Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordy Wednesday...

Hola all,
and here we go..

Hey Radio Stations: Some people don't like alcohol-i am not the biggest fan of it and I hate alcohol commercials on the radio....and in the morning they make me want to barf. I don't care about Crown Royal, so the least you can do is find a more appropriate time to air these commercials, like let's say AFTER 5.... oh and this really annoying Tapioca jingle (who the hell is writing these things) makes me want to kick my computer.

Gerr's birthday is next month... i have no idea what to get him....I think i may have planted an idea in his head that I may regret! A tablet...He did get me one for Christmas, you know...I think for that kinda thing we may want to wait for a good sale. But it is his birthday. I can't figure out what to get a person who gets himself's like me, except I love diamonds and that's always a good present for me..I don't think he'd appreciate a diamond i would wear...hmmm...

Going out to dinner tonight! Thank you livingsocial for providing me and Gerr some date nights with his busy schedule and all! Chianti Cucina in Novato is deeeelicious...check out the menu i have probably already given you the menu before, but what the hell...look again.

Lunch is being provided today. I know, I know...I'm also going out to eat tonight, so i ordered a salad. a Chicken caesar....i want to whine about it: WHY WHY WHY!!! Why couldn't they do it another day when i didn't already have dinner plans and planned on eating a large amount of calories...I was about to write

Someone needs to make these new touchscreen phones a little more scratch resistant! I have no idea how-i am pretty good about keeping my phone in a different compartment away from my keys and any other scratchy objects, but there's a scratch in the middle of my phone!!!! It's not noticeable unless the phone is off, but it is pissing me off...

Here's today's ring!
Pretty soon i'll be running out of rings to show you...i guess that's a good reason to buy

mmm check out epicurious' recipe for Beef Empanadas i'm hungry....

so much more that i wanted to write, but i just don't have time...

Positive dog story
Pitbull gets hero award for saving family video included on the Channel 7 news page. Good to know that the dog got a medal regardless of breed. She stayed with the daughter after she passed out from the smoke; both got smoke inhalation. We can all hope and pray that our canines (regardless of breed) will be there for us if anything happens. Thank you Diamond for being a good dog. 

That's all folks!

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