Thursday, September 6, 2012

Somehow I missed a day.... today I owe you TWO positive dog stories...but first let's go on with the random crap in my head....

I got my yummy stuff from my recent binge on the Forever 21 website. Remember that huge sale i told you about last week....well i got a whole bunch of flowy blouses and tanks. I'm so happy. For a second there yesterday while I was trying on my shirts, i realized that the weather wasn't going to be warm for much longer. But that's when i laughed at myself; these blouses look great with cardigans!  So ladies buy those flowy shirts on sale and pair them with a sweater, layers look cute!
here are some examples...
and then pair with...
looks kinda cute...that shirt may even go with the skirt, but maybe a cute pair of cords or jeans...
not that I'm some type of fashionista, but i rarely let weather bring me down, so enjoy your clothes no matter what season it is...

Hey Radio: Don't tell me there's a chance of thunderstorms while the sun is shining. We never get thunderstorms around here, so I know they're talking about the south bay or east of us....sigh..i like lightning and thunder, especially at night.

Yesterday our power went off for about two hours at work...Funny how many people came in and said  "oh I know what happened..." Here are the following stories we heard about why the power died.

"We saw this bird and it started attacking the power lines and then it fell!"

"We saw a guy working on the pole by the power lines and he fell to the ground..."

I think a bird and a human look very different from eachother...don't you think?

My chronic pain class is awesome. I've been learning a lot and even though my mantra (Positive Thoughts) is simple, it works for me. My positive thoughts have beat my pain a couple of times and limiting the pain talk is actually working for me. Once i focus on something else and I  become involved in something else i feel more relaxed. I'm not saying everything is great and the pain has miraculously disappeared, but that I am feeling better; my mood and my willingness to do things has improved.  Funny thing:we learned how to sit down. I'm terrible at explaining things, but it involved looking at the ground and holding the sides of the chair and keeping a flat back. I keep forgetting to do this....but at least i'm becoming more aware of my movements....sometimes though, i fear I'm too aware.....

If you haven't done so join Opensky it's like those other two websites I constantly mention but with a twist.... :)

Slow danced with Gerr last night to Drive by Alan Jackson.:)

Ok the first one is 25 Heroic Dogs and How they saved People found on be sure to grab some tissues...Dogs are amazing and these stories are wonderful. 
Maybe I'm just feeling super emotional, but this story touched my heart about Tucker Roo and his heroic act. Sometimes our animals try and tell us something, so remember to listen! Here's the story on the Portland Pit Bull Project page

Alrighty all, i must use my jet pack and jet....or whatever...have a great day all!

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