Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday's are for paying bills...

and staring at  my bank account asking the Money Gods for more money. I don't think they're listening. It would help if I stopped spending money. Maybe I could be like my Sim who always has leftovers in the fridge, gardens and bakes for money and her dog digs around the yard and finds cash. sigh...Am I the only person who doesn't want mean Sims? I refuse to make one rude to another Sim. I am entirely too nice. My Sims are employed yet they can never make it to work, because I do not have a data plan on my tablet. lol. oh well, work the fields bitches, garden your asses off!! I know you were so interested in my Sims. don't want to live next door. :)
  • Hot on Hautelook-there are like 3-4 womens items that are gorgeous. so go and check it.Mens items, kids items and home items...i need to close the page...oh and Imoshion....grrr...
  • Ideal on Ideeli-ARGGGH...kitchenaid....and soooo much more......
found on the Edge of Dreaming Blog.

  • I already have plans on Friday and Saturday night, but here are some cool ideas for this Cinco de Mayo weekend!
Star Wars Bike that sounds like a fun thing to see. May4th
Burlesque and Creepy Puppet Show May 4th
San Francisco Cinco de Mayo Festival at Dolores Park May 5th
Free Comic book day-May 5th
Classic Cars and Sausage Oakland May 5th
Capture the Flag, Golden Gate Park May 5th
Free Hot Dog Day, Richmond May 6th
Open Studios Marin! May 6th
  •  mmmm listen and watch...
  • I'd like to whine about this body pain for a sucks. whine whine whine...go away..
  • Gerr and I will be in NY a week from today!!!! how awesome is that?
  • Read the following blogs, because they're funny and maybe you'll learn something:
My favorite dog safety group was on TV, check out DoggoneSafe
Need some Cinco de mayo food ideas check out:
  • Speaking of dog...Bella was reverse sneezing a lot last night. it's loud and scary sounding and it's stupid to call it a reverse sneeze.  I gave her some benadryl this morning so hopefully that calms down whatever is bothering her. 
  • Fibro pain sucks. :(
Well everyone have a wonderful day, be safe and give people hugs...i don't care who, just give out some free hugs.

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