that band Crazy one hit wonder...why am i dancing in my chair.
  • feeling cornered in my own here. This is my corner on the web. This is my place to write and vent. And i shouldn't care who reads this, but I do. But i won't anymore, because this is mine. 
  • body pain. Stress makes it worse. Thankfully I will be working on centering myself and blocking out the negativity so that will take up more time than being stressed out. Meditation....OHM.
  • calling AT&T and changing wireless passwords. bleh. 
  • the rest of this blog. lol. 
have a great day everyone! ha!

2 comments: said...

Being manipulated. Amen to that. I have an in-law that honestly believes that kind of behavior is a-ok, and doesn't understand why people have a problem with it. Ugh.

Also, alcohol-free alcoholic drinks. The point of this is what?

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

I am not a fan of beer. I hate the taste, i don't understand why people chug it. Then there's non alcoholic beer, doesnt make any sense to me...whats the point of it?