Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's foggy in the Bay Area

and it has affected my brain. I woke up in a heavy fog of my own. wow...wake up Jacky!!!!
  • I do want a Hermes Bag. Remember i was making fun of it a while back? Well they're just so pretty and classic and so expensive and maybe that's why i like it. 
too cute huh...
  • so we need new silverware.somehow we're missing 4 butter knives. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???? where do butter knives go? on vacation? to the arctic ocean? where they borrowed by the Easter bunny? i mean where??? it's going to drive me crazy.
  • I heard on the news last night that some priest from the Vatican thinks that Yoga is the devils work. I had just finished doing yoga and looked at the TV and gave it the finger. I don't trust the Vatican nor any catholic law etc....So this guy just made an ass of himself to the world. Don't believe me, read the article here.
  • Sometimes I wonder about the world we live in. The assholes and pricks and I fear that I want to live on an island far far away from civilization because some people are just cruel. Here is a link about Warrior, the dog in South Africa almost buried alive by assholes at a school. Lucky for the dog and for us readers, the dog was saved. But still can we please bury those jack asses alive? i really don't care much for them.
  • On to fluffier things like Christmas. Here are some funny christmas pics...

 Alright everyone, time to boogy. have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is there a song out there for Tuesday?

There probably is, but i just can't think this morning. lol. let's get on with the show.
  • First thing I read when i get online is Iphone blows up on flight-my first thought is, "thank God i don't have an iphone", second thought is "oh wait i'm not flying anywhere." Nice to hear though. I'm not a big fan of iphone, ipads, i i i i . I don't like apple. that's me though. so it made me grin. as for all you iphone 4 users, read the yahoo article.
  • If you can believe it, I didn't buy anything on Cyber Monday. I DID make my last and final payment to my car leasing company. Yup. I officially-well almost-own my car. Once i get my title I will treat myself to a most delicious meal. 
  • but ofcourse with delicious meals comes not so delicious pounds added to my physique. I am so not happy. Thank you Thanksgiving! ugh. Well i officially lost a pound from the 4-yes 4!! lbs i gained. How the hell did that happen?? I had ONE serving. ugh. Anyway, i lost a lb since i last weighed myself. What am i doing right now to help assist with that? Well limiting food intake. Out of that wonderful turkey, i made a soup-so I'm eating soup for three days. I will probably need to make another soup tomorrow night for Thursday and Friday lunches. I think the next soup will be lentil with carrots, blended....hmmm we'll see. 
  • How can companies sell scarves for over 150 bucks??? it's a scarf? i dont' get it. Unless you've hired silkworms to make your silk, do not charge that much for a scarf. I don't care who you are.
  • As I go in this direction of ranting and raving about price I do want to add that anyone that charges over 5-10 bucks for a bang cut trim is an asswipe. Yes, lady down the street who once charged me 50 bucks for a hair trim. Do you know how thin my hair is? Do you know people of the internet that I don't have layers? This is a straight line across....ugh...whatever. Basically i'm bitching and moaning because I need a haircut and i need one by a professional because they have the talent i'm  missing to make my bangs look right. Yes i trim my own bangs, or else i'd  be in a salon every month and i'd be shit broke. 
  • If you've been living under a rock, you haven't heard this awesome song by Adele. 
  • Gerry and I are planning a Christmas Party. Yay. A white elephant party and I already know what i'm getting for it, won't share it here because that would be cheating. Where the hell did the White Elephant idea come from? Check out Wikepedia's answer. Also other names for White elephant include:Yankee Swap, Chinese Gift Exchange, Dirty Santa, Thieving secret santa, Parcel Pass, Pollyanna, or Christmas Swamp Thing.
  • Well, i must go my friends. but i will leave you with a funny Christmas something....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Cyber Monday!

I will NOT be shopping today. I am officially shopped out. I have pounded the mat in defeat and weariness. YAY me! lol. I have a couple of presents to get, but then I AM DONE! These presents though are local so i don't have to fret.
  • So i saw the news about the pepper spray incident at Walmart. Really what can one say about that....except People are stupid. Why oh why, would you carry pepper spray to Walmart or even think of using it at the store or indoors for that matter? Unlike some people i'm not going to blame Walmart because it's walmart, I'm going to blame the idiot who brought out the pepper spray. People make fun of Walmart for several reasons, i think it stems from the or just the whole it's cheaper there and poorer people can shop or whatever. Get over yourselves, stop generalizing people who shop there. You're probably no better yourself. I saw several people put this incident on facebook and laugh it off as stupid people who go to Walmart and looked at them as they were no better because I know them...ugh.. ok...shhhh...I wish there was one nearby.
  • click on and check out their tshirts and their page. This company is based out of Kansas and has many educational programs for that area, so if you happen to be on my page from that area-GO CHECK IT OUT!
  • I am sleepy. Yesterday, Gerry and I slept in until almost 11. wow. I cannot tell you the last time i did that. It was awesome!!!
  • I am about to make my last payment for my car. I am pretty damn excited. I am using my savings and paying this baby off so I don't have to pay for her anymore. WOW!!! i feel like a grownup!
  • One of my good friends has this little tradition where she sends an email to everyone every day until Christmas sharing a creepy christmas picture with Santa she's found of people on the web. I think it's absolutely hilarious. I'd love to share her stuff, but really i can't. I will however give you some examples of the types of pictures she shares so you can realize how unawesome you are for not having her as a friend. JUST KIDDING!!! lol
you get the point...
  • We got our Christmas tree yesterday. It's trimmed and it looks so pretty. I have presents to go under the tree but i think i'm going to wait a week or so, atleast until it's December you know? 
  • Twas the night before christmas-the politically correct version. Enjoy. I love reading the old fashioned version every year. But some of the remakes are pretty funny. 
Alrighty my friends. I have nothing more to share. I'm sure there are some fabulous deals out there so look for em. I don't need to point you in any direction. If i see something i don't think anyone should pass up I'll definitely come back and edit. Otherwise, have a happy monday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

hurry hurry hurry

hurry up day and be over with..i want it to be Thursday morning. I want to put the bird in the oven and fill the house with the scent of deliciousness. sigh...hurry hurry  hurry!!!
  • So far i've cleaned the bathroom, the stove. Gerry has cleaned the sun porch. WE still need to clean the livingroom and the bedroom. I'm not going to tidy up the kitchen tooooo much, i mean I will be cooking and making it a mess again! lol.
  • wish i could write more but you know how work and the holidays are!!! i will catch up hopefully tomorrow! 
 and if not...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Powder keg and giving off sparks....

i feel like a bundle of energy is trapped inside me and later on today it's christmas and i get to open presents only it's not and we're just going to the city to see fireworks, the buildings all little up and have a food truck experience that I can't wait to,  well experience... I love this time of year except i fear i may have a heart attack before it gets here because i am so excited....
i feel like this...but about the holidays....and tonight....and tomorrow...and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • i probably should practice some good breathing. Because I'm pretty damn happy.
  • Ok i am pretty sure i've share my recipe for corn muffins but here goes.
one box jiffy mix-follow the directions on the box. Add one can of creamed corn, cracked pepper over the top stir, pour into greased muffin tins. Cook for recommended time, but make sure the middles aren't gooey. serve warm. These babies are yummy. 
these are not my babies, but i thought i'd get you in the mood by looking at these golden yums.
  • I have to say it. I only a couple of more people to shop for and i'm done. can i get a woop woop. I'm pretty happy about that. Ofcourse i keep seeing things and get more excited. 
  • Already planning the christmas party-so far it's a battle of the hors d'oeuvres. which i think should be fun. I need to find out how many people will be around so i can plan accordingly.
  • I think some people don't get my intensity about gatherings and planning stuff out etc....I think some people are a bit too sensitive about it and take it the wrong way when it's just the way i am. I think i could have been a pretty good party planner if i was well balanced on ativan and any other anti anxiety cocktail thrown my way. Nonetheless next week will be fun and i expect the food will be delicious. Another round of high fives for all of us.
  • Did you know we spend 300 million dollars on Chimpanzee experimentation? Want to do something about it? want to read about it? click here read about it and send a fax people...yes a fax. please tell me you can do that. k? actually you just fill out the form and they send it for you.
  •  i'm eating a sammich and i'm thoroughly enjoying it. pastrami and turkey. oh yum.
ok all, have a great weekend and i hope it's a good precursor to turkey week! hugs and bugs.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm a bitch, i'm a lover, i'm a...

Well i'm not Meredith Brooks, but i am me. And I guess I can be considered a bitch, especially after this morning. Ofcourse I plead my case and if you find me a bitch nonetheless then what the fuck ever i'm a fucking bitch and deal with it.
My partner has been off work all week and I had asked him to move some things-video tapes which were outside in a cardboard box. I also asked him to move some larger Halloween items. Yes people Halloween items. NEITHER one have been done this week. He's been playing around with his dune buggy and being sort of self absorbed with that. He needed a week off from work or whatever and got back into is buggy project, but still I guess forgot to tell me he took a vacation from everything else. Ok that last part may have been a bitchy remark, but it's the truth in my point of view. Our counselor asked me to be specific about things i wanted done. I am pretty sure "today" was specific every time i said something. Each day nothing done. I'm trying to not be angry, but you know what comes up? Sadness. It makes me so sad. I guess the emotional transfer is getting better, because I don't want to be mad unless it's something that makes me mad. This makes me sad because the smallest thing I ask for is overlooked by a vehicle in a garage that will not be up and running this year. sigh. There you go that's my morning. Sucks huh. But i have a busy day today and I must go on.

The only person who will take care of you, is you. 
on to better things.
  • Hey Norcal peeps. Here is your local list of Christmas things to do  from From The Embarcadero lighting to any tree in the city getting lit up. lot's of stuff to do and FREE or really cheap!

i'm feeling like this right now.
  • Great sales on Hautelook and ideeli-start your shopping people!!!! trust me! you'll save!
  • oh my god....what is wrong with people...child killed by his mother some people know this about me, but i may not be able to have children. Every time i read something like this my heard dies. Give me your unwanted babies. I'll take care of them and love them if you can't. sigh. 
  •  tell me you don't want to go home to do this with an animal or a human....

alrighty gotta go...too busy. talk to y'all later.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like....

THE HOLIDAYS! and i'm getting all snozzy and snuddily. I made those words up sooooo....basically i'm excited. I have always loved this time of year. I'm happy.
  • Here's a really good article about the myths of exercise and weight loss by spark people. It's a good article that will remind you the benefits of exercise and the simple truths of it all.
  • Ok, turkey will be purchased today! Super excited about this, because I want some turkey...I want the house to smell like a roasting turkey. mmmmm...this is going to be delicioous
My turkey recipe is pretty simple:pretty much cover the top with a really good bacon-when i first made my turkey i used crappy bacon and it still worked. this time i'm using some fine bacon so we'll see what happens-I also get the legs because I don't want them to burn or get too dry. get the wings too while you're at it. This pretty much will cover and butter or oil you may put on the turkey because bacon is filled with juicy fat. yum. This turkey isn't for the health turkey really is this type of year. bwahahahaha. yes evil laugh. anyway, I don't really season it because the turkey and the bacon have a nice love making session in the oven for hours. Roast turkey for appropriate time.
Roasting times are for a preheated 325 degrees F. oven.

Approximate Roasting Times for Stuffed Turkey
Turkey Weight
6 to 8 pounds3 to 3-1/2 hours
8 to 12 pounds3-1/2 to 4-1/2 hours
12 to 16 pounds4-1/2 to 5-1/2 hours
16 to 20 pounds5-1/2 to 6 hours
20 to 24 pounds6 to 6-1/2 hours
Approximate Roasting Times for Unstuffed Turkey
Turkey Weight
6 to 8 pounds2-1/2 to 3 hours
8 to 12 pounds3 to 4 hours
12 to 16 pounds4 to 5 hours
16 to 20 pounds5 to 5-1/2 hours
20 to 24 pounds5-1/2 to 6 hours
Remember to have a meat thermometer and to let the turkey stand for about 20-30 minutes. IT will keep cooking. All poultry should be cooked to 165! Thigh should read 180.
I do stuff my turkey and i have used stove top stuffing and guess what it tastes amazing. This year I'm doing it again, but adding raw sausage. (When I remove the turkey i will destuff it and bake it with my non stuffed stuffing for about 30 minutes.)  I will baste with the natural juices that will come from the turkey itself AND chicken broth. Cooking a turkey is simple. You don't need bags or anything, just baste keep an eye on it and if you need to cover it with foil do so. But remember basting is important. Have fun with it!
  • i get to go to the Embarcadero on Friday! I've never been! I'm excited and i can't wait to see fireworks! Thanks Boss for letting me go home early that day! I hope we can have a real good time doing lots of fun stuffs in the city.
Well i think that's enough for today. I'll tell ya some recipes as we get closer to turkey day of other yummy ideas that go with your bird! Have a great day!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


I officially feel bad for Monday. We all hate Mondays-unless it's a holiday-but don't you feel bad that this day gets the shits? I mean check it out:

Even cute and furry animals are trying to convince you that Monday is a horrible day when in fact it's not MONDAY, it's WORK or SCHOOL!!! And it's the fact that the most popular days of the week that the population is off for is right before-so poor Monday is hated and spat on until it blesses us with three day weekends at least 4 times a year. So forgive Monday. I'll try to i promise.
  • So I, Santa Claus, have received the boys' christmas list. Thank the lawd it's all on Amazon AND it's not uber outrageous. Of course I have to be very careful with what i buy. I definitely can't buy him anything heavy that would ruin Christmas because I'd need his help to carry it in and wrap it and then lift it to the tree and then bring it out from under the tree. Yeah, not gonna work. lol. But i'm stoked because it's a good list and it's stuff he'll like. Now I have to pray he lays off the list and doesn't buy himself anything from it. 
  • I probably should make a list. I know i want a kindle or something like that. i think the kindle fire is pretty neat and really all i need. I'm not planning on writing books or doing work on that little thing. I'd like a blender, one that matches my black chrome adoration. I love clothes. boots. I need new perfume, but i need to go play in Macy's. a purse. Art supplies.  i'm actually pretty simple, i guess. hahaha.
  • My christmas shopping started a while ago. I have a little pile gathering of things.
  • I I MUST go see the Nutcracker this Christmas. This Xmas is a bit different and I want to make it pleasing, warm and special.  This would just add a bit of glimmer and sparkle.
  • <------i cannot get rid of this damn bullet.

  • i love the beginning where they're gathered for a party and the tree and the well..if you haven't seen it. GO! For My close by friends here is the link
  • I have so many ideas for Christmas. ha. this has turned into a christmas blog. Well Bay Area People here are some important dates:
  • Well you all get the point there's more and  more happening this season and I can't wait. I got my info from Never ever complain that there's nothing to do. After I checked out this site I freaked, there is TONS to do!!!
    • Have a wonderful day peeps. We got some crazy bulletpoints here....

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 11:11:11

yup. strange special day. I'm going to take full advantage of making wishes today. lol. and not for stupid stuff. no more wishing for things i can buy myself, but stuff that watch out world. wish i could get engaged on a day like today. I know for some people numbers don't matter, but wow i think it's awesome. hahaha, in perfect boyfriend fashion i was saying how a perfectly timed engagement would be awesome and he responds with HUH? He's just so normally male.
  • So I read an article about Pete Rose and A-Rod texting eachother and I can only respond by saying "Alex Rodriguez, if you need someone to pat you on the back, let me text you and i'll tell you what a great player you are. I'm not a crazy stalker." Thank's the link text buddies
  • OK men,  my new side hobby is to help you become better at romance. You want to do something for your lady, but you have no idea what. a billboard with her name on it? a puppy? a diamond watch? ack, it all depends on how long you've been together and how much you care about them and whether the gift is "you" so if you want to try me, send me a message and i'll see what i can come up with. lol. 
  • Not sure if you really want to read about Ace. I didn't want to read about Ace. At first i thought, oh this is going to be a heartwarming story, but then it wasn't. No matter what authorities, the community, or even an injunction did or said, this shelter acted like God. Once again a dog based on what it looks like dies by a shelter who boxed their ears and pretended they had no idea about anything. Here's the article from KC DOG Blog
R.I.P. I would have saved you in a second.
  • A reminder to anyone who does find or save a pit, before you call your local shelter to have the dog picked up ask them about their dog policies, their euthanizing policies and tolerance to the breed. If they are a no kill then you're in good hands, if they ARE a kill shelter-look for a rescue or some other place that can take the animal. Do NOT give dogs to kill shelters. 
  • sorry about the large font above, but i need to make a point. We found a wandering pitty, still a pup. First thing I did was call a rescue and see if someone would pick up, then i called the local humane society. They said they would not kill him, but first hold for 5 days, then see what his temperment was and behavior etc...then they'd adopt him out. IF anything I was to pick him up if there was even the possibility of being euthanized. I loved that option. No matter what "whiskey" would either go home, be adopted or I'd have him and take him to my favorite local rescue. 
  • Tonight we get to use a livingsocial deal for Zingari's! i cannot wait. It's also a jazz club. Music and dinner. SWANKY! I'm excited. 
  • I missed my 11:11:11 wish! oh well my wish for the day is........i did it. :)
  • ok people sorry i want this to go out now...have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lookin straight outta Fame.

I giggled at myself yesterday as I scrambled to defrost chicken, turn on my yoga video, get out of my dress and put short over my leggins. I looked straight out of Fame. If you don't know what Fame is, i'm going to sweetly roll my eyes and hang my head down low. Here's a peak for ya.
It was a great show. I think tried to do a remake or maybe it's still on and i don't care to pay attention to it because the original is usually better in any remake.
  • you know what's awesome about pinterest. There are many people on there just like me. lol. Girls who want to be fitter, skinnier, loved better, less lazy more crafty etc. I find more pleasure in pinterest than i do in Facebook, where most people write pointless BS just to make themselves look cooler than they really are. 
  • I'm so sore. Day 3 of power yoga was last night. I thought i was cool. Slept a bit better than the first and second time where my shoulders felt like they were hanging by a thin string. Today it just feels like my arms cannot be lifted up without shaking. lol. I need some ibuprofen and lots of water.
  • What do i have musically for you? The band Perry. 
  • My lovely boyfriend has taken up the cause for Movember. Yes people his mustache is just a tad bit longer and annoying my upper lip everytime we kiss. What the heck is Movember anyway, some of you may ask. Well it's men raising awareness for Men's Health especially Prostate Cancer. Most men aren't as good as we ladies are getting our check ups every year and etc. Men need to get check ups too. So Men everywhere, remember you can grow out your stache this month, but it hurts to kiss, we support you. 
  • My dinner last night didn't come out the way i wanted it to. I had one idea i got off of pinterest, but i felt so rushed from an hour of yoga to dinner that I feel like it was plain and eh ok. Gerry liked it which matters to me, but my tastebuds also have to enjoy it. I pretty much made a chicken stuffing bake with bacon. hmmph shoulda just wrapped the bacon around the chicken like i normally do. 
  • Tonight will be something with ground beef. it sucks because we have packaged food everywhere in the cupboards and i haven't gone food shopping in weeks. Gerry owes me a food shopping trip, which strangely i was dreaming about last night.
  • i am TIRED of missing out on the boot sales on ideeli and hautelook. I found three pairs i wanted and they were sold out or didn't have my size anymore. This is getting ridiculous. Also I promised my mom i'd get her a rice cooker for christmas and Ideeli hasn't had the sale which I bought mine from!!! UGH. oh well, i may have to get her a cute nice one from Macy's or something. 
Alright everyone, I must leave you! Have a wonderful day and in tribute to Movember. Here's my moustache.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Capes...who wore it better...

Today's big news....who wore it better? Paris or Katherine? the sherlock holmes cape is making a comeback and apparently this is important news. I think both of them need some spectacles, a magnifying glass and a hound to complete the outfit.  Who friggin cares?
  • I need to go shopping. I am hoping that on black friday i can splurge on me. I've been collecting gifts for people here and there, so i pray i can go coo coo on me. Oh shit, what am I going to get Gerry???? The man who gets everything? fork. 
  • Now i'm trippin. what am i going to get him? He did say he may start a list on amazon, which would help a lot. ok...must talk about that later.
  • because i need to share good you go:
  •  I think tonight may be an indian night. Tonight is also super yoga night. So i have to walk my dog, come back defrost the chicken, and do an hour of yoga. phew. I'm tired just thinking about it. 
  • So I sorta wrote a song. I have verse one (well i'm mostly comfortable with the first two lines) and i have a very short chorus. Here's what i need: more chords! and structure once i know more chords. I had an awesome friend last night play a bit with me and he was amazing, but we all got stuck on a part. I'm hoping another friend can help us out next week. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by good people who want to help. I have ideas too! Creative ideas to use the talents my friends have! Now if I can get back into that writing headspace where the lyrics will flow. due time my friends. 
  • The Bears won last night. How do I know? Because I watched the game! Yes people, my friends are helping me like another sport. It's fun hangin with the peeps watching sports and cheering for a team. I am anti Eagles based on one player, but that's just how it's going to be people. I don't forget that shit. 
  • Ooh everyone check out shop epicurious they've got all sorts of cooking gadgets. 2 more weeks until turkey day! holy crapola. I'm making the Turkey, stuffing, gravy, chocolate pecan pie, another pie?...and I think that's it. I know i should probably make some healthy vegetables too. lol. 
  • Holy poo. So Hautelook has Sue Wong dresses and by golly I love a lot of them. They even have a dress that looks a bit vintage 20's.
so purdy. ok must stop looking at all the pretty dresses. Hautelook also had a pair of awesome boots I wanted only to find out they are out of ALL SIZES! frick.
  • Not to be a downer, but it's important to know what goes on in other states and be thankful that you don't live in them. But if you do, to stand up for the rights of the animals that can't speak up for themselves. Please read KC Dog blog.
  • boots are too expensive and I can't believe i missed  out on the boots on hautelook. Ideeli is also having a sale, but the boots are more expensive...super sad face inserted here.
  • PEOPLE! Great christmas idea! telescopes. Celestron sale on ideeli. NOT BAD FOR THE PRICE! almost tempted to buy one. I Love looking at the stars! hmmm, i'll have to look at these with Gerry.
alright peeps. Have a great day. Remember that christmas shopping early is good for your wallet. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

did ya miss me?

I know out one day and little miss me just assumes you kept checking in over and over again all day and cried because I had nothing non witty to say. Well here I am. Just a busy day in the jacky hood, so you know i had shit to do and couldn't do diss...
  • Yesterday emotionally i felt something piss me off...anger boil inside me and I tackled it. I said to the anger-what has made you upset, because you know you're not just pissed, you're actually sad about something and it's made you upset because you don't like feeling sadness, anger is more powerful. I found the root of the anger, i discussed it honestly and openly and although i still have fears about some things my decision to confront my anger and call it what it really is-sadness, really helped. Try it sometime. WE all get pissy about something. Find the root. if you feel pain, then embrace the pain and let it go. I know, who needs to take advice from a whacko like me...just kidding me. I'm actually quite wise. i could be an owl. 
  • Gerry's mom made all of the married couples in her family christmas tree skirts. We never got one seeing as though we aren't married. I see some beautiful ones on Ideeli. I'm thinking that maybe Gerry and I can pick one out. i really like this one:
they have one in green too.
  • I did buy 4 items today from Hautelook for Xmas presents! i have to do it slowly so it won't hurt my wallet.
OK so i wrote half of this post about a week ago. oops. sorry guys and dolls i've been uber busy.

  • Hello New Yoga video and super sore muscles. I actually need to take two days off between exercises. I am now two lbs lighter people!!! Two pounds. i was scared of weighing myself this morning because I had a burger last night and it wouldn't be pretty. but i think i'll check tomorrow. I have to start my little diet book again, it's not really a diet but you keep track of everything you eat, drink and how much you weigh. It really makes you look at all the calories you take in daily. I saw my little book when we were cleaning up a  couple of months ago. I may have to make a new one. 
  • here's a link to the yoga program i'm doing. the hollywood trainer yoga seriously people, i feel sore, but it's a good sore. 
  • Because we all need to hear a good love song.
  • I love pinterest. It's been a while since i've been really able to have fun on it, because i've been so damn busy. I'm really hoping i get a tablet for xmas, because i want to play while Gerr is on the computer and do my yoga video and etc....Oh wait where was i going with that...uhm yeah. ok so i began following someone who I, personally, feel has horrid taste in clothing.  She'll keep posting stuff over and over and i'm actually grossed out. I know i'm terrible. What do i do?????? 
  • Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away!!!! I'm so excited! I get to make turkey at home for friends!!! I have to make sure i have everything ready....:)
  • I had a great weekend, it rained on Saturday which was actually nice. I did get to take Bella on her walk and play fetch with her. Sunday on the other hand she was a brat and we had to go home because of her behavior-she wasn't listening to me at all! She did redeem herself at the second dog park. :)
Alright luvs must go now. Have a great day and i'll come back tomorrow with something more interesting i hope. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Dia De los Muertos...

Is it really a happy day to celebrate? to some yes, because they remember the people who have passed and celebrate their lives. So I guess it's an ok greeting....
  • Yawn. I'm friggin tired. We didn't go out late last night, i'm just constantly tired. Could be the whole time change coming up. You see, most people should remember that Bush changed the date of our time change and I think he messed up most of our internal clocks. Bush ruins time. ok that's the name I gave it, but it's a good read. 
  • Ugh, once more I bought a gift to someone who can't seem to schedule a damn thing. This is the last time I buy someone else a livingsocial deal. I have to set up the flying thing after asking 3 times for available times from him....isn't that ridiculous???? Going forward people, remember it is not worth it to buy someone else Livingsocial deals. You will waste your money.  The only time I think it should work is when you buy your parents tickets to Cirque du Soleil or something like that.......
  • i need a vacation. time off for sure. I'm getting so tired of work. Especially doing other people's work. I know i should be thankful to have a job, but sometimes pushing too much makes people irritated to the point they don't want to be at work anymore. I've always felt a need to go to to work, do my job and try my best at what i did. But lately this crap has been unbelievable. I think at a point you  just sort of have to do what you were hired to do and wait to do the "extra" things later.  I don't know how to approach this, especially when the tasks given were managerial ones to begin with. Some of this is beginning to be too much for me and to fast too learn correctly. Blind guessing just to soothe their expectations,  no one is taking the time to actually teach me anything. Sigh. Feels better to write it because it just pisses me off to no end. I don't want to be here most of the day and that is a sad feeling. I am starting to not like my job when i actually really liked it for the longest time. sigh...
  • Here are some Dia de los Muertos stuffs for you to look at...
  • Lot's of pretty dresses on ideeli for the holiday season. I saw a red one which was absolutely beautiful, but I don't really go anywhere for these gowns. Maybe they'll have a sale closer to Christmas. 
  • I'm being overloaded with Yankee News. Lot's of re-signing players. I'm sort of upset about CC Sabathia contract being extended, but that's because in the playoff's he sucked hardcore. I just pray that they get some better pitchers for next year. Can't keep having bases loaded and nowhere to go from there either, so some more star hitters, k???? Go Yankees!
  • I am feeling super low about myself today. I'm not quite sure. I'll blame work though. Well a little over 6 hours to go. 

Have a better day than me, k? hugs bugs.