Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well, atleast it's not Monday....

Is it just me or does it feel like Monday???? And is it just me but it's pretty fucked up that July 4th is on a Wednesday this year???? How stupid. I guess it breaks up the monotony a bit, but that's just cruel. We humans live for three day weekends, they make us happy.
I hope all of your weekends were safe and filled with fun in the sun. I had a lot of fun. The weekend was relaxing and pleasurable. I feel completely relaxed and almost reminded me of how good I felt when I went to NY.  The weekend started with going to a movie on Friday night "The Avengers"

great friggin movie!!! Seriously great great great! Congrats Joss Whedon, you will no longer be just that guy who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer!( i know he's done a lot more, but when i hear his name I get pulled in by the Nerf Herder song and all I can think of is Buffy)
Saturday we went to see the Yankees open a can of whoop ass and win against the Oakland A's. I know my team isn't doing so great, but I am always happy to go to a game and see my favorite team win. We lucked out this time! We were on the Visitors side! Row 9!!!  right by where the pitchers practice. It was awesome. Now i'm stoked about the next game in July. Must buy tickets!!!! Wish i could afford all three games! I want to express how much my boyfriend loves me. He takes pictures of Derek Jeter with his fancy camera for me! He likes taking pictures of action and sports shots, but he'll comment "i got a picture of your boy!" lol. yesssssss....he really does love me........
this pretty pic came from this site
I'm officially hooked on Wattpad. I wanted free books, something interesting. Something where I didn't have to buy some random book and realize i do not like  it...well wattpad is awesome because you can search by genre and then read a bunch of intro's or chapters, download it to your tablet, computer, iphone or whatever and enjoy. So many writers, so many stories! it's pretty damn cool. so check it out! After the game, the boyfriend had to get some things ready for the next day's adventure so I got hooked into a book on there and I didn't even have to pay for it!
Next day (right aren't you tired so far?No i wasn't i was up for anything this weekend!) Hello Bugorama 69! We got up super early and drove to Sacramento. On the way there I read to Gerr Jenny Lawsons' Let's Pretend this Never happened, time FLEW by and he really enjoyed the first two chapters. If you haven't read it, you should and if you still don't want to read it you're a poo poo head.  ok so Bugorama think VW! Car show, drag races and swap meet! Our friend had to sell some stuff and Gerr got rid of parts that had been annoying me for months! so yay us! Gorgeous day too. I love swap meets like this because not only do you find cool VW related stuff (parts ofcourse, belt buckles, art, toys etc..) you'll also find collectables such as my favorite-LUNCHBOXES! I got myself a Gremlins tin lunchbox with thermos! Ebay is selling one for 39.95, I bought mine for 20. Also got a LIFE magazine-the JFK memorial edition for $2. I just googled it i found it here being sold for $100 or here for $29. I am kind of shocked...
Sunday Night Golden Gate Bridge Fireworks (Gerr got great pics, so I'll post them 6 months from now because that's probably when they'll get on the computer) We found a great spot and enjoyed the beauty of the lightshow and fireworks exploding into the sky causing all of us to OOH and AAH like children. Quite spectacular. happy birthday Golden Gate Bridge!
Monday Funday with a girlfriend. I lucked out and got a whole day to myself with a close girlfriend. She and I went to lunch, walked around, chatted, drank coffee etc. Felt so good laying about on the couch and just chatting to a friend about anything. We got some brats and her hubby fired up the grill, as you probably guessed Gerr went to work, but he got home just in time for us to eat some delish tastiness and watch part of the Lord of the Rings. Good weekend. ahhhh
This weekend I also ate right, exercised, played with my dog, did more reading, enslaved my Sims (start gardening bitches and make me some money-just kidding) on the Sims Freeplay, etc...ahhh. I can't wait for Friday to come all over again!
I'll be back tomorrow peepers.
P.S. I probably should edit and reread this entry, but fuck it. lol.

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