Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A break!!! Finally!

I thought I'd never get on here today!! Phew here I am. just for a bit, so I have to figure out what the hell i want to talk about! lol. My brain is all over the place today. Like a mini tornado or the Tasmanian devil..(you know if you type australian bugs bunny character he doesn't show up? I had a brain blip and couldn't remember what that guy was called so I thought my best friend Google could help me.pfft.)
the tasmanian devil Looney tunes

actual tasmanian devil.Thank you animal Planet. 
how did they come up with the cartoon??? strange. 

As you can see i have nothing to talk about, but what comes naturally as I sit here and type.
Lame. or Lahme if you want to fancy.

OH. We're having a garage sale and I've decided to purge my closet and my shoes. I know i have a problem. I have a lot of shoes I haven't worn in years. I have some I've gotten within the last couple of months that I have yet to wear! So those are going. And if they don't go, then I'll keep them, but yes I am selling a lot of shoes and clothes. Not just the worn out shirts that used to be black but now they're sorta charcoal grayish, because I've had them for so long and washed them so many times, but actual clothes I bought and don't wear at all. this should be interesting. I know i could probably sell more,'s difficult, it's my stuff. I don't have a lot of stuff! I probably could get rid of plates, mugs and some pots and pans I don't want anymore. But you never know when you'll need them!!!! OH poo now i've added more to my garage sale list. I need to stop thinking about it or else I'll think about selling some of my toys. Yes, toys. I have 5 Barbies still in their boxes, 7 or 8 lunchboxes (they may not be toys nor fashion accessories but to me they fit in this category), some cute stuffed animals (2 big Pooh bears that make good cuddlers and some cute bears from Gerr). Probably some other stuffs, but none of that will be sold. no no no.

Bella has a new lump. This friggin dog. I love her so much, now if only she can be fucking healthy for like, i dunno the rest of her friggin life???? I want her to live until I'm like 90. And dude that's a long time, if you know how old i am. No I am not 89.  My friend/vet tech/bella's angel says that it's probably just a cyst or an abscess but we should probably take her in. hmm great. can't we wait a week???? She's as happy as a clam even if she looks a little like the strange guy from that book with a hunchback...which would be the Hunchback of Notredam....I like when I solve my own puzzles and riddles! it's like a got a point! from somewhere! i dunno where!

I think i'll stop babbling now. I've filled your head with stuff you'd probably wish you never read, because it was a waste of time reading it.
and if you read it all, yay me. :) and danka!
see you manana.

2 comments: said...

Don't ask me why I know this, but Tasmanian Devils are being wiped out by (get ready for this) cancerous facial tumors that are transmitted by bites. Yes, the kind of cancer you can catch.

They traced back the cancer to one Tasmanian Devil, who they refer to as the "Immortal Devil Girl", which I guess is a scientist's way of being kind and not calling her a fucking bitch.

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

hmmm...that's scary. like some vampire shit! Let's hope that no one thinks about throwing that Tdevil cancer at anyone, like during a dodgeball game or during the apocalypse. That would suck.