Friday, September 28, 2012

I have returned....

For a couple of days I couldn't think of anything to write. I attempted to write on Tuesday, but i sounded like i was babbling about nothing (which is what i normally do), so i decided fuck it and deleted the entire thing. Lots of things i want to share with you today. So let's get on with it...

  • I feel like i've been to too many funerals in the last 3 years. Everyone needs to stop dying. I am not a fan of losing people i care about. I went to one yesterday for my boss/owner of the company I work for. The church was packed, it's not even that packed for midnight mass (as a catholic i go once a year to Midnight mass on Christmas).  The service was followed by some touching speeches and then a lunch which everyone was invited to. The whole thing was beautiful, but seriously everyone stop dying because i don't want to go to anymore. :(
  • FYI Google Play is celebrating 25 billion apps and for the next 5 days you can get games and apps for 25 cents! awesomeness. 
  • I had THE scariest experience yesterday, but i can't share it with all of you, because I haven't told my mom. I guess i'll have to tell her this weekend, because I need to write about it. 
  • I want to share with you some of the websites that I like to check out. Some you may have heard about, maybe some you haven't. Check them out though:'m on the look out for homes in my area and this site gives you the history of the houses for sale and the estimated property taxes. You can even check out celebrity homes for sale! site is a bit different when it comes to shopping. Each item has a video, kinda like it's own mini commercial, so you get to see how the item works or show you how to use it. It's pretty nifty. Seems like the items are full price though, still it shows you cool foods, kitchen gadgets, containers, clothing, jewelry etc...Purdy kewl.'s a stylish daily email that will share a style, a cuisine, a gadget and then tell you a couple of places where you can find it. And you can get discounts from retailers just by being a purewow member which is of course free! 
All of these are free, by the way
Plukka-well this dandy, expensive site is for people like me who just love jewelry. The prices are marked down but for me, personally, still a bit expensive. I will keep looking and checking it out, you know....
 Modewalk.ok the only problem with this website is that you have to sign in to see it...I know poo right??? but you can connect with facebook and poof there you see it. it's a free site as are all of these. Ok so not all of us can afford a skirt for like 5k and not everyone wears exactly what's on the runway, BUT we can check out the styles that are hitting the streets and incorporate them into our daily lives by buying similar items that we can afford. That's why i like this site. I have found items i would love (if i was a bijjilionaire) and actually found similar items on ideeli or hautelook for like a tenth of the price. So check this site out if you want, but I'm tellin ya, most of us normy's will not be able to afford buying stuff off this site. kinda like joyous and purewow but items are one sale. Items tend to lean on the expensive side BUT some seem worth it. This site isn't as expensive as, let's say Modewalk. Check it out. daily emails of fantastic recipes and ideas. this one is a must.
joss and main-Welcome to your ideeli/hautelook site exclusively for home furniture, garden essentials and kitchen stuffs. :)

Shop online at Forever21 and get fifty percent off this weekend

I'll continue with more cool things you may want in your inbox next week!

Now this is a good story about a dog finding help for it's owner and i have to say a good samaritan who wasn't afraid of the dog.  Read here.  Just a reminder that our dogs or any ones dog can be a hero. Be kind to your potential hero pups at home. 

have a great weekend all!

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