Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm a bitch, i'm a lover, i'm a...

Well i'm not Meredith Brooks, but i am me. And I guess I can be considered a bitch, especially after this morning. Ofcourse I plead my case and if you find me a bitch nonetheless then what the fuck ever i'm a fucking bitch and deal with it.
My partner has been off work all week and I had asked him to move some things-video tapes which were outside in a cardboard box. I also asked him to move some larger Halloween items. Yes people Halloween items. NEITHER one have been done this week. He's been playing around with his dune buggy and being sort of self absorbed with that. He needed a week off from work or whatever and got back into is buggy project, but still I guess forgot to tell me he took a vacation from everything else. Ok that last part may have been a bitchy remark, but it's the truth in my point of view. Our counselor asked me to be specific about things i wanted done. I am pretty sure "today" was specific every time i said something. Each day nothing done. I'm trying to not be angry, but you know what comes up? Sadness. It makes me so sad. I guess the emotional transfer is getting better, because I don't want to be mad unless it's something that makes me mad. This makes me sad because the smallest thing I ask for is overlooked by a vehicle in a garage that will not be up and running this year. sigh. There you go that's my morning. Sucks huh. But i have a busy day today and I must go on.

The only person who will take care of you, is you. 
on to better things.
  • Hey Norcal peeps. Here is your local list of Christmas things to do  from From The Embarcadero lighting to any tree in the city getting lit up. lot's of stuff to do and FREE or really cheap!

i'm feeling like this right now.
  • Great sales on Hautelook and ideeli-start your shopping people!!!! trust me! you'll save!
  • oh my god....what is wrong with people...child killed by his mother some people know this about me, but i may not be able to have children. Every time i read something like this my heard dies. Give me your unwanted babies. I'll take care of them and love them if you can't. sigh. 
  •  tell me you don't want to go home to do this with an animal or a human....

alrighty gotta go...too busy. talk to y'all later.

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