Friday, September 28, 2012

I have returned....

For a couple of days I couldn't think of anything to write. I attempted to write on Tuesday, but i sounded like i was babbling about nothing (which is what i normally do), so i decided fuck it and deleted the entire thing. Lots of things i want to share with you today. So let's get on with it...

  • I feel like i've been to too many funerals in the last 3 years. Everyone needs to stop dying. I am not a fan of losing people i care about. I went to one yesterday for my boss/owner of the company I work for. The church was packed, it's not even that packed for midnight mass (as a catholic i go once a year to Midnight mass on Christmas).  The service was followed by some touching speeches and then a lunch which everyone was invited to. The whole thing was beautiful, but seriously everyone stop dying because i don't want to go to anymore. :(
  • FYI Google Play is celebrating 25 billion apps and for the next 5 days you can get games and apps for 25 cents! awesomeness. 
  • I had THE scariest experience yesterday, but i can't share it with all of you, because I haven't told my mom. I guess i'll have to tell her this weekend, because I need to write about it. 
  • I want to share with you some of the websites that I like to check out. Some you may have heard about, maybe some you haven't. Check them out though:'m on the look out for homes in my area and this site gives you the history of the houses for sale and the estimated property taxes. You can even check out celebrity homes for sale! site is a bit different when it comes to shopping. Each item has a video, kinda like it's own mini commercial, so you get to see how the item works or show you how to use it. It's pretty nifty. Seems like the items are full price though, still it shows you cool foods, kitchen gadgets, containers, clothing, jewelry etc...Purdy kewl.'s a stylish daily email that will share a style, a cuisine, a gadget and then tell you a couple of places where you can find it. And you can get discounts from retailers just by being a purewow member which is of course free! 
All of these are free, by the way
Plukka-well this dandy, expensive site is for people like me who just love jewelry. The prices are marked down but for me, personally, still a bit expensive. I will keep looking and checking it out, you know....
 Modewalk.ok the only problem with this website is that you have to sign in to see it...I know poo right??? but you can connect with facebook and poof there you see it. it's a free site as are all of these. Ok so not all of us can afford a skirt for like 5k and not everyone wears exactly what's on the runway, BUT we can check out the styles that are hitting the streets and incorporate them into our daily lives by buying similar items that we can afford. That's why i like this site. I have found items i would love (if i was a bijjilionaire) and actually found similar items on ideeli or hautelook for like a tenth of the price. So check this site out if you want, but I'm tellin ya, most of us normy's will not be able to afford buying stuff off this site. kinda like joyous and purewow but items are one sale. Items tend to lean on the expensive side BUT some seem worth it. This site isn't as expensive as, let's say Modewalk. Check it out. daily emails of fantastic recipes and ideas. this one is a must.
joss and main-Welcome to your ideeli/hautelook site exclusively for home furniture, garden essentials and kitchen stuffs. :)

Shop online at Forever21 and get fifty percent off this weekend

I'll continue with more cool things you may want in your inbox next week!

Now this is a good story about a dog finding help for it's owner and i have to say a good samaritan who wasn't afraid of the dog.  Read here.  Just a reminder that our dogs or any ones dog can be a hero. Be kind to your potential hero pups at home. 

have a great weekend all!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things i like....

I like Shopping. it's fun. temporary happiness, but it lasts a long time because you get to wear that shirt or pair of jeans multiple times and you're thankful that you did because woohoo your outfit looks rad....

I love rings.  pretty pretty rings. And now that this stretchy ring thing is becoming a craze-PEOPLE, i'm seeing it in every store i go to....lucky for me, I have a more refined taste in rings so mine have to have personality...ahem...i know this is related to the above paragraph, but rings are (to me anyway) a different category all together. I still have the cheapy rings i bought years ago when i discovered cubic zirconias and EBAY. i went COO COO. but you know what, i don't care. I've always been a bling girl and i'm glad that it's still in me. You may not find me wearing different earrings everyday or bracelets ( i have a tattoo on one of my wrists so i don't like to block it) or even necklaces (ever notice your hair gets caught in the chain? maybe not to you, but it happens to me all the time)...where the hell was i? Oh basically what i'm trying to say, rings are my "thing". here's today's ring....
goes very well with my outfit by the way.

Mitt Romney scares the crap out of me. I will  not be voting for him and i'm not a republican and i'm also sane, so yeah, no votes for that guy from me.  All the years I've been able to vote and have been willing to listen to both sides and nurp...i can't do it...each republican candidate gets loonier and loonier every four years....when i think about it, my anxiety level increases, so i have to say he's bad for my health...

Subscription boxes are cool. since I love shopping and all i decided to try these subscription boxes. I've done birchbox and gotten one box and it was pretty cool.  The items were sample sizes-benefit cleansers, foundation/spf stuff which i wasn't a fan of, nail polish, hair tie and a sample perfume. All for 10 bucks a month. I figure I'll try it for another couple of months and if I'm not impressed i'll definitely cancel. I did hear about another subscription  box that has bigger sizes and i'm looking forward to seeing my box next month. I got Bella a box as well...i'll review all of it once i get the boxes. 

I hate tags. who invented these evil things on T-shirts???? they scratch my back and are highly uncomfortable and drive me to hysteria where i'm ripping them off and causing all sorts of little holes in my clothing...damn the man...

i love SF and i never get tired of talking about it. If it weren't for them I wouldn't know about the awesomeness around the bay area. For instance-humans vs. zombies....yeah i didn't stutter and I hope to be there....

i love Ginger Rogers. Sassy and talented. Great dancer and she was a beauty...

Positive Dog Story (no i didn't forget)
Ok this is a positive human/animal story and it's amazing! This is when i am reminded that there are GOOD people in this world. This story is about a pilot who rescues animals and takes them to their new rescues or sanctuaries. I guess there are other pilots who do this and they make up an organization called Pilots n Paws. I just can't tell you how amazing this is. It's not just about dogs, it's about ALL animals who need to go to safer homes or even safer counties-as we all know Florida isn't the safest for some of our favorite breeds..ahem..anyway, i think this is a great story and i needed to share it with all of you...

adios all...i'll be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'll be back...

Maybe later on this afternoon....I dunno...

One of the owners of the company that I work for passed away yesterday. He was a really special man who left us at the age of 89. He was a hard worker and made us all laugh. He was very sweet to me and I had the utmost respect for him.  I will miss him very much.

I'm very lucky to work where I do. The company is family run and I get to work with some awesome people. 

I'll be back soon.

Rest in Peace, Joe.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I am pretty sure i've used this title before...but who cares right? it's friday and i'm HAPPY and anxious for 5 pm to come and take me away. I think we're going to the movies tonight! I have had a hankering for some buttery popcorn for dinner the last couple of days, so I'm so down for that!

so movies...let's take a look...ok we've got :
Resident Evil-total A Plus for the last three, so I'm thinking this is a must see tonight...ooh it's in 3D
Finding Nemo-heck yes...but that's just me...i love that movie! and it's in 3D!
(what is with every movie being in 3D?)
I guess that's it...nothing else looks interesting. Poo. Oh well Resident Evil it is! 

It's that time of year folks. It is OFFICIAL. Starbucks has released their fall drinks and pastries. The MUFFIN above ALL MUFFINS is back. The pumpkin cream cheese heaven with every bite muffin is here...and I'm going to go and get it while I write all of this. :) 
here drool... the next upcoming weeks, i will try to make my own so stay tuned for the fun that is baking...

Ring, ring, ring...
 Yup that's right. It's an elephant! Ain't he cute?
Bella is getting a trainer!  Time for my pooch to get outside training. I've done what i can and know...I researched and found a person I would actually lift up the phone and call. He was approved by the Badrap army so i'm going for it. Her first appointment is in a couple of weeks. I'm nervous, but i have a feeling my dog will be so much better and that's really what i'm counting on.

positive dog stories
This may not be a news story, but I want to remind people that some dogs are special and heroic because they survive the worst of circumstances. We also need to remember that these dogs are also saved by humans who are willing to care and volunteer their time and hearts, so dogs are never the only hero in any one story such as this one.Buddha-A petfinder Happy Tail. This story shows that under the worst of circumstances a dog can bounce back and with the love from humans and the gift of time for training, affection and care; a dog can be that "perfect" dog. Enjoy. It's a good story. 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your evening. See you Monday. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Afternoon...

i missed ya! Did you miss me? Now what should we talk about...

Experience at Chianti Cucina. We had a very good meal. I ordered the veal saltimbocca-now i never order veal...ever...normally i wouldn't, but i needed to eat meat and the New York Steak was just a bit much for me, plus i normally don't like eating steaks at a restaurant, unless they're known for it. I wanted to try something new. To tell you the truth, i wasn't too impressed with the meat, but i was impressed with the sauce and the risotto I ordered in lieu of the mashed potatoes. Delicious. We ordered an antipasti of meats and cheeses and that was pretty good. For dessert we got the bread pudding and i gotta tell you it was pretty good, but not as rustic as I've seen at other restaurants. All in all a good food experience! The so hot. The last time we were there we had a GREAT waiter. He was attentive, filled our water and soda's and was just plain old  awesome. Our waitress didn't do those things until we asked and her voice when she announced the specials was so low i could barely hear her. She missed a couple of specials too, which bummed me out because they had a rack of lamb and i've never eaten that and would have liked to try it. The experience was good, the food cooked very well (Gerr's salmon was delicious) and i have to give mad props to the saucier. His sauces were decadent and if they hadn't been on our plates we wouldn't have been impressed.

So what else is going on in my mind? well remember the other day when i brought up what was bothering me? Well it had to do with a friend of ours who I just found out is having a baby. Took me a couple of days, but i'm very happy for them. We've been trying for a couple of years and we've had no luck. I've done the visits to the RE and that stuff...That was over a year ago.  I'm not ready for all of that craziness. I would like for it just to happen on it's own, but i also know that at some point i have to be ok with who i am or what my body can do. I want to be genuine. I want to be a good person. to myself and to i asking too much of myself? I'm not sure. It's a tad painful for me to see this couple who met after Gerr and I, married and now having a baby. I feel like an ugly person inside. jealousy is horrid.

The Voice. Have you been watching? I have and it's been super. I thought dude from last years tryouts coming back and trying out again was pretty gutsy, but it rocked when he was accepted in the blind auditions. Right on dude! Some cool singers and performers are being chosen and i guess the rules are changing??? Hopefully this season will be even more interesting and i'll scream louder at the top of my lungs, because i like to yell at the TV. it's fun.

So i'm getting one of these:
It's called a dyna disc. My chronic pain class has one and it's awesome. helps build up your core AND sit comfortably AND straight! So i spent 26 bucks on it. :)

hello remember facebook manners? So i was invited to someone's bachelorette party, but i don't know who is getting married....The bride wouldn't be planning her own party, so I am finding myself at a loss of how to say "no thanks" but if it's for someone i know and like then what? oy...

Amazing story right here..This story is about a stray saving the life of an abandoned newborn. The baby was fine, she'd be 7 now...i wonder what happened to her.  The dog, a stray, was taken care of by the ASPCA and adopted out. I like reading about the kids in the compound taking care of her and bathing her, shows a lot of love.  Here is more about this heroic dog.

alright boogers...see ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordy Wednesday...

Hola all,
and here we go..

Hey Radio Stations: Some people don't like alcohol-i am not the biggest fan of it and I hate alcohol commercials on the radio....and in the morning they make me want to barf. I don't care about Crown Royal, so the least you can do is find a more appropriate time to air these commercials, like let's say AFTER 5.... oh and this really annoying Tapioca jingle (who the hell is writing these things) makes me want to kick my computer.

Gerr's birthday is next month... i have no idea what to get him....I think i may have planted an idea in his head that I may regret! A tablet...He did get me one for Christmas, you know...I think for that kinda thing we may want to wait for a good sale. But it is his birthday. I can't figure out what to get a person who gets himself's like me, except I love diamonds and that's always a good present for me..I don't think he'd appreciate a diamond i would wear...hmmm...

Going out to dinner tonight! Thank you livingsocial for providing me and Gerr some date nights with his busy schedule and all! Chianti Cucina in Novato is deeeelicious...check out the menu i have probably already given you the menu before, but what the hell...look again.

Lunch is being provided today. I know, I know...I'm also going out to eat tonight, so i ordered a salad. a Chicken caesar....i want to whine about it: WHY WHY WHY!!! Why couldn't they do it another day when i didn't already have dinner plans and planned on eating a large amount of calories...I was about to write

Someone needs to make these new touchscreen phones a little more scratch resistant! I have no idea how-i am pretty good about keeping my phone in a different compartment away from my keys and any other scratchy objects, but there's a scratch in the middle of my phone!!!! It's not noticeable unless the phone is off, but it is pissing me off...

Here's today's ring!
Pretty soon i'll be running out of rings to show you...i guess that's a good reason to buy

mmm check out epicurious' recipe for Beef Empanadas i'm hungry....

so much more that i wanted to write, but i just don't have time...

Positive dog story
Pitbull gets hero award for saving family video included on the Channel 7 news page. Good to know that the dog got a medal regardless of breed. She stayed with the daughter after she passed out from the smoke; both got smoke inhalation. We can all hope and pray that our canines (regardless of breed) will be there for us if anything happens. Thank you Diamond for being a good dog. 

That's all folks!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If life gives you lemons...

make lemonade....why can't life give you pork chops? I am hungry right now, not thirsty....

Big Green Egg Pork chops

Life is testing me right now...or maybe has been, but i was ignoring it. Sometimes you here some news and you should be like "OH MY GOD, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!" But i'm one of those people who is automatically thinking "That's so not fair." I admit it, my first reaction is jealousy. And it's wrong...right? I'd like to one day be the person who is so very comfortable in their own skin and life that can react with a genuine "YAY". Will i ever be her? I hope so. Because I really don't like myself when i react like this, I should be very happy for them...and I am....I just feel my life has always been so unfair.....but who said life was fair, right?

ok...let's move on because that was just depressing...funny thing is that the situation stressed me out and i woke up with a kink and a little guess what my mantra is today: POSITIVE THOUGHTS....

So as far as my ring is my new teacup ring from is adjustable but i don't want to mess with the the metal and wear it out. It sort of fits perfectly on my ring finger....
Thinking about buying the following which are currently on Hautelook....
Normally i don't wear yellow...but it's nice to have a bright color on your hands once in a while....livens up dark colors, for sure..
blah..i can't buy those two rings for 16 bucks way
you know the picture of the pork chops is quite nummy...
today is September 11th. From what i remember it was a tuesday  in 2011. Today is a day of remembrance and to pray for the families and the lives that were lost that day. I still can't look over the newspaper that i got that day. Or the one with the list of names.'s a tough day for Americans....
There were many heroes on 9/11. some of the most important were the canine search and rescue teams trying to discover life underneath the rubble.  Here's a link to those stories on Wild About Pets. Remember these dogs are trained to do some of the hardest jobs...they find bodies...alive and dead. They are the ones sent into the crumbling abyss, often times injured. We must honor these dogs and their handlers and thank them for doing a good job. I wanted to copy a picture and insert here, but there are too many good ones. Please check out this link.

Have a good day everyone....

Monday, September 10, 2012

What's goin on in there???

in my brain or life is the 'there' part, so let's get on with it...

Sammydress was a disappointment. But what would you expect from cheap prices? I mean really what did I expect not really what i received, but out of the 12 items that shipped (2 items were credited) i am keeping the jewelry and i think three or four tops. The rest of the stuff maybe someone else can wear. One thing to remember about this site is that the items are cheap, so they're made cheaply-Do Not have high expectations. I'm going to stick to hautelook, ideeli, forever 21, Ross etc....Hey i'll have some items that someone may like at our community garage sale! I do like their cheap jewelry-i like the concept you know? And for 1.98 a ring or a bracelet, then i guess i'm are some examples i'm wearing today...

Neither piece is heavy. They're cheaply made, but they're cute. I know I'll retire them soon, but figured i'd wear them at least once.

Ha! I was just told that I have an awesome ring a MAN!!! I feel good!

starting to panic....the world series is almost here...i have to watch these games dammit...How do i watch the Yankees???? HOW!???

Tonight is the Voice! I had no idea. I hadn't heard jack about it, until Gerr told me he heard about it on the radion. Awesome.

mmm The weather is getting cooler. The mornings are gray...could it be that fall is on its way?

oh man what's for dinner??? It's almost 10 am and i'm thinking about food. Pretty sure it's going to be bacon wrapped chicken with parmesan and monterey jack my description? ha. ok's innards.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. September 11th makes me very very sad.

i am sorta looking forward to pain class is tomorrow night and i really like it. I'm learning a lot actually and my mind is definitely more positive.

I have guilt. I haven't talked to my mom in a while...sorry mom.

time for.....POSITIVE DOG STORY!
This story actually touched my heart. Hurricane Isaac was different than Hurricane Katrina where a lot of animals were left on their own. This link, Amazing Dog Rescue during Hurricane Isaac, has a video of a rescue of a 70 year old man and his 4 very frightened dogs. Dog stories aren't just about the dog and their heroisms but the people involved too. Good people who didn't care what the dogs looked like either you can see some pitty mixes.I'm so glad this man was with his dogs and they are all together.  Thank you Pawnation.

That's all folks. See ya tomorrow.

Friday, September 7, 2012

About to miss another post....

i feel like an arse. This week's been pretty busy for me and i have a lot of stuff to do until i'm off....i did want to come by real quick and leave you some awesome links about some pretty cool dogs. All Pitbulls, by the way....

here you go:

This is from the stubbydog website. I love getting their emails and these stories are heartwarming! Read about how a pitty really is a family dog with the right people. 

Thank you ASPCA for this update on the dogs that were seized from a building in the Bronx. and also thank you for letting us know that the idiot who did this may get 4 years in jail. I really hope that the judge steps in and says for every dog they had to be euthanized he has to spend a year in jail...unless of course it was only 2 dogs, then that wouldn't work.......Anyway, the bright side is the work the ASPCA has been doing with these dogs and the help from the surrounding cities and's just amazing. (can i say amazing one more time in this sentence?)

I know what i'm reading this weekend. I love books about dogs, because they remind you to get off your ass and pay attention to your dog and really find out what makes them happiest or what they're good at. Dogs change people's lives and this pitty sure did. 

Ok everyone I gotta do the boot scootin boogie. Ta ta and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Somehow I missed a day.... today I owe you TWO positive dog stories...but first let's go on with the random crap in my head....

I got my yummy stuff from my recent binge on the Forever 21 website. Remember that huge sale i told you about last week....well i got a whole bunch of flowy blouses and tanks. I'm so happy. For a second there yesterday while I was trying on my shirts, i realized that the weather wasn't going to be warm for much longer. But that's when i laughed at myself; these blouses look great with cardigans!  So ladies buy those flowy shirts on sale and pair them with a sweater, layers look cute!
here are some examples...
and then pair with...
looks kinda cute...that shirt may even go with the skirt, but maybe a cute pair of cords or jeans...
not that I'm some type of fashionista, but i rarely let weather bring me down, so enjoy your clothes no matter what season it is...

Hey Radio: Don't tell me there's a chance of thunderstorms while the sun is shining. We never get thunderstorms around here, so I know they're talking about the south bay or east of us....sigh..i like lightning and thunder, especially at night.

Yesterday our power went off for about two hours at work...Funny how many people came in and said  "oh I know what happened..." Here are the following stories we heard about why the power died.

"We saw this bird and it started attacking the power lines and then it fell!"

"We saw a guy working on the pole by the power lines and he fell to the ground..."

I think a bird and a human look very different from eachother...don't you think?

My chronic pain class is awesome. I've been learning a lot and even though my mantra (Positive Thoughts) is simple, it works for me. My positive thoughts have beat my pain a couple of times and limiting the pain talk is actually working for me. Once i focus on something else and I  become involved in something else i feel more relaxed. I'm not saying everything is great and the pain has miraculously disappeared, but that I am feeling better; my mood and my willingness to do things has improved.  Funny thing:we learned how to sit down. I'm terrible at explaining things, but it involved looking at the ground and holding the sides of the chair and keeping a flat back. I keep forgetting to do this....but at least i'm becoming more aware of my movements....sometimes though, i fear I'm too aware.....

If you haven't done so join Opensky it's like those other two websites I constantly mention but with a twist.... :)

Slow danced with Gerr last night to Drive by Alan Jackson.:)

Ok the first one is 25 Heroic Dogs and How they saved People found on be sure to grab some tissues...Dogs are amazing and these stories are wonderful. 
Maybe I'm just feeling super emotional, but this story touched my heart about Tucker Roo and his heroic act. Sometimes our animals try and tell us something, so remember to listen! Here's the story on the Portland Pit Bull Project page

Alrighty all, i must use my jet pack and jet....or whatever...have a great day all!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It feels like it's Monday, but not really....

since you know, it's tuesday! I love long weekends. I definitely needed a day off after my three day's off. My body and my mind felt as if I had drank about two bottles of tequila and played in a mosh pit. I haven't been on a boat in a long time and after two days of boating, my body felt pretty worn out and achy. I'm sure I also tanned my irises, even though i wore sunglasses. The camping trip was great. We made some great food-hashed browns and eggs, sausages, flat iron steaks, corn on the cob and burgers. We swam and played with the dogs in the water. Bella had a great time, poor thing is exhausted. The boat is finally happy too. She's doing what she was meant to do and that's zip around and make people happy. Gerry got to do his thing and of course got all annoyed because he's very particular about wake boarding. Note to self, must find more people that know how to drive a boat for wake boarders! All in all though we all had a wonderful time. I needed a weekend away, no matter how tired or achy my muscles are.

whoa. My aunt from my dad's side just asked to by my friend on Facebook. I said yes of course. wow. i friended my other aunt. hope she accepts. kinda strange...I can't really get into it all here, just know that it's a big old mess. Even though i have great memories of them....sigh.

Well I have so much to do so i can only visit you for a bit. I did want to share this great

Meet Jonny Justice, a dog saved from the Michael Vick dog fighting ring and the WINNER of the TOP Dog Gund Contest.  I can't wait to buy him in 2013! Here's the link!!!
people if you google him, you'll find so many cool articles on this dog! He give me goosebumps!!! What an awesome pup! 

Have a wonderful day all!