Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lookin straight outta Fame.

I giggled at myself yesterday as I scrambled to defrost chicken, turn on my yoga video, get out of my dress and put short over my leggins. I looked straight out of Fame. If you don't know what Fame is, i'm going to sweetly roll my eyes and hang my head down low. Here's a peak for ya.
It was a great show. I think tried to do a remake or maybe it's still on and i don't care to pay attention to it because the original is usually better in any remake.
  • you know what's awesome about pinterest. There are many people on there just like me. lol. Girls who want to be fitter, skinnier, loved better, less lazy more crafty etc. I find more pleasure in pinterest than i do in Facebook, where most people write pointless BS just to make themselves look cooler than they really are. 
  • I'm so sore. Day 3 of power yoga was last night. I thought i was cool. Slept a bit better than the first and second time where my shoulders felt like they were hanging by a thin string. Today it just feels like my arms cannot be lifted up without shaking. lol. I need some ibuprofen and lots of water.
  • What do i have musically for you? The band Perry. 
  • My lovely boyfriend has taken up the cause for Movember. Yes people his mustache is just a tad bit longer and annoying my upper lip everytime we kiss. What the heck is Movember anyway, some of you may ask. Well it's men raising awareness for Men's Health especially Prostate Cancer. Most men aren't as good as we ladies are getting our check ups every year and etc. Men need to get check ups too. So Men everywhere, remember you can grow out your stache this month, but it hurts to kiss, we support you. 
  • My dinner last night didn't come out the way i wanted it to. I had one idea i got off of pinterest, but i felt so rushed from an hour of yoga to dinner that I feel like it was plain and eh ok. Gerry liked it which matters to me, but my tastebuds also have to enjoy it. I pretty much made a chicken stuffing bake with bacon. hmmph shoulda just wrapped the bacon around the chicken like i normally do. 
  • Tonight will be something with ground beef. it sucks because we have packaged food everywhere in the cupboards and i haven't gone food shopping in weeks. Gerry owes me a food shopping trip, which strangely i was dreaming about last night.
  • i am TIRED of missing out on the boot sales on ideeli and hautelook. I found three pairs i wanted and they were sold out or didn't have my size anymore. This is getting ridiculous. Also I promised my mom i'd get her a rice cooker for christmas and Ideeli hasn't had the sale which I bought mine from!!! UGH. oh well, i may have to get her a cute nice one from Macy's or something. 
Alright everyone, I must leave you! Have a wonderful day and in tribute to Movember. Here's my moustache.

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