Monday, September 10, 2012

What's goin on in there???

in my brain or life is the 'there' part, so let's get on with it...

Sammydress was a disappointment. But what would you expect from cheap prices? I mean really what did I expect not really what i received, but out of the 12 items that shipped (2 items were credited) i am keeping the jewelry and i think three or four tops. The rest of the stuff maybe someone else can wear. One thing to remember about this site is that the items are cheap, so they're made cheaply-Do Not have high expectations. I'm going to stick to hautelook, ideeli, forever 21, Ross etc....Hey i'll have some items that someone may like at our community garage sale! I do like their cheap jewelry-i like the concept you know? And for 1.98 a ring or a bracelet, then i guess i'm are some examples i'm wearing today...

Neither piece is heavy. They're cheaply made, but they're cute. I know I'll retire them soon, but figured i'd wear them at least once.

Ha! I was just told that I have an awesome ring a MAN!!! I feel good!

starting to panic....the world series is almost here...i have to watch these games dammit...How do i watch the Yankees???? HOW!???

Tonight is the Voice! I had no idea. I hadn't heard jack about it, until Gerr told me he heard about it on the radion. Awesome.

mmm The weather is getting cooler. The mornings are gray...could it be that fall is on its way?

oh man what's for dinner??? It's almost 10 am and i'm thinking about food. Pretty sure it's going to be bacon wrapped chicken with parmesan and monterey jack my description? ha. ok's innards.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. September 11th makes me very very sad.

i am sorta looking forward to pain class is tomorrow night and i really like it. I'm learning a lot actually and my mind is definitely more positive.

I have guilt. I haven't talked to my mom in a while...sorry mom.

time for.....POSITIVE DOG STORY!
This story actually touched my heart. Hurricane Isaac was different than Hurricane Katrina where a lot of animals were left on their own. This link, Amazing Dog Rescue during Hurricane Isaac, has a video of a rescue of a 70 year old man and his 4 very frightened dogs. Dog stories aren't just about the dog and their heroisms but the people involved too. Good people who didn't care what the dogs looked like either you can see some pitty mixes.I'm so glad this man was with his dogs and they are all together.  Thank you Pawnation.

That's all folks. See ya tomorrow.

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