Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Capes...who wore it better...

Today's big news....who wore it better? Paris or Katherine? the sherlock holmes cape is making a comeback and apparently this is important news. I think both of them need some spectacles, a magnifying glass and a hound to complete the outfit.  Who friggin cares?
  • I need to go shopping. I am hoping that on black friday i can splurge on me. I've been collecting gifts for people here and there, so i pray i can go coo coo on me. Oh shit, what am I going to get Gerry???? The man who gets everything? fork. 
  • Now i'm trippin. what am i going to get him? He did say he may start a list on amazon, which would help a lot. ok...must talk about that later.
  • because i need to share good you go:
  •  I think tonight may be an indian night. Tonight is also super yoga night. So i have to walk my dog, come back defrost the chicken, and do an hour of yoga. phew. I'm tired just thinking about it. 
  • So I sorta wrote a song. I have verse one (well i'm mostly comfortable with the first two lines) and i have a very short chorus. Here's what i need: more chords! and structure once i know more chords. I had an awesome friend last night play a bit with me and he was amazing, but we all got stuck on a part. I'm hoping another friend can help us out next week. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by good people who want to help. I have ideas too! Creative ideas to use the talents my friends have! Now if I can get back into that writing headspace where the lyrics will flow. due time my friends. 
  • The Bears won last night. How do I know? Because I watched the game! Yes people, my friends are helping me like another sport. It's fun hangin with the peeps watching sports and cheering for a team. I am anti Eagles based on one player, but that's just how it's going to be people. I don't forget that shit. 
  • Ooh everyone check out shop epicurious they've got all sorts of cooking gadgets. 2 more weeks until turkey day! holy crapola. I'm making the Turkey, stuffing, gravy, chocolate pecan pie, another pie?...and I think that's it. I know i should probably make some healthy vegetables too. lol. 
  • Holy poo. So Hautelook has Sue Wong dresses and by golly I love a lot of them. They even have a dress that looks a bit vintage 20's.
so purdy. ok must stop looking at all the pretty dresses. Hautelook also had a pair of awesome boots I wanted only to find out they are out of ALL SIZES! frick.
  • Not to be a downer, but it's important to know what goes on in other states and be thankful that you don't live in them. But if you do, to stand up for the rights of the animals that can't speak up for themselves. Please read KC Dog blog.
  • boots are too expensive and I can't believe i missed  out on the boots on hautelook. Ideeli is also having a sale, but the boots are more expensive...super sad face inserted here.
  • PEOPLE! Great christmas idea! telescopes. Celestron sale on ideeli. NOT BAD FOR THE PRICE! almost tempted to buy one. I Love looking at the stars! hmmm, i'll have to look at these with Gerry.
alright peeps. Have a great day. Remember that christmas shopping early is good for your wallet. :)

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