Monday, November 14, 2011


I officially feel bad for Monday. We all hate Mondays-unless it's a holiday-but don't you feel bad that this day gets the shits? I mean check it out:

Even cute and furry animals are trying to convince you that Monday is a horrible day when in fact it's not MONDAY, it's WORK or SCHOOL!!! And it's the fact that the most popular days of the week that the population is off for is right before-so poor Monday is hated and spat on until it blesses us with three day weekends at least 4 times a year. So forgive Monday. I'll try to i promise.
  • So I, Santa Claus, have received the boys' christmas list. Thank the lawd it's all on Amazon AND it's not uber outrageous. Of course I have to be very careful with what i buy. I definitely can't buy him anything heavy that would ruin Christmas because I'd need his help to carry it in and wrap it and then lift it to the tree and then bring it out from under the tree. Yeah, not gonna work. lol. But i'm stoked because it's a good list and it's stuff he'll like. Now I have to pray he lays off the list and doesn't buy himself anything from it. 
  • I probably should make a list. I know i want a kindle or something like that. i think the kindle fire is pretty neat and really all i need. I'm not planning on writing books or doing work on that little thing. I'd like a blender, one that matches my black chrome adoration. I love clothes. boots. I need new perfume, but i need to go play in Macy's. a purse. Art supplies.  i'm actually pretty simple, i guess. hahaha.
  • My christmas shopping started a while ago. I have a little pile gathering of things.
  • I I MUST go see the Nutcracker this Christmas. This Xmas is a bit different and I want to make it pleasing, warm and special.  This would just add a bit of glimmer and sparkle.
  • <------i cannot get rid of this damn bullet.

  • i love the beginning where they're gathered for a party and the tree and the well..if you haven't seen it. GO! For My close by friends here is the link
  • I have so many ideas for Christmas. ha. this has turned into a christmas blog. Well Bay Area People here are some important dates:
  • Well you all get the point there's more and  more happening this season and I can't wait. I got my info from Never ever complain that there's nothing to do. After I checked out this site I freaked, there is TONS to do!!!
    • Have a wonderful day peeps. We got some crazy bulletpoints here....

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