Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Afternoon...

i missed ya! Did you miss me? Now what should we talk about...

Experience at Chianti Cucina. We had a very good meal. I ordered the veal saltimbocca-now i never order veal...ever...normally i wouldn't, but i needed to eat meat and the New York Steak was just a bit much for me, plus i normally don't like eating steaks at a restaurant, unless they're known for it. I wanted to try something new. To tell you the truth, i wasn't too impressed with the meat, but i was impressed with the sauce and the risotto I ordered in lieu of the mashed potatoes. Delicious. We ordered an antipasti of meats and cheeses and that was pretty good. For dessert we got the bread pudding and i gotta tell you it was pretty good, but not as rustic as I've seen at other restaurants. All in all a good food experience! The so hot. The last time we were there we had a GREAT waiter. He was attentive, filled our water and soda's and was just plain old  awesome. Our waitress didn't do those things until we asked and her voice when she announced the specials was so low i could barely hear her. She missed a couple of specials too, which bummed me out because they had a rack of lamb and i've never eaten that and would have liked to try it. The experience was good, the food cooked very well (Gerr's salmon was delicious) and i have to give mad props to the saucier. His sauces were decadent and if they hadn't been on our plates we wouldn't have been impressed.

So what else is going on in my mind? well remember the other day when i brought up what was bothering me? Well it had to do with a friend of ours who I just found out is having a baby. Took me a couple of days, but i'm very happy for them. We've been trying for a couple of years and we've had no luck. I've done the visits to the RE and that stuff...That was over a year ago.  I'm not ready for all of that craziness. I would like for it just to happen on it's own, but i also know that at some point i have to be ok with who i am or what my body can do. I want to be genuine. I want to be a good person. to myself and to i asking too much of myself? I'm not sure. It's a tad painful for me to see this couple who met after Gerr and I, married and now having a baby. I feel like an ugly person inside. jealousy is horrid.

The Voice. Have you been watching? I have and it's been super. I thought dude from last years tryouts coming back and trying out again was pretty gutsy, but it rocked when he was accepted in the blind auditions. Right on dude! Some cool singers and performers are being chosen and i guess the rules are changing??? Hopefully this season will be even more interesting and i'll scream louder at the top of my lungs, because i like to yell at the TV. it's fun.

So i'm getting one of these:
It's called a dyna disc. My chronic pain class has one and it's awesome. helps build up your core AND sit comfortably AND straight! So i spent 26 bucks on it. :)

hello remember facebook manners? So i was invited to someone's bachelorette party, but i don't know who is getting married....The bride wouldn't be planning her own party, so I am finding myself at a loss of how to say "no thanks" but if it's for someone i know and like then what? oy...

Amazing story right here..This story is about a stray saving the life of an abandoned newborn. The baby was fine, she'd be 7 now...i wonder what happened to her.  The dog, a stray, was taken care of by the ASPCA and adopted out. I like reading about the kids in the compound taking care of her and bathing her, shows a lot of love.  Here is more about this heroic dog.

alright boogers...see ya tomorrow.

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