Friday, September 7, 2012

About to miss another post....

i feel like an arse. This week's been pretty busy for me and i have a lot of stuff to do until i'm off....i did want to come by real quick and leave you some awesome links about some pretty cool dogs. All Pitbulls, by the way....

here you go:

This is from the stubbydog website. I love getting their emails and these stories are heartwarming! Read about how a pitty really is a family dog with the right people. 

Thank you ASPCA for this update on the dogs that were seized from a building in the Bronx. and also thank you for letting us know that the idiot who did this may get 4 years in jail. I really hope that the judge steps in and says for every dog they had to be euthanized he has to spend a year in jail...unless of course it was only 2 dogs, then that wouldn't work.......Anyway, the bright side is the work the ASPCA has been doing with these dogs and the help from the surrounding cities and's just amazing. (can i say amazing one more time in this sentence?)

I know what i'm reading this weekend. I love books about dogs, because they remind you to get off your ass and pay attention to your dog and really find out what makes them happiest or what they're good at. Dogs change people's lives and this pitty sure did. 

Ok everyone I gotta do the boot scootin boogie. Ta ta and have a great weekend!

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