Friday, May 4, 2012

This week flew by....

I must be doing something right! These days are going by smoother and a bit faster. Hopefully the weekend will go nice and slow so I can enjoy it. Don't you love when you're planning your activities and "cleaning the house" is on the top of your list? Since my body decided it didn't like me anymore (4 months ago) I've tried to do the best I can to keep up with the cleaning, but I can't do it on my own. Hopefully Gerry will get the hint-I've repeated it like 10 times at various times. I wonder when it will sink in. He's become super glued to the dune buggy project, which is nice-we've had the dune buggy for like 3 years-but i need him to help me clean. It will only speed up the process. Isn't it funny when men clean they do an area and then they have to rest?????  Women clean and they make sure the whole room is immaculate before they go on to another room and at the least start part of it before they can take a pee break and drink some water. I hate dragging out cleaning. It shouldn't take a whole day. It should be like 4 hours tops (depending on the size of your home), but with two people that's a lot of area to cover. I have a goal and it's a nice clean house to come back to after our trip. Keep your fingers crossed that Gerry doesn't turn into a 4 year old when i make him clean the easiest rooms in the house-living room, sun porch, outside, and his side of the bed.
  • Cinco de Mayo tomorrow...any plans??? Not sure yet on our end. We're meeting up with some friends tomorrow evening, so i'm hoping some Mexican is in order..Need help figuring out a yummy menu? Well remember that Carnitas is easy-think Crockpot! I may need to make this for Seis de Mayo? Also Guacamole!! My version of guac is pretty easy, just don't forget the salt. Think avocados, a little bit of onion, some tomato (or leave it out), lemon, garlic salt. I don't peppers in my guac because i don't want it spicy. Play around with it, but always taste, taste, taste!!! ok now i need some Guacamole...since I'm drooling, here's a pic for you to join in...

  •  Ideal on Ideeli-Day at the Derby-favorite item here is the Black nude floral strapless dress...very very classy and cute. $79.99
 Tommy Bahama outdoors items; think hammocks and towels.
  • Hot on Hautelook-BBDakota and Jack-really pretty dresses. Favorite item here is a Jack Ward Dress 29 buckaroos....
I love wedges sale.

 mmmm fridays are fabulous don't ya think? I can't wait to go out to dinner with my friends tonight to thank them for helping with our pup-I cannot describe how much they're relieving my anxiety by being such great aunties. We're taking them out to the Cheesecake factory. I think I need to study the menu before we go....Have you seen the menu? It's a book? Maybe not War and Peace but a small novel has about the same amount of letters.  
  • As a migraine sufferer, I love to give people more information about migraines. Lifescript's article Migraine Relief:10 Myths and Facts is informative. 
  • Bella was a lot better last night...sounded like a piggy a couple of times, but she slept in her own bed (for a little while). Bella is like a child. When she's sick, she plops herself onto our bed and I cannot move her 72 lb body. It's like she knowwwws, I'm a weakling. Anyway, hopefully this reverse sneezing crap is going buh bye. 
  • Because I'm sometimes a bit random...I realized that a lot of things have dual purposes...Like this cup in front of me-i can turn it into a vase! it would be a stupid vase, but you know reuse, reduce, recycle and I began my search in investigating what can you do with tampons. They serve one purpose, but what have other people done with them??? well I can't look at such things here(blocker), please look at your own risk, but hey  sounds like an innocent site. 
  • As I was meticulously searching for about 5 minutes i realized that young girls these days are friggin lucky. Wikihow has an article on how to have the perfect first period. My experience wasn't terrible, i was bummed out for sure, but i had no idea what was going on. Sure i had health ed and stuff, but i think that happened after the period.   probably want me to stop talking about my period huh? ok...ending...this....topic.
  • and because i'm in love with Textsfromadog.....
  •  Alrighty, i gotta boogy...hope you all have a great day! be safe this weekend. Don't drink and drive. lot's o love. 

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