Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I like

Yesterday was about things I didn't like, so today I'll offset it and talk about things i like:
  • blowpops. yum. candy and gum. Sure the gum loses it's flavor super fast, but it's like a happy surprise when you get to the center. 
  • the friends I have that love me; the ones that respect me. Having a convo right now with one of my closest girlfriends and she makes me realize what friendship really is. Too bad she's far away and i can't see her everyday. 
  • i like my boyfriend. yes...i love him. but i like him too. lol. He's a good guy. He cares about things and people too much (which sometimes bites him in the ass), but those are good qualities and I like to share those things with him. He has his quirks, but he'd be boring without them.
  • stargazer lilies. They smell great and they're gorgeous. 
  • this song.
the video freaks me out...but the song is rad. 
  • planning my weekends!!! all sorts of fun things! Yankee game on Saturday! Sunday flea market?? Golden Gate bridge's 75th birthday(oooh fireworks)!! and hopefully sleeping in late. 
  • when people "like" items i've added on pinterest. makes me feel cool. :) thanks fellow pinterest people. 
  • paying down credit cards! Hells the f yeah, only a couple hundred left and NY tix AND anything I put on the card is Paid off! phew!!!
  • shopping. ugh. see above why i can't do anymore shopping...hehehe
  • i like doggies. puppies. cats and kittens. Preferably all in the same room so i can cuddle freely. 
  • free lunch. we're getting free lunch today. i love free lunch. 
  • free hugs are cool too, except i always recall that south park episode where they wanted to free Hat and he was some kind of baby killer. not that that has anything to do with hugs, but it sorta matches.
  •  funny blogs and funny books. I love to read. If you look over all the blogs i follow they have one thing in common: they're real and humorous. love it. 
  • livingsocial deals for places we've already eaten at that are DELICIOUS. 
Ok over and out folks. read the following blogs because they will make you piss your pants in a good way:

enjoy your day!!!

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I dunno. Personally I wouldn't recommend that first link to anyone.

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

I think you prett highlarious, which is way better than hehlarious. :-)

Jacky aka Queenijax said...
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