Friday, September 14, 2012


I am pretty sure i've used this title before...but who cares right? it's friday and i'm HAPPY and anxious for 5 pm to come and take me away. I think we're going to the movies tonight! I have had a hankering for some buttery popcorn for dinner the last couple of days, so I'm so down for that!

so movies...let's take a look...ok we've got :
Resident Evil-total A Plus for the last three, so I'm thinking this is a must see tonight...ooh it's in 3D
Finding Nemo-heck yes...but that's just me...i love that movie! and it's in 3D!
(what is with every movie being in 3D?)
I guess that's it...nothing else looks interesting. Poo. Oh well Resident Evil it is! 

It's that time of year folks. It is OFFICIAL. Starbucks has released their fall drinks and pastries. The MUFFIN above ALL MUFFINS is back. The pumpkin cream cheese heaven with every bite muffin is here...and I'm going to go and get it while I write all of this. :) 
here drool... the next upcoming weeks, i will try to make my own so stay tuned for the fun that is baking...

Ring, ring, ring...
 Yup that's right. It's an elephant! Ain't he cute?
Bella is getting a trainer!  Time for my pooch to get outside training. I've done what i can and know...I researched and found a person I would actually lift up the phone and call. He was approved by the Badrap army so i'm going for it. Her first appointment is in a couple of weeks. I'm nervous, but i have a feeling my dog will be so much better and that's really what i'm counting on.

positive dog stories
This may not be a news story, but I want to remind people that some dogs are special and heroic because they survive the worst of circumstances. We also need to remember that these dogs are also saved by humans who are willing to care and volunteer their time and hearts, so dogs are never the only hero in any one story such as this one.Buddha-A petfinder Happy Tail. This story shows that under the worst of circumstances a dog can bounce back and with the love from humans and the gift of time for training, affection and care; a dog can be that "perfect" dog. Enjoy. It's a good story. 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your evening. See you Monday. 

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