Thursday, May 31, 2012


The following are just random things I go through on a daily basis, whether they actually happen or occur only in my head, you decide. 

Me and My cat
Me-You're a meow.
Me-No, You're a meow!
Me- NO, You're a friggin MEOW!!

Fievel leads me to his FULL food bowl and CLEAN litter box and I stand over him and he eats...WTF?

Dear Bella,
      Please my sweet pup, STOP eating bees! I love you very much, but this bee eating thing is getting ridiculous. Thankfully you are not allergic, but remember I still have to take the stinger out of your skin which for me is not a fun time. I hate bees, they're mean and maybe you're doing it to protect me which i am thankful for but unless they're planning sneak attacks to kill me you don't need to hop in mid air and catch one while we're on a walk. Once again, stop eating friggin fraggin bees.

To Bees
    Go away you friggin bees! i don't care if you pollinate stuff (why years after we grew carrots did you decide to pollinate the ground by our front steps? Bella found a carrot there the other day). You attack animals and people and sting them. Go away meanies and pollinate stuff away from me.

To Myself
    No shopping. No shopping. You don't need that. Stop can look but don't press the purchase button. It's still over priced even though it's on sale. You'll find it at Ross for way cheaper. phew...window closed. oh wait, that designer is on the page??? that's one of my favs! and i've never seen it anywhere else and it's so far i have 60 dollars in dresses. what else do they have? ooh pretty ring. ***whistling*** SHOES UNDER 20 DOLLARS ON HAUTELOOK???? WHAT WHAT WHAT??? i think i can justify 133 bucks. click buy, moving on...

Scritch, scratch, damn you, you stupid tag. (contort my body and finally get the tag, grab some scissors and CUT that stupid thing off). Why why why??? why not make things TAGLESS!! Tag's drive me crazy. CRRRRAZY. Trust me clothing manufacturer peoples, I will CUT that friggin tag off and when someone asks me who made it, i'm gonna say ME..I made it. Because you guys haven't learned that your tags drive my skin crazy.

Yoga Pants.
  I wish i could live in you. You're so comfortable. More comfortable than pj's, more comfortable than nudity. How i wish i were wearing yoga pants and a tshirt. sigh. i'm thinking of you yoga pants...i ammmmmmmmmmm.....

Things that sounds super fun
Capture the Flag at Dolores Park in SF with cardboard fortresses and tackling.
First Friday North Beach art crawl. I love northbeach...mmmm
oh and we have a garage sale all weekend, so i guess we won't be doing much else.

I'd really like a sausage link, some eggs and tasty potatoes.
But i'm drinking a strawberry banana yogurt smoothie.

doodle droppings and hugs. 

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